// warchildPost: January 2008

Monday, January 28, 2008

Bodom; Banned From Heaven

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Yo, dudes.
Children of Bodom put in their MySpace a new song. yeah! Pretty cool, Banned From Heaven, but i doubt that they gonna play this one in shows... don't know why, but i think this song don't sounds good live.

My rating for this song is... ammm... 6.7!

yeah. C'mon i was listening to If you want peace when i see the new music.

Check it out at Bodom MySpace

Advice 1:
If you see some torrent about the Promo version of Blooddrunk (with Gravewish or something on it) SKIP IT! it is Bullet for my valentine.

If you want to download the MP3 from MySpace

Try THIS, just put the bodom link there and find the file there.

Advice 2:
Dont keep Mp3, buy the album! ;)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


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One day i made a subscription on a site called weplaythis.com It was a good idea, you can choose your games put them in a virtual shelves and put hearts, skulls and rating.

Now i was accepted there, and if you have account there...add me (=

Monday, January 21, 2008

Children of Bodom; Blooddrunk cover art

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Just one word; awful.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Counter Strike and EverQuest Banned from Brazil

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Due to a judicial decision of the 17th Federal court of Justice of Minas Gerais, valid in the entire National territory. They are removing from Goiás (a state from Brazil), the games "Counter-Strike" and "Everquest", cause they were considered to be dangerous to the health of consumers, offending the article 6, I, 8, 10 and 39, IV, all about the Protect and defense of consumer code.

Well, nice. Who fucking cares Mr. Procon? Brazil is the leader of the Pirate market when you talk about games. So this is another act that make the game market in Brazil soooo fucking hard.

Thanks for protecting us Procon. Why don't you pay my debts also, is better than removing something "dangerous", that i might be able to defend myself. ¬¬

Anyway, i don't like Counter Strike... it is really a Meh! game for me. But Everquest don't even have an official distribution in the country.

Why they don't remove the violence from the country instead removing games from us. ¬¬

Procon Official Site

Monday, January 07, 2008

Yakuza 3 Clip

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I want to play this =´´

But it appears that only the graphics gained some upgrade, the fighting is absolute equal uh?

Cool Monitor

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< Click at the image for details.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Video Game Voices

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I found out this link with a top 10 video game voices.
Well, i don't know if the top 10 are to the voices or for the characters... anyway, its cool to see the face of some dudes there. Also a white hair uncle saying woohoo is pretty weird X)

MarioMario< Click in the images and go for it. (=

You sucjk at Photshop

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Funny Basic Tutorial.

Super Mario Goes Doom

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Hell yeah, check it out this amazing video about the super mario world recreated at Doom engine.

Now i want to see it in the Sonic World, piranhas coming jumping when you cross the bridge! Uuuuh! X)

Font: TechEBlog (Click here if the video doesn't appear)

Friday, January 04, 2008

Work a month for Iron Maiden

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In Brazil the minimum money you get working (by the law, we can forget the unfortunates ones, sorry dudes.) it is R$ 380, the ticket for iron maiden in the crowd (Near the stage) is R$250

Sorry Maiden! I really love you guys, but I don't have a mensal work, I'm a freelancer. How can someone ask 65% of a base salary for a show? ¬¬

in the Dance of Death show wasn't so high the price ( i went this show at Pacaembu, it was great!)

Anyway...cry Mister War. No Maiden for you this year =(

Weekend Music Tip; WTF?

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Yooo, first 2008 post! And it is the Saturday music tip =D
- But it isn't Saturday yet Mister War.
- Well...who fucking cares? It is 2008!
- YAYYY \o/

And hey kids, look what i have here:

WTF? =)

I'm not questioning, its the Tommy Lee Project, the electronic one.

Check it out clicking HERE or HERE. (yeah, i think that i am funny in new year =[ )

CEABA555²³²³² is Cool, Redic is Ok, But they make their point at "you cant afford this" the name say it all... it's meh!

Anyway, Tommy Lee rocks! (=
But Mötley Crüe do things better Xp

Now i am here with my new keyboard (yeah, yay uh?), asking myself who was the fucker that put the PrintScreen-Scroll Lock-PauseBreak together, in the same group with insert-home-pageup-andCIA... Damn, every time i press scroll lock trying press home =/

- Who cares Mr War?
- nhunnn =(

See yah, happy new years gamers, designers and porn lookers.