// warchildPost: August 2012

Friday, August 31, 2012

Pictures for the Week

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Lesbian barbies

Fish on aquarium observing a fish inside a bottle of vodka being happy

a pack of wolves observing a sleeping beauty with glowing eyes

hey arnold parody with hittler

an octpous shrimp i think with a star wars helmet.

[One Piece] Ecce Homo? Old story

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Sanji and his wanted sign is older than ecce homo restauration
#Sanji vs. Christ restauration

[Serious] We Stop Dreaming: where is the rest of... life?

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Old School vs. New School

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[Humiliating] When Hammer Fails

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Jedi Dog

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

[Hat Boy] Pokémon by Tim Burton: Part I (Real Burton stuff at the end)

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001 Pokemon
002 pokemon

003 pokemon

 004 pokemon 005 pokemon 006 pokemon

007 pokemon
008 pokemon 009 pokemon

bulbasaur with johnny depp face

Artist [Hat Boy]

History of Shooting Game [English sub]

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This is my love. 弾幕系シューティング

Saturday, August 25, 2012

How The Dark Knight Rises Should Have Ended

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Thursday, August 23, 2012


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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

[Emotional] The Invader by Ehud Lavski

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

[Music of the week] Maximum The Hormone - Bikini Sports Ponchin

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More Japan. But now an angry side. lol. Nice video clip btw.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Pics of the week

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sitting on the bathroom with pantie down and with a magazine with the vendetta face as cover

player of oldschool pokemon game stading at side of his house of beginning of the game with the words: home sweet home
pac man opening a bottle

Just a few, I'm in a hurry. So yeah.

Friday, August 17, 2012

[What is behind PonPonPon] きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ

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Japan can blow my mind with this PonPonPon stuff. This video was directed (I think) by Sebastian Masuda - the owner of 6% doki doki and this is a shop for "extreme kawaii (extreme cute)" ~ so they say ~ stuff.
This video is a priceless Harajuku fashion style demonstration at its best.

This Harajuku stuff that are so popular in Japan and in some parts of the world.
原宿 (Harajuku) is the common name of an area around Harajuku Station, and it gathers around some gothic lolita(young girls dressed in gothic cloths), visual kei (some eccentric way of dressing up with make up and some rock attitude), decora (tons of accessories) and, yep, some cosplayers(dress up like anime characters). They socialize with each other and they are quite happy.

a bunch of japanese in harajuku decora kawaii dressed stuff. a lot of pink
see? they are happy a lot.

How this fashion style works? I mean, how something can be Extreme Kawaii (Extreme cute).
So, for example, if pink (color) is something cute, they gonna use something extremely pink. Got it?

Yeah, I know. Quite confusing. So warchildPost will give you some tip on putting things on the extreme side. Let me try translate this concept with something around my world of violence and pain... Ok. So... If you break a nail, the Harakuju style would be something like, cutting your entire finger off. Hah, now you got it?

Ok, but they are about being cute, so you got no harm at all. Too bad. This きゃり (Kyari, the girl in the video) used to be a customer of the 6%doki doki shop. And asked for the manager to help with a video clip or something, and you got this.

6% dokidoki shop stuff like shoes and logo
A male lolipop can fall in love with this. maybe.
Sebastian (the guy at first pic in yellow and with a black hat) is quite a cool guy with some cool concept ideas like "do what you like and feel it is nice". You can see as an example the logo of his shop. Why 6% and not 100% or something like that. His explanation is quite eccentric. He says that, 6 and % have a lot of circles, so it match a lot inside another circle making the perfect combination for the logo (as you can see above).

Dang catchy song and weird stuff going around. Somehow it remembers me the Blanka stage soundtrack. The girl of the video clip is quite a superstar in Japan. And you probably don't know shit (or are at the same ground) as me. I have no problem with weird stuff, since I am the guy who thinks that people should stick with they feel it is right. So, goes on.

If I commit some mistakes translating this entire new (for us) culture in the blog, please let me know. Since this is not my culture at all and my Nihongo is quite poor, I can get some misinterpretation around the corner...so yeah. Anyway! Thats that. The PonPonPon is not only some -another- Japanese "weird" video clip at random. It is something "weird" with a whole concept behind it. haha. But that doesn't matter if one doesn't know that. At lay eyes, this is just weed. But now you know!

Blame Otaku-verse Zero ( #OVZero ) for this.
I was living a happy life, and saw this at their show.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The LEGO® Story

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[Funny] Olympics Results

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Dark Knight Side

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worm hole and travelling across the universe

Ghost Tits

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Inspirational Pics of the Week

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Woman leaning on a roof car, thinking, with a nice body shape

fresh prince of bel air scene of opening

World Tour 2029 a geezer madonna

Beer follow the sign to the bar, no beer follow the sign outside the bar

Ryu being punished for using Hadouken at an Olympic Martial Fight

自主制作アニメ rain town

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floor with water and rain town title on it. girl and wood robot at glance in the cover

自主制作アニメ 「 -socket- 」

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Atari Night and Gameboy Music at street

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Atari at floor photo and some cartridges

These days I've get my old Atari CCE some beers and had a good time playing with friends. I'm really nostalgic about old games and I've made some research about creating 8bit music and stuff... and I see this video of a japanese dude playing 8bit music direct by his gameboy: live at Tenjin, Fukuoka.

The song is called: Maru - Insane Youth

Thursday, August 09, 2012

[Portugal] Águeda in July

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a man sitting on a bench on a street covered with colorful umbrellas in portugal

umbrellas at sky of a street in agueda portugal

colorful umbrellas colors
umbrellas covering the sky of a street in portugal in july

by Patricia Almeida

Russian Dancing Men

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I blame my life for not have seeing this before. Forever.

Monday, August 06, 2012

[Pictures] Let the week begin

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Condom colors matching olympic rings symbol

Darth Vader apron with phrase to luke skywalker

real block of terrain similar to the minecraft game parody

a brown image with a map forming an octopus with a bicycle making its wheel its eye

drowned Statue of Liberty with its fire in pixel

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Microsoft kills Hotmail and prepares Outlook.com

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I see Microsoft as a giant lurker in the shadows. Just waiting. You now, Outlook Express was forever there, and it was something so...meh! Microsoft saw small enterprises popping from the ground being huge. Netscape, Mozilla, Google and others putting their products in a freezer. Sure, Microsoft saw a lot of them dying aswel while the big M marched on... But Microsoft was holding onto Windows, and third parties were making a party inside of it. Explorer is so far a weak browser, outlook is a ZzzZ mail viewer for a common user. Hotmail was something quite popular, and together with MSN was The Tool. Microsoft put their hands on it, but now Messenger and hotmail (still "crowded"), get some wacky feelings. At least for me. Sounds crappy, messy and insecure. My hotmail services are for junk or forum logins. MSN I have retired for quite some while.

Google get Chrome and Gmail into my life so strongly that I got the browser into my iPad and got my ass saved by Gmail security when Linkedin fucked up everything. So Microsoft actually has no roles in my life since I got an Mac environment to work on. So yeah. Kinda troublesome for them to lose me, particularly cause I was trained by Mczee to start using computers. Yeah. Deal with it Life. Freaking Mczee.

Microsoft Kids McZee holding a book and smiling
Microsoft saw its rival Apple ascends with iPhone and iPad. Then, Samsung and Google got a huge market piece. And they finally got into it with Nokia and windows phone, and now they got their own tablet. But Microsoft got their time before put it on market ~ lurking.

Now they give up hotmail. They are betting in system integration. Twitter, Skype, Facebook friendly enviroment. And their pride is so strong... outlook.com! Woah! After so many years, in the shadows... being overwhelmed by its concurrents... outlook takes it spot on the sun with some huge tools with it.

I just wonder about the integration of it... you know! I have 3 hotmail. Logged in about many services and forums. It will change the name? I will lose the access to this places? No recovery mail solution? Oh, crap!

Ballantine's tshirtOS: leave an impression

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I really don't get it: why? I could imagine some another use for it, like a game with achievement stuff, with GPS, weather check, walk counting and stuff... but at all... dunno... too expensive for its uses.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

[Funny] Fata Morgana

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a lemonade stand for U$1 at desert with a guy brooming
watch the animation below

[Awesome] All Consuming Love: Man in a cat

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[Don Hertzfeldt] Visdum Tooten

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