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Thursday, May 27, 2010


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Fucking motherfucker [Tim Minchin - Pope Song]

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Facebook App Leaderboard - Games

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Zynga still on top of the ranking.

Ozzy making people SCREAM at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

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Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax LIVE at your country

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Yeah, you hear me, the Big Four Live.
June 22... they will play in Sofia, Bulgaria at Sonisphere Festival.

Wooahhh, but I don't live in Bulgaria you dirt liar. 

Hold your horses reader.
All the thing will be broadcast by satellite to some theatre room at your godamn country.
Yup. Live at cinema.

If you live in United States you can already buy your tickets *here*. Other places, soon.
Check it out the Countries and places that will receive the satellite signal.

    * Australia
    * Austria
    * Belgium
    * Canada
    * Czech Republic
    * Denmark
    * Estonia
    * Finland
    * France
    * Germany
    * Hungary
    * Iceland
    * Ireland
    * Italy
    * Latvia
    * Lithuania
    * Mexico
    * Netherlands
    * New Zealand
    * Norway
    * Poland
    * Romania
    * Spain
    * Slovakia
    * South Africa
    * Sweden
    * Switzerland
    * United Kingdom
    * United States

As you can see... Brazil is out of the play. Have fun while I jump somewhere high enough...

PS: Japan is out of it too.

Thanks to Akira Yamaoka for the link.

[The Big Four]

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Really funny Ke$ha Parody

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KOF - Kings of Famicom

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Go! Team Konami! aheuahue
But Team Hudson is pretty killer! hehehe

Castlevania Harmony of Despair and more Konami news

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Can this...be true?

I hear it will be multiplayer. And what about lonely wolfs fan? =/

Look this dudes... Even Alucard is there.

Also Kotaku states:

The game also apparently borrows its cast from those titles, with screen shots indicating that Soma Cruz (Aria of Sorrow), Alucard (Symphony of the Night), Jonathan Morris (Portrait of Ruin), Shanoa (Order of Ecclesia), and Charlotte Aulin (Portrait of Ruin) will be playable. It also appears to be an Xbox Live Arcade game, based on the interface and Achievements.

More about Konami: Besides Metal Gear Solid Rising, they are considering ports Metal Gear Peace Walker to Ps3.
Peace Walker in Japan gets 2nd place losing to Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2.

Silent Hill 2 movie is running ;)
And Castlevania is still breathing, my fear is that after highs and lows the movie gets damaged... I would direct this movie like it deserves. humf; >=/

Naughty Bear

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heh heh heh... this remembers me Conkers bads fur day somehow...

What will gaming be in the future?

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I was reading a kotaku post about the future of games.
I always read this kind of threads with disbelief  and I'll explain it soon.

Kotaku was talking about what Jerry Bruckheimer, a Hollywood super producer - the guy who did the movie version of Prince of Persia- said:

"I really believe in the next 10 years you won't be able to tell the difference between movies and games," the producer tells website HeyUGuys. "Games will be so realistic." - @Kotaku

Well. I've been hearing this kind of stuff since my N64... And also I remember when I was playing Parasite Eve at Playstation when my mom passing by said: "Woah, this looks like a movie."

When she ask like: "What movie are you watching?" Now that is the time we can't tell the difference between them. Hey... now wait! Talking about that, when I worked as retailer, I put Heavy Rain at showcase with a guy playing it. Lot of people actually ask me the question "What is this movie?"

And I still see in many places people wondering the damn future of games and movie, and all that stuff.

see the future monkey

First of all. If we must say we can't tell the difference, we have to check the exact place of that view.

C'mon, there are 2 views here: Player view and Watcher view.

If a player can't tell the difference between a game and a movie while playing it... hell. There is something wrong, uh?

If a watcher can't tell the difference between the game and a movie. Nice job artists.

Now the most important point of it all. Future is not a straight line to the front.
Future is based on technology above of all things.
You see the boom of social medias? People are expending more time on web, so the social games now kicks major a$$ess, and putting a huge interrogation at the developers heads. Because this is so confusing, some shit games, clones shit remakes are on the loose. So WELCOME to the future of game you all.

Future isn't all improvements... maybe some steps backs may be done to fit the medium.

Social games aren't shit games. But trying to address this language to consoles - hardwares highly focused on GAMER (the hardcore ones, not the newborns), is a bit of a revolution. And to do that you have to be pretty sure about what the hell you are doing... and in my view they failed. The focus of Social Games is to have virtual partners that can play the game even if you are not playing and vice versa. The console games have the single and multiplayer experience. This both experience at Social games is not a fact yet. Is a damn hell to play a Social Game as single player. You always have to ask the help of somebody or you will be stuck - unless you pay for it. So if you do not create another fake account, you gonna pass hard times. Social games have the easy aspect, cause the challenge is to surpass your friend doing repetitive tasks. When you put this concept on a console you get a shit game; but I can see a good thing with this scenario: flash looking games at consoles. A visual that is far distant from the 3D or just pixel art style. And this is pretty cool.

Now lets back to the Social media confusion... So it comes, facebook to playstation 3 and stuff like that. Trying to get a piece of this huge market. But again, we have iPhone, iPad, Notebooks, clots of hardwares done to be internet stuff based. Will I use facebook at my game system and how?  Can a mobile have a console game? How about the controllers? Can the same game be on both system. Both of them will use Facebook integration?

Oh crap. What a mess.

So, what will be the future?

Let's look again at Social Games. Do not exist fucking Game Over. It is easy. It is a damn bubblegum. You can't stop. Why?

They give you a task, and in the middle of it, a new one begin. When you finish the first, you got yourself at the middle of the second and beginning a third one.
If you are tired, you see many friends playing it and advancing the levels. And your damn challenge here isn't the game. It is your FRIEND. And the game is so easy that if you stop 2 days. Your friend gonna kick your ass pretty soon.

The future of games you ask? Lets head back to Arcade times now... Ok, in Arcade 'Game over' was a fact, but the meaning of it all was the points and rankings - and the coin$. Well... this is video game basics after all. The evolution of Arcade is when the script/story/plot was gaining deep meaning. 

The future of games will be Social Games with Plot. But not like Vampire Wars or Mafia wars. Deep meaning Plots.

What you mean by deep?

Well... some time ago I read somewhere people asking and fighting about if "Games make you cry?".

I don't need to explain it with science and stuff. I've cried like a baby with many games myself. And I'm not lying on it. Maybe I'm a problematic human being, but I've cried. A game make me cry, so yes... Games can do it. DOT.

Now, a social game can make you cry?

This will be the future. Social games that can trigger deep meanings from the individual player, not just a collective competition for rankings.

And maybe Multiplayer Social Games...

Graphics is always the present (in synergy with technology), not the future - 3D games and stuff... Anything related with this will be just small steps.
To the console games the future will be at gameplay not graphics. Project Natal, Wii 2...and stuff like that.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sonic The Hedgehog 4 new trailer

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1991 El Viento [Genesis]

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El viento é uma trilogia bem interessante da Wolfteam. Tem suas raízes em outro jogo do Mega Drive; Earnest Evans. Eu não conhecia esse jogo até pesquisar sobre El Viento, e jogando achei uma tentativa bizarra de misturar jogabilidade de metroid com castlevania - Apenas o IGA é capaz de fazer um Metroidvania digno. =)
Começando pelo nome e sobrenome, uma tentativa de Simon Belmont americano. E nem digo Indiana Jones, porque o Simon é o Indiana Jones japonês. Bom, então fica um empate.

Earnest Evans está em busca de ídolos legendários tão poderosos que podem destruir a terra, e ele possui um rival que quer fazer isso. Sempre tem um cara muito puto com a terra que arrisca a sua vida em lugares perigosos e distantes apenas para destruí-la. Earnest Evans tem de achar os ídolos antes que seu rival e acaba conhecendo Annet Myler. Uma Peruana de pele morena e cabelos verdes/azul - depende do sol, heheh.

Ela dá uma força pra ele. E essa é a ligação básica entre El viento e Earnest Evans. Dizem que El Viento se passa depois de Earnest Evans, mas! Earnest se passa em 1930 e El Viento em 1929.

O último jogo da trilogia é Anetto Futatabi que foi lançado apenas no japão para Sega Mega CD. Aqui as intenções de Zigfried (amigo de Earnest) são reveladas. E Annet tem de salvar o mundo da destruição novamente. Como ainda não joguei, vou deixar pra falar disso mais para frente. Vamos focar em El Viento.

A premissa de El Viento é simples. Querem acordar um antigo deus chamado Hastur. E um sujeito chamado Henry - que não sou eu - tem ligações com a mafia e tal, está arquitetando tudo de forma brilhante, enganou até uma loiraça chamada Restiana que acredita que irá ficar com os poderes de Hastur, mas na verdade será apenas um sacrifício. [piadinha ruim]  Rest in peace Restiana [/piadinha ruim]

A primeira fase, Anett tem de acabar com mafiosos pelos bairros de Nova York. Ela usa boomerang e uma magia simples de fogo.
O chefe é um TANQUE DE GUERRA. Agora imagine vencer um tanque de guerra com um boomerang? Po, peralá né galera, Anett é da mesma linhagem de sangue de Hastur. Por isso ela é cheia de truques, e até o final do jogo aprende mais 4 magias. Anett depois de ser atacada por sujeitos de chapéu e terno, gangues de moto e carro e até um tanque de guerra, descobre que a mafia está envolvida - eu pensaria seriamente que a máfia tem fortes ligações com o terrorismo também...enfim.

1- Bola de fogo
2- Corrente de água
3- Lâmina de vento
4- Explosão
5- Agulhas elétricas

Na segunda fase Annet tem de passar por uma colina, cheia de espinhos e pontes que caem. Enfrenta a Restiana no final, que ao ser derrotada é resgatada por um Byakhee. Esse jogo tem inúmeras referências a obra de HP Lovecraft, Mythos.Anett tenta avisar que Restiana será usada como sacrifício, em vão.

Na terceira fase, ela passa por um galpão que dá acesso ao esgoto e de lá, descobre uma caverna.
Aqui ela consegue a segunda magia, corrente d'água. Enfrenta um chefe gosmento que mantém suas células vitais protegidas pela sua espessa gelatina corporal. Mas a magia corrente d'água consegue infiltrar essa cutis melequenta e detonar suas células. Henry começa grilar com o poder de Anett e ironiza a derrota de Restiana. Ela então joga um verde em cima de Henry pra sacar se seria sacrificada, mas Henry dá um olé nela.

A quarta fase é bizarra. E indica um outro poder de Anett; Controle de animais. Anett tem de atravessar o oceano com ajuda de um -ahem- golfinho. Ecco the Dolphin kicking some ass? hehehe.
Bom, isso é bizarro! Se Anett cair, o golfinho volta. E tipo, ele não tira a cabeça da água por nada. Mais parece uma prancha do que um golfinho. E tem uns inimigos super pixelados e aumentados. Que lembram Cthulhu de Lovecraft.

O chefão é uma grande bola de carne que solta raio elétrico. É uma fase chata, mas aqui Anett aprende a magia Lâmina de Vento. Anett convence o chefão da máfia que ele está vacilando em dar suporte ao Henry. Ele fica meio encanado e diz que irá parar com tudo se ela passar pelo Grand Canyon.

E essa é a quinta fase, aqui Anett aprende uma das melhores magias do jogo; Explosão.
Aqui tem um chefe que não se move, fica parado soltando bolhas. Se tocar nas bolhas o boomerang fica desativado. A única coisa que destrói as bolhas, é sua magia. E para destruir o corpo estático principal, apenas com o boomerang. Sentiu o drama né?
E quem aparece posando de malandrão no final da batalha do chefe? O nosso Simon Belmont americano, Earnest Evan! Dizendo que o chefão da máfia falou com ele assim, do nada, e que este estava meio grilado e tal. Anett já explica qualé a treta e Earnest fala pra nossa heroína ir para Detroit que ele tem um camarada lá que conhece tudo a respeito desse grupo que quer reviver Hastur. Meu, sério. Se esse 'filho-de-uma-mãe' tava por dentro, por que diabos não falou logo? Esperou 5 fases? E ainda quer ouvir obrigado? A vá.
Em Detroit Anett aparece em um estacionamento. Aqui ela aprende a magia Agulhas elétricas, que é bem útil. Ela carrega a energia e fica disparando esses agulhas por um determinado tempo. Essas agulhas vão em direção dos inimigos aonde eles estiverem. Praticamente uma nave de Darius. hehe O chefão do estacionamento é absolutamente ridículo. 3 caixas e 1 chefe? HORA DO ESCONDE-ESCONDE! Ele se esconde numa caixa, estas são bagunçadas e você tem de acertar a caixa onde ele está. Até que ele se encha e exploda! O chefe é um Mi-go, de Lovecraft também.

Então surge Zigfried, o truta de Earnest. Ele surge dos escombros do estacionamento e diz coisas que todo mundo já sabe: Restiana está sendo usada, revela Henry para Anett - ela não sabia, mas nós já sabiamos. Diz que ela deve focar o inimigo, Henry. E não em Restiana. E alerta, Henry está indo para o Empire State Building e irá iniciar a invocação.

Anett surge nos céus direto no avião da trupe do mal. Não perguntem como ela fez isso. Talvez seja o tal do El Viento que soprou ela lá. Vai saber.
Essa sétima fase é bem rápida e o chefe, bem... só destruir um núcleo da nave que fica atirando.. pff. É bem tosco e rápido demais para merecer um relato.

Henry aparece para Anett e diz que ficou puto dela ter feito seus brothers da máfia cortar relações com ele. Anett marotaça fala pra devolver Restiana, mas ao que parece Lord Hastur havia possuído a pobre garota. Também, loiraça daquelas, qualquer um vai rápidão.
Legal que Henry dá um toque para Anett. Avisa que tem um local no Empire State Building onde está Restiana nesse momento.Heh, otário...opa! Parece armadilha.
Mas Anett é uma Peruana, nos EUA, que aparece do nada caindo EM CIMA de um avião, usa golfinhos como prancha, destrói tanque de guerra com boomerang e faz a máfia recuar. Po, medo de uma loira escondida num prédio? Lembrando que ela já chutou o traseiro dessa loira na segunda fase, onde sabia apenas 1 magia.

Oitava e última fase. Se você chegou até aqui, meu amigo...parabéns. Esse jogo em qualquer competição americana era evitado por qualquer criança ou marmanjo. Essa fase então, é o primor da dificuldade. O maior problema aqui são os morcegos que tacam terror. Vem em grupo e é complicado de acertá-los, enquanto eles te acertam a toda hora. E surgem a toda hora também. Usando a magia Explosão combinada com Agulhas elétricas ajuda e muito.

No topo, ela reencontra Restiana sendo trazida por Byankhee. Ela fica ali no chão, até que de suas costas surge um dragão com 3 caldas, lançando bolas de energia.
Anett não tem outra solução senão destruir o novo corpo de Restiana para quebrar a magia de Hastur.

E eis que surge o Belmont americano, Earnest. Cara não fez NADA o jogo inteiro, posa de malandrão no topo da Empire State destruída e ainda traz o amigo Zigfried como testemunha que ele tá pegando a Peruana que destrói qualquer coisa com seu boomerang.
Agora, engraçado foi a tradução... Zigfried parece que não caiu na do amigo. Nem ficou encantado com a Peruana. Pra ele, esses dois são dois encrenqueiros dos ruins. "Bad guys". Mas respeita o momento e deixa o casal fitando o pôr-do-sol. E agora a pergunta: Cadê O Vento?

Trilha sonora e som: 6; As músicas são bem bacanas, mas os efeitos sonoros são horrendos e tem muito mais volume que a trilha sonora.
Jogabilidade: 6. Melhorou muito do Earnest Evan, mas ainda assim é meio complexo. Não tem um controle total do Boomerang e é muito confusa as sprites de animação quando tem vários inimigos. Não dá pra saber se acertou, se foi acertado ou que diabos está acontecendo. Pular em plataformas pequenas é tenso, pois você pode pular (sentido pra cima) e quando no ápice (ou qualquer local) do pulo aperta para direita, você irá se mover para direita. Queria saber onde arruma empuxo no ar para se locomover assim. É estranhamente confuso e impreciso.
Roteiro: 5. Curti o enredo. Curto vilões obstinados. Mas faltaram algumas coisinhas. Henry? O que aconteceu com ele? Tinha necessidade mesmo do Earnest? Várias personagens de Lovecraft meio que perdidos no contexto, mas isso talvez dê o charme final.
Direção: 3. O chefe da sexta fase e a sétima fase inteira dizem bem o que penso.
Replay: 5. Para mim, El Viento é um semi-clássico. Sua dificuldade avançada, enredo melado e jogabilidade tensa deixam a vontade de jogar novamente um tanto quanto prejudicada.

Nota final: 5.


fontes : Wiki bogleech

Friday, May 21, 2010

Console World

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What if the world was building using console shapes. In order, Nes, Playstation 3 and DS. hehehe

Cool. =D

via [amusement]

King of Fighters XIII

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Real Life Game Amazing!!! [Dan the Man]

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[Meanwhile in Japan] Inochi

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Have a nice street fighter day

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Mario tired

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World of Warcraft Intervention [with Pt-Br sub]

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Again [DS] Review

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IGN give 4,5 to this game.
and the "press" give it 5,0 (7 ratings)

And the reader; 7,2 (10 ratings)

Something might be wrong, and yes, it IS.
Put all the reviewers out and hire the readers - that actually play the game and review with heart and not for job.

I'm an asshole motherfucker to review games. This games of nowadays are pretty dumb stuff. But this one is a Cing game, a Japanese independent developer, the same who developed Hotel Dusk Room 215. Cing got bankrupted march 2010.

About Again;
This game is quite awesome. The art direction, the script, the gameplay and the music. Amazing.
I must confess that sometimes I miss a little more GAME itself. It is almost a point and click movie.

The plot. 19 years ago a murder called "Providence" killed 6 people. In each crime scene he drop his 'sign', the weapon is gone, and nothing seen to fit with anything.
19 years later, the FBI receives a letter apparently by Providence himself saying he will do it all AGAIN. (Got the name?).

And it happens. 'J', the FBI dude on this case, see the crime scene, feel dizzy and guess what? He could see the PAST.

HOW? In a screen of the DS you see the past, in another one you see the present. FUCKING AMAZING UH?

If you make up the present the same as the past, a fragment of a "night vision" movie will appear, revealing what the hell happened. When you collect all the fragments, you have to put it in order of facts. And when is all settle and done, you can see the face of the victim at the time, and the MURDER! When you see it, you will shit BRICKS. Believe me.

When you interrogate anyone,  you have to ask EVERYTHING that is yellow, and have to choose one when it is gray. Sadly, almost everything is yellow. And even if you think "this question is irrelevant to this person". You cannot simple do not ask. Your partner will be bugging you: "You have something more to ask, didn't you?"

As a designer I should say that at least the order of questions should do some effect at all.
Sometimes you get yourself thinking, "hey, I'm just touching, wheres the game?"
The game itself is just in crime scenes. You have to figure it out yourself. Oh, the piano stuff in the 3th crime scene... make me so proud when I discovered it.

And if you use your sense in wrong places you can get a game over - But you can come back full healthier to the crime scene. Don't blame Cing, blame the Easy Generation that we all live in games right now.

The actors whose play the roles in the game (yeah, really ACTED), was pretty cool. I just dislike the blind women. C'mon, looks like she just lose the vision in that very moment, with the hands in the air searching for the voices who talk with her - you in this case.
Pretty noob blind.

The music is AWESOME! My favorite was when you have to choose a location:

Now serious, the dude in Grand Park. His fear was to be junked by the guys he used to help. But after the last talk with him, we just dumped the guy. Where is him after it all ends? What happens to him? He is the coolest motherfucker in this game!

ALSO: The blindness of J and his partner when they back to the office after being in the crime scene - where he cannot see the face of the murder - and see their boss *cough...cough*.
C'mooooonnn. I almost became a pixel and invade this game to slap this stupid good hearted FBI guys.

Kate is your partner. She is pretty hot. But is visible that she likes your friend reporter Hugo. But the game do not make it deeper. Spoiler, oops, sorry bout that.

The end of the game was something very confusing also. I get it. You bet, but the last words appears just flying in the screen.

It is pretty visible this Japanese developers where watching too much American series. The format of presentation, logo, even break cut-scene with logo and stuff... The director mixed series with hotel dusk, and borns AGAIN.

C'mon lets check:

Soundtrack; 10
Amazing musics. Deeper the stages, deeper the music stay.

Gameplay; 6 
It is just point and click, but the interface is pretty fine.

Script; 7
The plot is amazing, but is somehow stupid visit a person, go to another and have to comeback just to ask 1 thing. And at the end of the game, the people was a little repetitive. And also, the villain is pretty awkward at the end. In the past was a genius, in the present he was "ok, it is something", even J could laugh at his face, and so he became just a mad one, not a genius, but a mad one. Anyway, the plot make me awaken many nights.
 Direction; 8
I like the way it goes. The way the director play with you, and not you play with his game. Sometimes is everything so obvious, and when you see, it wasn't sooo like that. It is a brilliant game.
 Replay; 5 
I like the game, but I don't think this have another final or will appear something I don't have seen. I would play Again II, but play one time is pretty ok.

General: 7,2

Woah, this was surprising. The same rate as the readers of IGN. And I do not fake it.
See IGN? Try play it with good feelings.

And you player, give a chance to Again.

1942 – 2010 † RIP Ronnie James Dio

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Ronnie James Dio sword shield
Legendary voice of Metal

Most perfect day EVER!

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Nintendo 3DS will be like this?

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Why the hell I have the feeling that I gonna puke anytime?
Dammit, ok... seeing by youtube is no use comparing by seeing it live.

But, it was strange. Pretty, strange. It isn't that fake 3D effect like Iphone or DSi used to, and that is great.
It is the same as 3DTV but without the glasses. Also this effect can be turned off - if you feel you gonna puke, like me.

Another thing I was thinking;
Nintendo DS = Double Screen
Nintendo 3DS = 3D Screen

So... 3DS will not be double screen? Boo hoo. =(

Friday, May 14, 2010

Fable III for PC

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Well, well... at least is what the package says:

Yakuza for psp

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Yakuza Black Panther.

I'm an Yakuza fan, but this video is pretty boring. The coolness begins at 4mins.

Pokémon Black & White new creatures

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So this is the new creatures? By the colours I must say they are the 3 first selectable... Look the blue one, what the hell is this bad drawn clown biology? Maybe he swim at the ocean as a fucking clown. What the hell Nintendo? An aquatic Mr Mime?

The green one is pretty ok, and the fire pig looks like Ranma pig, you know, Ryoga. But they are ok...

Jeez... same game with different name? Again?

Hope I burn my tongue  fingers. =p

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Donkey cigarettes

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

[Mario] Damn Toad

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With a closer look, in this picture - not edited - you can see what the goddamn Toad is showing to you.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Whazzup world?

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Hell yeah! Konami striking my heart with a blast of coolness.
Another Silent Hill is coming up! Moe will be told at E3.
So be tuned at warchildPost for future informations. Mwahoahoa!

>>Also, be tuned that soon a kind of "comic" "photo" strip will be available here, exclusive. ;D

More about Konami; Lord of Shadows - the new Castlevania developed under Hideo Kojima tutelage  -  was supposed to be a remake of the 8 bit game with Simon Belmont and it all, but they soon discard the idea.

A Master of Universe - aka He-Man - movie is being produced and I was floating in the world in my huge bubble of ignorance. Thank ME.

People + Arts channel now is called Liv. I do not see what the fuck they change, but the name is pretty fucked fuck BAD. Unless you are a hot babe with Tyler as last name. ;)

I dreamed about a collectible photo pictures game for web about world cup, but it kinda already exists. Thanks ME - again.

Twilight in Comic books? FUCK IT! ¬¬

Spider Man and She-Hulk are Xmen? Sure, also Mickey are a huge mutant mouse.

Martin Scorsese will produce a 3D movie. And I'm here wondering when the porn industry gonna get their hands on this technology? The world has no future.

OH! Me, myself and the bubble of ignorance... Fable III will feature a intimate cooperative mode. Do ya remember right? Project Natal and stuff - No controls game system, hello? - Peter Molyneux is ahead of you all porn industry.

Hideo Kojima is twitting about a new game he is thinking about. Something to break the common... something that he is figuring out inside his head. And if this goes wrong he will leave industry.
So we can figure. It will be expensive. Nothing can break the Kojima status at the industry, excepts to burn huge amount of money in something just ok or worse. If we think about Metal Gear 4 we can see what some used to talk about: Too much cutscenes. My fear: Kojima's foot at japanese decadent game market, and head at Hollywood money burner... Let us see Peacewalker and Lord of Shadows first. In my view Peacewalker have to be a classic and powerful game to give some breath to PSP.
And Lord of Shadows is a shot at God of Warish way of game. Kojima is a kind of master for me, I respect everything this guy do. But his games isn't something EVERYONE wants to play, like Pro Evolution, God of War.... Metal Gear you have to play with patience - I'm trying to say: a niche and a fan base, huge fan base. You will not get your controller and start bring the hell down on your tv with Kojima games. Except maybe for Zone of the enders... but anyway. Kojima is a mastermind of character craft and story deep development. I saw at his twitter many "cinema productions" pictures and also lots of oriental food.

My point is: When I wrote break the common I was meaning break a taboo.

Now, let us think:
Taboo in games?
Violence? Nah, almost sinonimous - some may say.
Sexual? I dont imagine Kojima thinking nasty things.
Cutscenes? Hell fucking yeah.

Mr mastermind have some powerful tools to work. Natal stuff... 3D technology... and what the fuck about Metal Gear: Rising? aGHhhHH!!

Ok, I'm putting the crediblity of mr Kojima on checks here, who the fuck I'm to ask or even think something about it? Fuck me and my bubble of ignorance, AGAIN!
Go ahead Kojima! I trust you. 

Capcom is thinking about Street Fighter Fit. A game based to be used with project Natal, with it you can make fucking exercises... WHAT? The developers are doing control-free video games to do exercises? Hello people, wake up! If I was wanting to do some exercises I would go to an academy see sweet girls with gym clothes. And not my TV. You are all crafting technology that don't know how to use it for fun. Morons. The casual market MY ASS. Who was the guys who give all their penny to your fucking arcade machines back in time? Without us your fucking market was nothing! And now you want to put us on shape with Ryu teaching us how to punch the AIR? Fuck you.

2 cents about Natal - and also swallow this idea for free up your green blind assess. Do you all know RPG uh? Yeah, the so called niche game that break all the edges of sell rankings in Japan. And now Japan is passing through hard times with all this occidental-oriental differences. But RPG as itself is a game where you get a role and play with it. Traditionally you play with your friends and have a dude who is the master. And this guy say the rules and effects of each choice. All right. This guys play with paper and pencil. No controller. Why not a TV is the master and the RPG world and events happens on TV and the guys react and do/say actions that are immediately interpreted by some words or face expressions, the players have to be realistic with his role...and well... I have to say more? everything is pretty imaginable right now.

Wants more? Hire me. =)

all right I lose a week of feeds... deleted by accident. Anyway. It is late. Gonna Sleep.
But hey, check it out my brand new Tumblr! It is about all my sketches and drawing studies. =)

Street Fighter Legacy

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Whatta fucking fuck!? Amazing. =´

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Image of the week - Eyjafjallajokul funny

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