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Thursday, December 30, 2010

DC Comics and Muslim Batman at France

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Oh crap. DC comics get some really heavy stuff on its hand now. Batman is expanding his business around the world. Something about Batman Inc. He wants to put a batman in each place of the world to fight crime. Ok. Good deal. But for France he chooses a son of Algerians - the same way the National French team does for World Cup. (I'm talking about Zidane if you are not into sports).

Bilal Asselah (Nightrunner) from Clichy-Sous-Bois; comes from a violent protestation neighbourhood just to begin with. But what really shakes the French society is 'cause the guy is a Sunni Muslim. And France (Real country, not a comic script) got pissed demanding a real French dude to the role of "Le chevalier noir".

You can think: "Fuck you France, be adult" and stuff. But let's think together: for South America he chooses a dude from Argentina "Le Gaucho". It is pretty ok for me. 'Cause you know... South America as a whole is pretty huge, no problem. Now if he chooses an Argentinian to be a Batman only in Brazil I would be disappointed at all.

Yeah, very small feeling, just disappointment. If you live in Argentina and are reading this, please, no hard feelings... I just don't have feelings for you guys at all - and I know it is reciprocate. This is a cultural stuff, most of it about football and skin colour - (yes it is, don't come with shit about it... "monkyto" doesn't come for free, ok?) You see this? It is a stupid thing between Brazil and Argentina and I alone can start a fight about this kind of concept - and to whom it may concern?

Can you imagine when it influences your faith, value, principles, your right to be free and stuff like that? If they (France) were about to prohibit the use of burqa at schools, what do you think about a Muslim doing justice on Paris streets?

So DC makes a huge mistake on doing this - or maybe it will be a HUGE comic book story about integration and respect... who knows. Maybe something like Rocky 4 (without the "American Rules stuff", but the message at all).

Let's bet DC knows what they are doing. But it a bet of risk.Cause it is ok to take a picture of a house on fire, but it is not wise to throw more wood in it just to make the picture more dramatic.

Some pissed French dude does this.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Smile Brothers @ Paulista Avenue [skate]

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by Antonio Vicentini

Feeling out of lucky today?

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Maybe after this you get some...

Duke Nukem Fan Movie

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The Duke: Fate of Humanity
Director:Paul J. Helin
"nod towards the toughest bad-ass of all time"

via [Facebook]

The Brothers Mario [awesome]

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Now we are talking about. A real great video with Mario as theme. And also a little of Mafia. ;)

Express Kidnapping

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Things that should be: Weather and Climate change sites

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I was reading some stuff about dudes claiming to see UFOs and some shit like that. And I'm pretty an oldie to this kind of garbage. Simple image tests reveal many ways of manipulations. And some other stuff is just so stupid or man doings that I cannot even be excited any more.

But this situation gave me a cool idea that maybe can be useful in many ways. I will explain: one of this dudes told he take a picture in November and the sky was clean in a specific date. The photo presents some freckles that do not should be there when over exposed, so it was a clearly fake. But would be even cooler to have the fact about the date, you know. He say that in the specific date the sky was clean, but how should I know that?

Weather sites just show the future, no ones says about some months ago. How the fuck was the sky? If the goddamn sky was clouded, it would have been beautiful to have this counter fact to burn this fake allegation once and for all. This feature can be cool for investigation stuff. Photo comparison, alibi, local verify and stuff. So, here is the first warchildPost about Things that should be. I know that no one would give a fuck to hear my ideas so get it free motherfuckers.

I've send an email to ClimaTempo, and I got an answer from Patricia Diehl Madeira: "We do not keep past previsios, but I will show your suggestion to the Database crew, it could be really interesting!" - or she is just too much polite. (=

Monday, December 27, 2010

Two stupids, but well produced, Mario videos

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Hear me. This will be the future: a lot of well produced SHIT. Goddamn, now you take a good camera, make a good class take a theme cliché like Mario and do something stupid. My humor sense is pretty tainted, I can laught at any stupid situation... but this two video are both empty of meaning and not funny at all.

I will post this crap just because it was very well produced. But also want to use this opportunity to say to the world: there is a cool rule about do something, spill it out soon, put it to the world and don't depend on nobody to achieve your projects. But I might add some issue: Issue nº 0: Think first.

The first video use a popular joke about Luigi with a secret affair with Peach. But the gore conclusion and bad acting and directing made it something just retarded.

The second one... is well. Ok. Cool idea, but awfully executed. The mushroom got no effect at all. I know... it is only madness, but if it is madness the guy must at least feel himself being huge. And the music is stupid, and the actor have a total lack of empathy at all. He looks like a The OC background actor stuff... ¬¬

In the Game from Alex Gansert on Vimeo.

Justin Bieber... who? Who the fuck is Justin Bieber?

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I was talking with my mates on CDA pub (a really cool motorocker bar in the city of my parents) about the lord of darkness, Ozzy, talking about the teenage pop phenomenal Justin Bieber. And my goddamn friend doesn't have watch it yet. Can you believe? So I will post it here - maybe you haven't seen it ye; so it is about time. Who the fuck is Justin Bieber?

[Andy Rehfeldt] Katy Perry - Teenage Dream -Death Metal-

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hahaha motherfuckery amazing!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

[warchildRePost] How stuff works in Brazil

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Today I create a new tag warchildREPost; meaning:
warchildPost is an ancient blog. It starts in 01/05/2003 as collegecrew.blogger in Brazilian Blogger.com.br service (hosted nowadays by Globo.com). In 26/05/2005 it changes to warchild.blogger. Only in 29/11/2007 it goes to blogspot (hosted blogger.com) once and for all. But the past is dark and awful. I used to post stupid things that happens in my college, all posts in Portuguese (or what I though that was Portuguese - maybe a "younger 'cool' way of write").

But aside of slang, wrong words, bad syntax and stuff, some things can be saved like this comic strip below. It was posted 22/10/2006. The Archive of blogspot cannot update my old posts. But there is no problem. Cool things that deserve be reposted, will be reposted. Have fun.


World Map of Social Network

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Dear Dad, [Pokémon Humour] Part II

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About the author
artist [Maré Odomo]

Conspiracy, Xmas and wine: Global Reset or NASA apocalypse in 2013?

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Solar flare | Dec. 2006 by NOAA's GOES-13 satellite
Global Warming? 2012? Apocalypse? Damien?... Maybe all this things together some miscalculation and there it goes.... 2013 we will be doomed. Burned to the ground. Mwahua hua hua.

So it will work like this? I've posted an analysis about something - not so - old related to ionosphere, sunlight, war and stuff; then NASA appears saying (in June) the world might end in 2013 with something related to all I said up this sentence? The trigger of destruction: a barrage of solar flare.

This freaking event gonna hit Earth in 2013. I have imagined a bunch of toasted asses around the streets by the globe. But maybe it won't work like that. NASA states that this event has happened before.

Yup. This flares has knocked Earth before but the effects weren't noticed cause this thing have a potential of destruct computer systems by changing the magnetic field of our humble planet. So the riders of ancient times would not give a shit about it. Maybe sweat a lot in their armours and stuff. Anyway...

So 2000 have happened and no Millennium Bug? Why now?

So your Facebook will be dammed. This is an frighten apocalypse uh? You gonna have to get up your fat ass and go to the window to see what the fuck is going on. And hey...wait. What about warchildPost? Oh, crap... ¬¬

Ok, ok... also bank accounts, medical records, business records, websites, game reviews, game walktrough in youtube, all this things gonna blow! See this quotes below - from guys who actually understand the phenomenal.

"The sun is now waking up. It's been very inactive, but there's a lot of debate about how dramatic its waking up will be. It's not scaremongering." - Professor Richard Harrison of the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Oxfordshire
"We know it's coming but we don't know how bad it's going to be. (...) Systems will just not work. The flares rapidly change the magnetic field on the earth, like a lightning bolt. That is the solar effect." - Dr. Richard Fisher, head of NASA's Heliophysics Division
Now, now... I was all pissed from missing the spiral in Norway back in 2009. But now I'm making some conspiracy stuff. I'm not proud of it... just fits so well.

Yesterday I've posted the possibility of EISCAT and HAARP controlling ionosphere with charged electrons and ions... They use the same effect as the sunlight. Maybe this "destruction" is planned. You see. We live in the age of information. But the thing is growing up too fast. Young guys became billionaire, tools like WikiLeaks shake the master of universe (yup, even He-Man got scared). A Global Reset would fit nice for the world government...wouldn't? I'm just saying...

It is very convenient to say the sun gonna set flares on Earth and states this as a common event. But just RIGHT NOW will have some issues. And this issues seen pretty convenient. They put the goddamn fear in the hearts of people, and when the system is blow up and our "lives spared" the feeling of "hey, ok... we are safe, fuck off internet" will spring in the world. Nobody gonna give a damn about being Reset.

Font [NASA]

Friday, December 24, 2010

[Red Bull vs Ferrari] Santa is faster than you

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santa is faster than you
Felipe Massa is not happy, uh?

A Twisted Christmas

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Gorgoroth - Here comes Santa

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Oh...holy crap!

A lay analysis about the Spiral or Vortex in Norway

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I put my mind on easy... think I figure out somehow this shit: (and no, it is not a missile - SURE not, duh!)


Well. I'm a complete ignorant in this area. But since I was a kid I read about some of this stuff and when I was bored I watch to History Channel, Nat Geo and Discovery Channel (or read comics and play games). So my head is full of shits and my toughs may be imprecise but I bet it is close. Forget all about Nasa Blue Beam, Maitreya, Wikileaks on McClary, UFO, Aliens or even Messiah.

My study and research put me on track about what the fuck happens in Norway and that spiral stuff. Enough talking... I think someone manage to charge some ions on a kind of plasma (cloud) and with some wave/radio/power stuff controlled it. Ok, it was weird explanation. But think with me.

 There is HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), yes. They can say lot of stuff about it, but I always saw science as a discovery tool. The way the discovery is used will vary by the man it uses: not by science. See, science is controlled by man, yes. But it is a tool same way as warfare is. HAARP manage to create an "artificial Aurora" in Alaska ionosphere. It is based on charging ions.

It is not a Spiral like it happens in Norway. But I have seen many stuff charged and they behaviour in the electric fields moving between positive and negative poles isn't such big news. Also you may have seen a lot of little balls in circles in physics books.

But this whole crack in the sky, with clouds and stuff; all that Superman/Star Trek/Star Wars visuals blew my head and I bet yours too. And this events manage to have happened before in China and some other places... and some patterns was around like happening almost one hour before sunrise. The "TEQUILA sunrise" (Transient Effects Quantification Under Ionospheric Low Angle sunrise).

Ok, now, why one hour before sunrise?
Cause the energy from the sun is totally in the ultraviolet wavelengths, and it hits the atmospheric gas molecules and atoms with enough force to dislodge electrons. This will result the positive atoms and molecules (the ions dudes) and negative electrons (all charged). This way they will be in a plasma state conducting electrical currents. Do the motherfucker sum... the goddamn thing will respond to electric and magnetic fields.

But this does not explain the blue ray at the centre of it?
 If it controls the plasma state molecules, I assume that somehow the plasma stay in another level¹ and it is revealed in some different way as colour or just a "filter" depending the distant from the earth/sun/point. Different distance, different stimulation. Cause similar to a light bulb, if the molecule receive enough energy will be excited and give off light. So this one closer to the antenna got this colour.

And stupid example is the milk. Let a milk stay too many time static. A layer of (almost yellow) "cream" (animal fat btw) will form on its top. It is still milk, but in another "level¹". If you mix all this thing up with a spoon(magnetic field), the "cream" will stuck in the spoon and the liquid will turn into a vortex. Imagine this shit in the sky, and you get all this stuff in Norway.

Where all this energy came to excite this bunch of molecules in the sky??
The energy is created by the EISCAT (European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association), a huge antenna array capable of high powered transmissions. Similar to the HAARP. The thing do not only light up the gas molecules, also knock additional electrons off, creating small areas of artificial plasma. This is what sunlight does. And this is how ionosphere exists. Aurora does this too; put electrons to hit gas molecule and knock off electrons creating the ionosphere until the aurora is gone.

And what about the black hole?
The centre stop being excited and controlled by the EISCAT. Then the molecules will getting neutralized inside to outside, so that visual effect occurs. That's my 2 cents about it.

Now, why the hell lie and say this is about missile tests?
Cause this thing can serve to a military use. This ionosphere is a region of the upper atmosphere where there are a significant number of charged particles; it can affect directly the quality of short-wave communications or even a signal from a satellite to the ground. Yup, it is a Technology/Communication war we are talking about. I do not want to create a Cold War hoax here. It is just a fact as a probability of a Biological War is. So any Defence Department will be on track of this research.

Investing a bunch of money in researches, payment for professional dudes to beyond be a master in his field, be confidential in his discoveries. And they figure out a cool way of be a step ahead of "possible" enemies... they will just spill out all the things?

So who lied was the Russian dudes to Norway in 2009? In 1993 the work on HAARP station begin. In 1999 the European Parliament said that HAARP was doing researches for military purposes and asks an investigation by STOA - Science and Technology Options Assessment. In 2002 the Russian Parliament sends to Vladimir Putin documents proofing HAARP was a new "geo-weapon" capable of controlling the low atmosphere of the Earth.

If USA is doing it, why Europe/Asia will be left alone? Maybe the USA open their studies to do not be classified as a secret weapon creator. Or maybe countries are doing their own researches in secret and maintaining all in silence from the public. Why to say "we are studying weapons if "someone" attack us..."?

It is too much profitable and secure that people think this is an Alien stuff. Alien everybody knows but knows nothing real about it, and also people learn to laugh and disbelieve in things about it. But war, everybody knows and fear; No one laugh about war. Like I was wondering with some friend a fact that happens in Brazil: Varginha Alien - it was nothing at all.

A portrait of "ET de Varginha"

Appears something weird in Brazil, a fuss in everywhere; the army goes there make more weird things and just go without any information about it. Wait, what? They send a bunch of soldiers, make a camp, pass with an aeroplane there and it is done: a profitable tourism of cheap investment. ;D

People all around the world coming here, buying the goddamn grass of the field, shirts, hookers dressed in green and stuff. You live in a capitalism world my friend. Maybe Area 51 is just the Capitalism Trend cabinet of the USA. 

Varginha today ¬¬

 This is all Earth stuff. Human scientists are behind it. If you want that people stay with open mind for aliens, you must be with your mind open to think that you live in a world of man, and they are doing what man are supposed to do and have fear to lose... money.

Fonts [Myself, ATS, Wikipedia,  AFPS, HAARP, EISCAT, and lot of Google]
Sorry [for some stupidity that I may have written here. I'm a game designer not a scientist. And this text is huge, my English may kill you]

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Julian Assange [WikiLeaks] Vs Mark Zuckerberg [Facebook]

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Science: Watch a movie

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Fuck you, Frog!

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Tomorrow night it is time to eat the finest dinner with all that Christmas stuff... so:

No. We do not eat frogs in Brazil on Christmas. It was just a bad joke.

Man... wtf is this? [Vortex : Wikileaks : Haarp : Nasa Blue Beam]

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Holy cow!

a spiral of light which appeared over Norway on December 9, 2009. So strange was the occurrence, that according to a Wikileaks document presented to President Putin by the GRU (foreign intelligence unit), President Obama and Defence Secretary Gates were ushered into a secret military bunker, (2012 Alice). Why 2012?
This spiral suddenly disappeared, and a month later, the vortex in the Gulf of Aden seemed to project a worm-hole, like the one in this video:

via [Pravda]

Another video with cool explanations and examples around the world:

Spirit Pokémon [Comic Strips]

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Dimmu Borgir - Dimmu Borgir [I'm not mad, it is the name of the video/track]

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Well, they just don't resist. The Gateways clip was so well produced, directed and stuff, and ok, this one follow some of the goodies and also the visuals seems to communicate and be integrated as the same concept... but it is soooo godamn cheesy. ¬¬

It is the video clip of the music called Dimmu Borgir - cheesy title btw - from the album Abrahadabra.

I wouldn't even post it, but it is Xmas and yes, I will use this excuse to post a Black Metal clip. Can I be more cheesy than Dimmu Borgir? No.

Never say 'no' to Panda

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sonic and Tails: Air Bubble trouble

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Time Lapse Lunar Eclipse

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Do you hear all the ruckus about some eclipse that would happens again only 94 years from now?
Yup, it happened last night and I was drunk looking to the sky just to see a bunch of buildings, clouds and being pissed. I have 25 years old, plus 94 years I will be dead.

So whats the deal? I miss it. But we live in the goddamn information age, so check it out this Time Lapse video of the moon moving into earth shadow causing this lunar eclipse. The video isn't so great, but this will be the better you can get. _o/

Deal with it; you miss it and won't survive 94 years. Maybe you can survive, but your odds would be greater if you are being born right now, so I doubt you gonna read this blog if that is your case. You might be busy right now being slapped in the ass and doing newborn stuff.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Super Smash Bros on GameBoy [Download]

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Sometimes I wonder why simple things like Guitar Hero and stuff appeared just in this generation. You know it is so simple. Now in Brazil you can even find this for Mega Drive (Genesis). Pretty curious indeed. But have you imagined something like Super Smash Bros on GameBoy? Yeah...pretty weird stuff I know. The technology mimimis and all kind of barriers of hardware. So fuck you all. See this video below and stop thinking that you need technology to do stuff.

It is called Super Smash Land and have the same mechanical as Battle Arena Toshinden (バトルアリーナ闘神伝) but designed to meet the SmashBros gameplay. Pretty cool uh? You can download a demo of Super Smash Land to run on your PC [here]. The game is being crafted by Piki Geek.

Illustrated Guide to ESRB rating system

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Star Wars amazing posters

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Man... this is fucking awesome. Fuck you. Ok, sorry for that... I'm just... I don't know... well, fuck you again man. leave me alone. This is too much awesomeness...

star wars movie poster

The Star Wars Trilogy by [Olly Moss]

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mushroom Trooper

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Meanwhile in Gotham City Spa

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Hmmm, now the name makes sense...

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Guitar Hero Girl

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You can cry now.

Mario Kart Crash

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Cosplay: I don't like this shit, but I like the chicks

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Motörhead get back in line

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Using the name of the music as a title again, now I post a new Motörhead video. Have you guys ever seen a fight worst than the Star Trek Kirk vs Gorn stuff? Well, you can see it on this video.

Don't get me wrong, Motörhead have a killer music, and they are one of my favorites bands of all time. But 3 old guys attacking suited middle age guys from nowhere and getting the girls is a little bit... well. See it by yourself: Get Back in Line from the new album "The Wörld is Yours".

And if you don't know what the fuck was I talking about in the beginning: Kirk versus Gorn from Star Trek

Children of Bodom, Was it worth it?

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Fucking yay! Bodom put a new video clip on internet, but goddamn only just 35 seconds. Pff... You can see skate on flames and a beginning riff that...wait, what? this is bodom?? Oh hell... SURE it is! \o/

The upcoming album called Relentess Reckless Forever will be launched in March 8th, 2011.
Check the track list:

1- Not My Funeral
2- Shovel Knockout
3- Roundtrip to Hell and Back
4- Pussyfoot Miss Suicide
5- Relentless Reckless Forever
6- Ugly
7- Cry of the Nihilist
8- Was It Worth It?
9- Northpole Throwdown

Bonus track: Party All the Time (Eddie Murphy cover)

What the fuck, Eddie Murphy?? I wanna hear someday a cover of Blind Guardian... this will be unusual Mr Alexi.

Get the clip below (Directed by Dale "Rage" Resteghini and featuring pro-skaters Chris Cole, Jamie Thomas and more).

via [RRF]

Friday, December 10, 2010

NES Guitar

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No, you can't control Mario or play Guitar Hero on it. Get lost, you fat nerdy. ¬¬

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Time Lapse of Aurora Borealis Over Tromsø, Norway 2010

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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Angry Birds Strategy

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Katatonia South American tour in 2011

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And they are totally coming to Brazil. Check it out their official note at Facebook:
There's been quite a few rumours going on about us touring South America and we're very happy to announce that those rumours are true! We're all very excited and can't wait to get our asses over and enjoy all the good things South America has to offer. Tour dates are as follows and ticket links will be up soon:

Feb 20th – Mexico, Mexico City, Circo Volador
Feb 22nd – Columbia, Bogota. Teatro La Mama
Feb 24th – Chile, Santiago de Chile, Teatro La Cupula
Feb 25th – Argentina,  Buenos Aires, Roxy Live
Feb 26th – Uruguay, Montevideo, VENUE TBC
Feb 28th – Brasil, Sao Paolo, Hangar 110

São Paulo in 2011, uh. I will be there. Sure.

Map of Metal

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My will to write something is so down that I'm typing with my foots. I need to eat some stuff before I die. But this little thing I'm posting here just catch my eyes. Look at it.

It is a kind of map with all metal music styles. In the picture you can see Heavy Metal and New Wave of British Heavy Metal - and also some skulls. If you click on the skulls a text wiki style will appears and explain the origins of this music genre. And it have a player too. And the tracks changes based on the style you are reading. It is just awesome. Go check it now, the link is below. Oh God! I'm seeing the light, need to eat now.

[Map of Metal]

Mini Planners [Moleskine]

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MINI PLANNERS from Moleskine ® on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Star Wars, oh crap!

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lego star wars lei hans solo chewie chewbacca shit poo piece

Just a guess...

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I think I know who starts the fire...


Saturday, December 04, 2010

Coyote Falls [Warner Brothers]

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After that weird video I posted below, with you guys, the originall dudes: Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner in a Live Action movie. This was done by Warner Bros and was at America theathers in the summer - it have support to 3D feature. WB put the thing on the internet. Now  we are talking. Bip, bip!

Real Life Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner

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 All I have to say about is: It's pretty WEIRD! It isn't what I thought when I read the title. O.o Damn, they took "Real Life" serious - but not so serious... WEIRD!

Hot Saturday: Ice Cream

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Thursday, December 02, 2010

I was lovin' it

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Tonight, make it vegetarian... haha, nope. Hide your cow guys, we are still eating it. =}~