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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

8bit Yakuza

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Dead Mario and Crucified Jesus

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Movies I wanna see, Posters I wanna have.

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Whazzup world?

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Last post was in February, this means: I'M WORKING LIKE A SLAVE.
This just get better now... From 8h works will pass to 6hs. Retailer life.
Nobody have the guts to hire to work as game designer yet. Thats pretty fine. I'll study instead being moody.
Now let's talk about some feeds that catch my eyes in whole MARCH.

The mangá Incarnate (Gene Simmons son's work) was canceled after obvious allegation of plagiarism. I see the images and yup, he used it as reference, but, used just it for reference. Yo guy, you need to do lots of research before starting your work. Using just one thing as reference will sure be a copy in the end.

Talking about Bleach, this mangá will be a Warner Bros movie. Real characters and things like that. Why they still try? Why?? And also, Hollywood wants a new Super Mario movie, can you believe? People only see brands and money, but they can't really understand some patterns. Just search for the 1993 Mario movie and you will see what I'm talking about. Or the Dragon Ball movie... White Piccolo, fucking unbelievable. "We made it white to stay closer to the real world". It is not real world bastard, it is dragon ball world. If people isn't ready to create game/manga worlds on cinema, don't even try. 

Mission Impossible 4: YAY! \o/ Maybe Brad Bird - Pixar Director - will work on it. Dammit, I like MI movies. And I love Pixar, can't wait. =´

In the beginning of march, Playstation 3 started what some people call ApocalyPS3. Some models could not connect to Playstation Network... But it was fixed days ago... so fuck off. _o_

 Lara Croft have a new game coming up. And not... it isn't Tomb Raider. The game is called "Lara Croft and the Guardian of light" The logo, typo and everything looks like The Lord of the Rings stuff. I think that is pretty cool use her name as a brand. Lara Croft is stronger than Tomb Raider. This is almost like bands, you know? Imagine a band called Tomb Raider with Lara Croft on vocals. Lara departs the band and launch her solo album called what? Lara Croft. Yay. - If you don't get it, read: Iron Maiden, Bruce Dickinson. If you don't get it yet, GET OUT HERE. The game is developed by Crystal Dynamics, a Square-Enix enterprise. You can expect really nice graphics here. Lara will have a partner called Totec, somehow a guy with a spear and well you use both abilities in a cooperative way to solve puzzles and go on in a isometric view. Not the old way Tomb Raider was - 3rd person view. The great enemy here is called Xoxolt. In portuguese this sounds similar to a vulgar way of the word 'pussy'. - Ooops, sorry about that.
Crystal Dynamics also announced that they are working in 2nd Lara Croft game. And explained this one (Guardian of Light) will be different and apart from the original series.

Valve says: Portal 2 is coming up.
And I say: Nice. Lemme first play the first... yeah I still haven't...anyway!

The Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono wants to works with DarkStalkers now. After take a vacation, sure.

Fable III will not use HUD (read: Clean Screen), and will have character metamorphose, and will give support to Natal project. You have to say hi to people, and all 'fablian' interaction stuff.

Bayonetta 2? Maybe.
The Witcher II? Is coming.
F.E.A.R. 3? Is coming too.

Shigeru Myamoto is so amazing. Just think... You work in an enterprise, don't need to be huge like his enterprise - Nintendo. Just any one. Your task is to create some software to interact with the enterprise hardware. The enterprise launch the main hardware and many others middle stuff along the years to interact with the main hardware and give it long life. Shigeru Myamoto is a kind of guy that will create a software that will work with ALL middle stuff, use the whole capacity of the main hardware and if it isnt good enough for the enterprise, in a side effect will have a huge market appeal by itself and not cause of it uses. This looks confuse? Lemme explain: The new Zelda for wii will use the VITALITY SENSOR -  and motion plus, sure.
This will not be obligatory use as motion plus, but will add features like: Enemies will be strong if your heart is beating like a chicken.

UFO will be at Brazil in May for the first time. I'm talking about the band, not the aliens. And so will Camera Obscura.

Well that is it for now. No images. Just plain text of pure geekness. Have fun.