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Sunday, July 29, 2012

London 2012 Olympic Games

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That is how I see
#Iron Maiden #Eddie Olympic

Turns On [New Layout]

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Somebody turned on the lights? Hell yeah! We got a new template. Some major changes in comment system. Default sharing mechanics. I lose all the old comments, likes/tweets status but I'm cool with that. And the people who might have commented somewhere in time must be dead or stuff. Or if you aren't cool with that, well... deal with it.

This is warchildPost, not your bestpalPost. At all. ... Who cares? I can post huge tits or some juvenile anime. Nobody should care! Life is just meaningless like that. And hell yeah: that's warchildPost. And the pic is the sum of all the meaning of the universe.

Also I cleaned a little the code, killed some widgets and take it off my shirt. Speed up!

Nozoki Ana

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This is the thing I'm reading. At first I was: Hah, japan...
But man, this thing gonna blow your mind. Seriously. Despite the hentai scenes, the plot is pretty dense, and you gonna be attached to this motherfucker story. Script > Ecchi (erotic).

It is about a regular guy at university, living alone, got a cool girl and stuff... but someday he discovers a hole on the wall. He peeps through it, and saw a girl touching herself...ya know, and well... his life is about to change. In some perverted psycho ways.

You never gonna see people with same eyes again. Believe me. You think that might be some far from reality stuff, Harem stuff. But no. Reality is so close to that... and that is the thing that gonna bite you. Be ready, let's peep. :~

You can read it [here]

One Piece Marinefold Saga

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One piece, boa hancock

I usually don't talk about anime in this blog, but One Piece is a Shounen that grab my attention since Dragon Ball Z, and yup, this is a lot time ago. Actually I'm into seinem stuff. The last shounen manga I read was Inu Yasha back in 2008. In fact, I started One Piece with mangas, but after I get a job in another city I spent all my money with food and medicines trying to survive alone, so...yeah. No japanese fun!

After some nihon hiatus in my life I decided to get back on One Piece, but instead of reading again the manga I choose to watch the anime from the start. I was kinda of lazy with animes... in fact I was "bleached".
Bleached: I've tried to watch Bleach, it was pretty cool in the beginning but the plot flow and episodes direction can kill anyone patience. Each 20 minutes episode, have at least 10 minutes from the previous episodes. And everything starts to get cliche at some point. The feeling is: I lose my time.

But with One Piece I never get this feeling at all... Till this saga of Marinefold. It was pretty promising by the events and the powerful, important and cool characters involved. And all the life threating probabilities. Damn, the villain of the epic Alabasta saga, Crocodile, was back working together with Ruffy? Damn!

All the Impel Down break was EPIC. Breathtaking levels with Intelligent enemies and strategies. Mr. 2 was historical!! But when the war starts was a big letdown. The eternal Ruffy running scene was "distance impossible". Ruffy could have crossed the world 7 times, but would never reach Ace's platform. 

Jimbei was good for nothing. He beats Moria, ok. But Moria is nothing outside Thriller Bark. Jimbei let Moria alive in the end. Why? But after war, Jimbei could be forgiven. He was a key character. So, anyway.

There was no Big battles. A lot of motherfucker characters and no fights like Yu Yu Hakusho Makai Tournament, when you could see things like Yomi versus Shura. Things like Hancock versus Smoke end up in a little talk. They just meet each other, some talk: nothing. Jimbei versus Mihawk, this one was stupid, after sometime Jimbei was in another scene talking with Ruffy. Mihawk goes to bathroom? WTF?

And all the admirals "admiring" the fight? Some character just get lost. Very bad directed. Very poor events. And Ruffy running....

The thing was so slow paced, the Whitebeard crew shouting for his dad or for Ace was so annoying. Whitebeard command the guys to run from Marinefold... but they can't help themselves but to stay crying - hello, we are at war. When Ace was killed was by his own stupidity. He deserves it! That was the feeling. No shock at all. When he was young he act hot blooded and fought with a pirate and almost killed Dadan with that. Then, this whole war started with his searching for Teach against his captain will. Again, hot blooded. He finally was saved, Whitebeard was behind to destroy everything up, and Ace was got by the shitty tongue of an admiral. Mother of dio, the same admiral that put shit in the head of his fellow nakama that impaled Whitebeard. So, why... why to give a damn? Just get the fuck out, and leave the place to be destroyed. But no... and Ruffy almost got killed on this. I like Ace. He is an awesome character. But he deserves this death.

Buggy was some funny segment, but the war stuff was so pissing me off that even Buggy couldn't save it anymore, and became part of the problem at some point.

But I can save some gold of it, like: Boa Hancock development.
She is awesome. Hancock going berserker and attacking Marines and Pirates was the top!
Crocodile saving Ace's neck. Man! Awesome how this guy act by himself. He is above his own pride. He is almost a Vegeta of the seas. lol

But well. I needed to say it: Marinefold was exhausting. And I will no read this post to correct, I'm pretty tired about this stuff. Let me go.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How to Train Your Dragon [Live Projections]

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Meanwhile in Brazil

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Dark Knight Rises, uh?

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Stark Wars: Attack of the Thrones

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Rovio's Amazing Alex [debut trailer]

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From the creators of Angry Birds...

Katatonia - Dead Letters

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From the upcoming album, Dead End Kings (Aug 2012).

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Super Game of Bros Thrones

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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

To Understand

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To understand somebody, is not coming up with formulas.
It is not to come up with magical solution or 5 steps about how they gonna act for now on.
Can you imagine to live inside the mind of someone for about every each fucking second of an entire - let's be generous - DAY.

A day has about 86400 seconds. Count till 33. Yeah, it sucks! If you hear someone saying something, and open your mouth  -about what, 10 seconds later?... - do you really think you have a magical word that gonna make anything?

10 seconds? Can you solve YOUR life in 10 seconds? It is easier to you screw up stuff in 10 seconds. To fuck yourself with shit so much more than cast spells of Ways of Happiness to someone next to you.

To understand is not to say what the other wanna hear. It is just to be there. To hear. Know the other/not using this factor to judge. Respect the possible inner power he might have. And try to avoid dangers situations if you know the one does not have confidence enough to snap out of shit.

And be happy above all things - just to be close. You are there. You understand. You believe. It is okay! Dot.

Your life probably sucks at the very moment the one is by your side. With you.
Just say what the other might do if you were asked literally: "WHAT SHOULD I DO?". Do your best to really try to get all single aspect of everything. Give the value for the things he give. Try to see if the one is stuck in an illusion. And about this illusion, even fake, what was the benefit? What the other should have learned or be aware of? But only if asked.

If you think you really should talk. It is something you think might help... ask to talk. "Can I speak with ya for a sec. Well... I notice that this shit is overflowing your mind. Everything ok?" Easy enough!
And listen. Open doors. Dont kick it around.

Do not judge scenarios and puke a sentence. You can do shit, and you probably will hope to the other to be there. So... Fuck! At least TRY, or show some trace of trying...  that it matters. If doesn't matter at all, you are a shit friend, uh? Get a life.

You might be the ones that probably say: "I'm just saying the truth, if you can't get it...cry!". Really. Imagine anyone saying this to you. Truth? Reality? Is so subjective. Get a life.

But hey! Don't need epic poems. Don't need say: everything gonna be fine and feces. Just breath. A hug. A touch in the arm. A sad digital smile on SMS :(

Questions: "what do you think you have to do?". Try to get the best of the other one. Show that you are speaking with someone you trust. You believe. You are the streng he needs. And not puking orders to a misguided donkey.

Don't point where the other should go. Every one knows where they might go. So... smile. It is okay. If it is not. Fuck, in the end every one might have choices. You may not like it, but, hey, your life is calling!

What is the point? To judge EVERY single aspect of the situation and trowing away any effort or value that the one might have feel on the subject. Or judging about seconds what you - inside your very brain- think that the other "wanna" hear. Can you say the number he is thinking? than... you don't know shit.

You cannot figure out your own life, why you can figure out the life of someone else?
Do you ever figure that your own demise about choices, suffering, indecisions, is the same stuff that is passing through the other mind during 86400 seconds/day, every single week?

And why the fucking hell you gonna point your finger? Have opinions. Write in stone... in SECONDS. why?

It is so hard to hear? To receive some energy, to transform all anguish in a fucking single smile?

Just smile. Let the words flow... if someone is talking with you, maybe they have no one else to talk. They might just want to talk it out. See your eyes. Feel your smell. You are there.
Cause maybe (do you ever consider this? "maybe") the person feels good to be with you.
And any motherfucker fast opinion about how someone else lead the life may make things worse.

It is a sentence of disbelief, disapproval. "Dis-talk". All the bullets the one managed to escape trough the day, the one that you put out your mouth make it fatal.

If someone say: man, what a harsh day. I'm tired as shit. Fuck. Only bad news.

Why you gonna answer like: you just cry! change your life. Your jobs sucks. The band you hear is so negative. The girl that makes you ok is a bitch. What the hell? If you dont do as I say...so live in this shit life of yours.

Fuck! You might hate the one, uh?

What about?
Let's drink a beer. Let's smile. Do you like potatos with bacon? Dude, fuck our life, let's EAT! =D
Life sucks, sometimes I want to explode. You are doing nice after all, being a bitch about everything, but it is cool. ;)

What really matters in the end is: to be with you. Not hear from you. Think about that.

But why? Why you have to "dis-talk"? Does anyone ask your opinion? Your fellow way may be hard. He have a reason. Maybe he is suffering. But he is fighting? Why? You cannot respect? You cannot buy his fight? Or support. Or drink a beer in the meantime?

Today may not be a good day. But he gives it up? shit, no! He is with you... and damn. Congratz. You are awesome. ¬¬

It is ok to just be sad about stuff. This doesn't mean to not deal with it. To share some tough is an act of confidence. If you think it is your way to speak out anything that come trough you head, so, fine. Respect that. That may work for you. But if this whole shit was for me, I would smile at your magic tricks of how to be happy, and get along on my way alone. Far from your perfect life.

Maybe I was frozen for some seconds. Lost in toughs. Alone in my mind.
You appears. Make me smile. I commented about my day and BAM! Opinions! Dis-talk!
Heck! That is the moment when you see some people you really care and like... maybe are just worthless.

Maybe it is too hard for someone to be there. And have to "mirrorly" speak their soul.
Or maybe it is just I that can not understand tolerate such thing...

image: [Ali of the Dolls]