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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Contra VS Tetris

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2010 E3 Day 2 - See some game trailers featuring at E3

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Beginning with the stunning Crysis 2

Marvel Vs Capcom 3

Fallout: New Vegas

Fable 3

Halo: Reach

Metal Gear Solid Rising

Child of Eden

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

2010 E3 Day 2 - Kinect

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It starts with a bunch of actors trying to do something epic like that remarkable feeling in the beginning of 1968 movie "2001 A Space Odyssey". Ok, it was pretty well done. What they are? Cirque du Soleil. For damn sure Microsoft is not saving money to promote Kinect.

But, with this poor games and trailers we've seen before I should say this was the most overdone thing in E3.

Nintendo beat every asses till now. And I'm looking forward with all my soul to see Nintendo 3DS.
The football gameplay demonstration for Kinect seems so stupid that I'm feeling guilty and dirty for thinking so awful things about it.

And as I was wondering before: It was just acting. So it wasn't a 'fail' at all.

2010 E3 Day 2 - Sony

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I must confess that I was watching Brazil X North Korea at the beginning of conference.
But I soon watch both together.

I start watching The Tiger Woods presentation without sound and it looks very boring and time wasting.
Then it pass a clip with Jak, Daxter, Sly, Ratchet and Clank all this guys in a single game.

I have to tell that Sony Stage was gorgeous. Not fancy.
And Brazil scores at this very time.

An horrible clip of Sony Move with "I like it move, move" music goes by...lot of games will have compatibility and another ones will be launched for it. Was announced so much I can remember now just: Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition, Aragorns Quests, Time Crisis, Sorcery.

When they showed the God of War God of Sparta was the same time when Elano scores his goal, and Brazil done 2x0 on North Korea...and well...I lost the clip. =)

Little big planet 2 with heavy user create content open possibility to create any kind of games with a nice art touch. The multiplayer/games content looks so similar to Pokemon Stadium 64 stuff by the way.

They talk about prices and services for PSN also...but...zzz...
North Korea scores =´´

Medal of Honor looks awesome, Dead Space make some people confused but is very amusing. Portal 2 was well received by the crowd and well, this game is kinda excellent. =)
We could also see a well-ok trailer of Final Fantasy XIV online.

Was announced that Assassins Creed Brotherhood will set some exclusive multiplayer content. "Exclusive is my new favorite word".

GT5 and inFamous also was pretty cool. "Somethings never change...well...*ice frozen the floor* maybe somethings"

But the awesomeness stay at the end... An stunning trailer of Twisted Metal and Sweet Tooth inside his van appears on Stage!! Too cool. =DDD~~
They showed a new style of play similar to capture the flag, where you have to capture the opponent leader and send a missile to destroy their symbol. hehehe priceless.

Was very boring this conference, just the end was cool.

Anyway, congratz Sony. =)

2010 E3 Day 2 - Nintendo

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Nintendo beat all conferences.
While Microsoft and Sony is trying to show us their way to do a -late- Wii, Nintendo is with 3DS.

They begin with stunting Miyamoto appearance to show the Zelda Gameplay. It was pretty funny see Miyamoto playing it, and passing hard times. hehehe xD
For sure will be an awesome game.There was some difficulties problems at sometimes, but it was just some wireless problem, nothing that can put in check the quality of Nintendo.

Mario Sports mix. Well, ok. They do this kind of thing.
Wii Party, it is like Mario Party with Miis.

Just Dance played with a very similar Kesha music...but it is just a dance game and I'll not focus on this kind of games... ok!?
 Golden Sun Dark Dawn was announced, but I'm waiting this since the other E3. Goddamn.
Goldeneye for Ds. Looks very interesting.
And then we could see an beauty and very intriguing Mickey Mouse game. You have to use a brush to change the world and enemies, making them your ally. To change the worlds you pass by a 2D scenario with somethings that reminds me the changes between scenarios at Pink Panther goes Hollywood for Genesis Mega Drive. So, mix Mario Sunshine + Pink Panther + Mice = Epic Mickey. Their quote was: "Play style matters".

Kirby is too much gay. But his game is awesome. The background and stuff has texture and motion of cloth and stuff. The gameplay and art direction seems wonderful.

In Dragon Quest IX you can do a quest with more 2 friends. Man, this is awesome. I can imagine dudes in Japan playing at pubs.

Donkey Kong is back, but I don't like this ape. Sorry. =(
Metroid is walking the right way.

Then Satoro Iwata appears and show the crowd the 3DS. It was awesome. The little thing was shinning in his hand. We see a funny trailer with Iwata, Miyamoto and Reggie playing the 3DS. hehehe.

We could also see a clip of Kid Icarus for 3Ds

This is a list of games for 3DS:

I'm really a 3DS enthusiast. I strongly believe this will be a revolution. A lot of developers is focusing to create content for it. Hideo Kojima also said he was surprised when he saw it. The 3D was in front of his eyes. And all of this without glasses. (Well, Kojima uses glasses...but for vision decease and not 3D at all, heh)

Chris Kohler defined as Stunning this new console.

Awesome conference Nintendo, congratz.

2010 E3 Day 1 - Ubisoft

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Whoops. I forget to post it. heeeh =D

They started with Assassins Creed Brotherhood.
We could see some dense storyline, with Ezio uncle being murdered in front of his eyes.
New way of gameplay with canon and stuff. And new assassins friends. You are not alone anymore.

In the beginning I stay very pissed with the announcer they choose. Cause he was too much boring. But Ubisoft presents some boring things as well, and he was the salvation of their conference.

We see some funny moments with Shaun White like when he was invited by the announcer to sit on some white boxes that he "can see it is French". xD
His game is kinda of changing the map to do awesome things in your skate. A little weird, I must say.

After that many crazy people appears shooting each other with plastic ammo. And well... it is a kinda of game with accessories that made the gameplay innovative. But the guy who was developing was so tired of his presentation that was a little hard to get the point of it, and also the announcer kinda of ruined the explanation with his bad times jokes. And well... ok.

Move on... Innergy, a game with a probable Nintendo Vitality sensor copycat. You control the objects in the screen by your respiration and stuff... But it has a Zen and childish art/sound direction that make me imagining Marijuana smoker having deep fun with this game while smoking and spilling the smoke out.

Then more Nintendo copycats with Motion Sports. (We have seen Kinect Sports earlier)
And finally a GREAT game: Ghost Recon with some gameplay footage that make me smile, also the announcer made brilliants jokes here. It was so perfect every details.
Moments when you kill a sitting guard and hide behind his back making he being "up straight" pretending to be alert while another guard pass by and do not notice he was dead.
The joker announcer said: "This guys...isn't paying too much attention..." HAUHAUHA
And the gameplay was so awesome the announcer also said: "I don't wanna see my children grow up. I wanna play this game!!"

HAHA damn. Then the project Dust trailer begin with some cutscenes and well... who knows _o_ Without gameplay I don't give much value at all.

And as trending add some user create content stuff and an old hero appearance - Rayman is fucking back in a beautiful art direction game, Rayman origins. Also with a fail tentative to make an awesome end make the day.

Completely unnecessary  this MJ end.

Ghost Recon and Assassins Creed. Highlight of the night. Ubisoft is doing a great job with Stealth games.

Monday, June 14, 2010

2010 E3 Day 1 - EA

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Congratz EA. That is what I was talking about.
A black scenario, a huge monitor behind and a mature presentation, serious, and let the game talk by itself.

The things that called my attention was the EA sports Live Broadcast.
It is an amazing service with huuuuge possibilities to do great things.

They showed it with the MMA game. People crafting their own personalized fighter, and doing videos - like youtube videos, with webcam and stuff - taunting the challengers. Real broadcasters narrating the game and all kind of awesomeness.

The time when they played Call of Duty multiplayer with 24 players live on stage was amazing. And it wasn't shit talk like "Woooah, how I've fun playing this... wooo Ra Ra Ra, I'm smiling in joy." like microsoft did with that stupid sports game with kinect. Ea bring it up EA staff members to play it like normal players. And the guy also said "Like all software this might fail". And well, this was sincere! The crowd smile, and the thing works perfectly.
There was also many things that DICE team presents that make my day better, but I cannot wait more to say... CRYSIS 2. God! That was awesome.

For me this night was marked by live broadcast and crysis 2.
The trailer was awesome, and the 3D clip might have been terrific to watch it live.

Man... can't wait to see this things working. =}

There was also a huge cutscene trailer for the Star Wars MMORPG, but well... any cutscene can be ok. I wanna check the gameplay. The japa girl from Lucas Arts was presenting it with a little glamorous talk that I hate so much. And saying with voice effect: "you can choose the side YOU WANT" Girl, the "choose" options exist in games since I was kiddo. I could choose the ninja turtle I want, I could play as undertaker in wwe games... so, whats up the big deal choosing the damn color of my sword and clothing in a MMORPG? Wake the fuck up.

This is almost a rule in E3...you came with shit talk, you show shit. Remember this.

Also there was the bulletstorm gameplay footage, but uh... nothing that make me happy. Only the kick at door... he he he, nice.

Well... congratz EA, you showed respect to us, I respect you! =)

2010 E3 Day 1 - Microsoft

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Well, I was between Italy x Paraguay and E3. And also, I slept part of Microsoft cause I wake up early to see Netherlands too.

Sooooo. What I must say is:

Halo Reach seems amazing. 343 studios are doing a pretty good job.
Kinect seen awesome for non games features.
Some games seems to respond a little late for some movements.
The dance game seems alright in the caption, but I don't get it yet. If it capture all the movements or just specifics. Like, some movements the character do in the screen may does not have any sense in the game at all, just in the music per se.All about visual.

The Turn10 guys seen in the right way to do a race game.

Ubisoft made an awesome ad for their fitness game. But fitness game make me deeply sad with the whole world.

Metal Gear Solid Rising was the most commented trend at twitter.

And Xbox launch a new version with better HD and wifi.

Note that I do not giving details at all cause it is pretty easy to find it anywhere you go. I just giving my 2 cents here, cause you gonna find this just here. =)

Another thing that bugs me... Guys walking to the stage as excited kids, but in a fake way that makes me feel sick. And all that glamorous talk waiting for a acclamation from the crowd and give to us that silent uncomfortable comments.  Why they do a script with applause times inserted on it? Why not do some sincerely talk about their products and wait for a real acclamation for the crowd? This is so much nice.

I'm looking forward for Sega and Konami presentations.
Tonight we have EA also. =}

How a black metaler make his children smile.

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Kinect and the sea of failures.

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Ok. I know, why to bully a thing that doesn't even was launched? It is so mean.
I know it, I'm trying to be positive.There is a Brazilian dude in the productions. Natal stuff... yay. But hey! Microsoft ASK for it.

First a very glamorous talk at E3 2009 about it. As if it was the innovation of century, and it is just an answer to Nintendo Wii. And a lot of fail videos with fail gameplays.

This is the reason why Miyamoto laughs when someone ask him about the other devices being developed. He says that Nintendo already works with something that works, and It is gaining money with it. While Microsoft is crafting, doing bad press and receiving some parodies with very good points about it:

I read a lot of forum/blogs comments. People are really uncomfortable about Natal. And people unlike even the new name, kinect. This make me think: Is Microsoft doing research about this? They are studying their clients and stuff? Or are just focusing on a blind ego desire of be the ultimate game company?

The family video stuff is just annoying to see. The fake families, the fake union. The lame games.
Ok, is just an ad... But Ad is not to show the best aspect of the product? It is pretty funny to see in the Tv an episode of The Guild where the quote "I love to be with my family. Its better than gaming." is said by a mom in an ironic way.

I believe deeply in the potential of Microsoft, I'm just afraid about if they are focusing in the right place.

Pre-E3 2010 Microsoft Kinect

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I know that sometimes I'm pretty non-show-believer kind of guy.
Maybe sometimes I'm just and old geezer... anyway.

Here it is a video shot of what happened at the Kinect (ex project Natal) official launch presentation.

Look all the show, elephant and magic stuff... this kinda boring. Can we take the elephant with us to our home? Sure not, so... If I would want to see Elephants I rather attend to World Cup at South Africa than go to LA see the biggest game event in the world.

Ok, babbling geezer stuff behind, and many details off... now let us put our attention at the goddamn 2:06 (or close) minutes of this video.
Did you see? The video start - the Jedi dude move his arm - before the actor make any move.
Haven't wee seen this before?

But lemme remind all of you guys: This video I get on the web without sound, I don't know if at presentation they give a warning or something like:
"Hey dudes, it will be like this; we gonna put a video with some actors to show to you how gonna works in a conceptual way... It is not the kinect itself, is just an example. It is all fake, just like the elephant and stuff... just to imagine and well...enjoy it."

So do not trow stones at Microsoft. Let me trow the first one, cause no one give a damn about what warchildPost posts.

And... what the matter with "Natal" name? Kinect? Seriously... Looks like an electric pok√©mon... Wild Kinect appears... Thunder Stone was used... What!? Kinect is evolving??? Congratz! Now you have a goddamn Elephant Kinectrocon. ¬¬

[edit] Ok, I'm late, and I was right.

If it was really acted trailer stuff... it was a pretty bad trailer and bad gameplay acting. It could at least show a good trailer or a good gameplay. Anyway, it was just to entertain the journalists. But, hey...they are journalist... stuff like this gif is a kind of thing Microsoft didn't predict coming? Free bad press party, microsoft...free bad press.


Friday, June 11, 2010

Metal Gear Rising

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Is this the cover?

But the game is fa away from being launched...so this may change.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ok this is tragic, but genial.

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[Sony] WTF? PS4 Viral Teaser?

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3d games? wtf? I don't get it!

Mortal Kombat "9" Gameplay footage.

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This is what I'm talking about...and not a pseudo movie.
They are back at their roots. 2D fighting, fast combos, blood and pure brutality.
With you my friends... the Game!!

Poor sub-zero...

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

SEGA - Vanquish

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This will be awesome.


Mortal Kombat Live action

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It seems another try to fit a game universe inside the real world with a most close and plausible way. I don't like such thing. Baraka is a Tarkatan nomad warlord from the outworld and not a mad doctor. It looks like Legends of Chun-li but isn't lame or corny at all. It is pretty cool I must say. And the story is close to the Mk2-3 stuff. At Mk3, Johnny Cage was found dead and Motaro was the murder, and not Baraka. Sub-Zero was killed by Scorpion in the first Mk. The other one who appears that is his brother. Sub-Zero reappears in Mk3 as the wraith Noob Saibot. (That means inverting the letters: Boon and Tobias; Mk creators).

Check it out the 'teaser':

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

What motivate us?

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I hate sandcastles!!!11

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New way to use your Ipad

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