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Monday, October 22, 2012

[Meanwhile in Brazil] Angry Haddad

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feita por serra, parodia de angry birds com maluf, dirceu e haddad. angry haddad

Well, well... elections in Brazil is quite a circus. Candidates do anything to grab a single vote. Most in particular the São Paulo election is giving internet a hard time with tons of memes all around the place. It is candidate mouth kissing on the streets or making people shout in frenzy. There is also flying coffee and flying shoes. But I really want you guys to see the eligible candidates without pictures.

In the blue corner: a bald vampire one, that have a deep passion of titles and winnings. He does not care what he is, president? mayor? fuck that shit, he want the title. If there is some title he wants, he just trow away his old one (in the middle of term of office, fuck the police). His political party also don't have a good anti-violence policy, and strongly army police agains't any act "against the state". But they don't really know who are the enemy to shot, so you see. Also, the education management of this guys is a shame. Is so shameful that I want to piss chocolate pizza with my penis if I believe they can think about something to fix it. He is aka Serra.

In the red corner: is the guy from the people. With the people: in hearts, soul and wallets. He is from a political party that recently, break out of a scandal of deep public money marauding. This is the political party of actual president Dilma, and ex-president Lula. The Lula's chief-of-staff, José Dirceu, had his political rights suspended and is currently charged with corruption. Lula said that he never know anything about nothing. And even said that "brazilian people just don't care about the scandals". So Lula, with the furtherance of Paulo Maluf (this one has so many charges that is insignificant to talk about him without having a dictionary of crimes, that would probably holds his face as a cover. But for a matter of fact, he was recently added to the notorious Interpol's Wanted List, so yeah),  Haddad was launched to try to be the mayor of São Paulo. And as all the guys from this party, he probably never heard or knows anything about corruption. They also believe in flowers and rainbows.

So, Serra (blue corner), launches a facebook game called "Angry Haddad" - the clearly reference to Angry Birds didn't need to me mentioned, uh?

In the game you have Paulo Maluf, Haddad and José Dirceu as birds. And they have to destruct things that the Blue Corner political party had done to SP. As you might think, things with vital importance like Subway stations, schools and another public buildings. The game asks "do you want to destroy SP? All Haddad need is your help".

After the game is finished it shows: "If you do not want to destroy the city, don't vote Haddad".

Well played Mr. vampire. Well played.

If you want to help Haddad destroy SP, click here [need facebook, so...]
UPDATED: as everything in this shit country... it was banned.
Camouflaged censorship everywhere.

1- Now I want to see the so called "Brazil's Game Market" optimists doing a party about this... 

2- warchildPost reservers the right to don't give a fuck about elections. wP would prefers to explode himself than see any of this guys as a mayor of the city he was born. So, fuck any "idealism" or reactionary or che guevara chatter - if you have one in this plastic country. 

[Elevator] So Real it's Scary

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Henry Thomas's Audition For E.T.

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

[Mana Neyestani] The Prison

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guy reading in a comic strip and sudden realise that the division, is a cell

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

[Claire Felicie] Before, During and After Afghanistan

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Claire Felicie's Marines: before during after Afghanistan
Here Are the Young Men is a book that will come out in 2013. The title is a reference of the Joy Division song. The author, Claire Felicie, photographed the faces of 20 Dutch Marines before, during and after theirs duties at Afghanistan. 

The time lapse is 12 months. If you can't notice difference at all, well... I don't blame you. Some would say to focus the eyes... but if you really notice some photos, the eyes just get the Supernatural series demon eyes effect, only shadows. Too much dark effect to increase the drama I guess? Maybe. The only thing you can really notice is a fancy effect calling: getting older. You are suffering this right now! Yay. 

The first session was still on Netherlands. Nine months later she met them returning from a patrol in Afghanistan. A rushing session after a patrol under Afghan sun and with a face drenched in sweat and bronzed noses. 3 months later the last session.

“They were saying they were good; they were fine,”(...) “But then I let them sit and look through the camera. When they sat down they said nothing and I said nothing also, it was then I saw, their faces had changed.” - Claire

Claire Felicie's Marines: before during after Afghanistan

Claire Felicie's Marines: before during after Afghanistan

Claire Felicie's Marines: before during after Afghanistan

Claire Felicie's Marines: before during after Afghanistan

Claire Felicie's Marines: before during after Afghanistan

Claire Felicie's Marines: before during after Afghanistan

Claire Felicie's Marines: before during after Afghanistan
artist [Claire Felicie]
via [slate]

What do people think of Windows 8?

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How to turn it off? Confusing, uh? I would trow it at the floor and starts dancing naked over it until it is off. But you know... that's me, not Bill Gates Steve Ballmer.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

[Meanwhile in Brazil] Asphalted Jungle

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Trees in the streets
Zona Oeste, São Paulo. Photo by Marcelo Justo/Folhapress
So. You think Brazil is only a jungle where Blanka lives? Fool you. It is an asphalted Jungle. Come at me 2013.

[2012 Halloween] Awesome Costumes Tips Collection

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spider pumpkins, genial!

Another Halloween is coming, and so is another Halloween post. If you are lost, with a lipstick in your hand, full of time and no idea on your mind, warchildPost will guide you through lot of original ideas that can shake up some creativity up your brain ass. :D 

a little kid cute as link of zelda gaming series

a little kid dressed as alice inside a paper house simulatin the giant effect on alice in wonderland

A girl simulating a comic character art
Comic! the most original one

Frida movie character

a godizilla costume pack
godzilla costume

grey makeup cool effect
ghost family

a homeless baby work for candy haha
homeless baby

despicable me kids costume
Despicable Me minions

skelleton pants for girls. leggin. sexy as hell
mmm ;)

feminism symbol pin up

zakk wylde costume for kids. awesome

Still not good? You can check the last year tip just by clicking here. Trick or treat, uh? 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

[8-bit] Gangnam Nes Style

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Friday, October 12, 2012

[Makaon] Aluminum Cans Into Pop Culture Icons

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Pokemon charmander charmeleon charizard

Batman TV series

Hello Kittie


Totoro トトロ

Thursday, October 11, 2012

[Wreck-it Ralf] 1982 Retro Viral trailer

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You might have seen here before some posters and trailers of the upcoming November 2 Disney's Wreck-it Ralf movie-inspired by games. So, they made a kind of viral video of it, called:
1982 Litwak's Arcade Commercial featuring the original Fix-It Felix, Jr. Game. But something just smashed my mind. I mean, does the sound was so well played like that? In the huge machines it may be some external output.... but, I can't remember old games that could speak so clear like this one. Even my Sega Genesis (Mega Drive), was kinda lame trying to same "Rise from your grave".

Well. check the video... and let's wait till november to see it. In  a matter of fact, I'm waiting for The Hobbit....

[April 2013] Look what will be back

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Kyōsuke Kirino ruri kuroneko victory finger as season two relationAnd the Second Season of ...*taking breath*...Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai shortened as Oreimo and translated as My Little Sister Can't be this Cute will return! The follow-up, produced by A1-Pictures is planned for April 2013. A new site and a new video is up >>check it!

[John Kahrs] Disney's Paperman Breakdown

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a guy trowing a paper plane

Children's Day Around Some Places in the World

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Children pictures or Old Cartoons as avatar on Facebook? Hell yeah! Embrace yourselves. It is Children's Day. \o/

At least in Brazil. Yeah. We soccer ninjas celebrates it at October 12. So, please, feel like young ones with us! Yay. ONU says that the Children's day is November 20, but pff. No.
No one gives a single shit to what ONU thinks about stuff, does it? I mean, like: if there is some oil, lets get it. If there is some Children's day somewhere let's fucking eat candies and stuff.

stormtropper and his kid lego doll walking

You see, Japan celebrate the 子供の日 (kodomo no hi) at May 5. It is a national holiday celebrated since 1948. But there is 2 dates to celebrate the young ones. There is March 3 for girls, called Doll festival: they decorate their houses with Heian Period dolls and drink Amazake (a drink from fermented rice as everything over there). And May 5 is for boys, called 端午の節句 (tango-no sekku) < this in brazilian portuguese sounds like an Argentine offending a Brazilian with their popular dance style up or sorry asses.
For the boys they use samurai dolls and eat Chimaki (probably something with rice).
Happy children at Doll Festival

South Korea also celebrate 어린이날 May 5, Gangnam Style. Mexico is April 30, arriba chili chilidrens-whaaa?. In the United Kingdom they don't give a shit about kids. There is no such thing as children's day. Quoting Gordon Brown: "There is no positive need to the day, other than to add an unnecessary day off school or work. We have bigger things to think about.". Wow, just bloody wow. A freaking day of school? As warchildPost is centered as an academic objector, I must say that ONE day at school is an unnecessary thing. A freaking time with your bloody family walking at a park, playing, eating, watching movies or just being together surely do great benefits for a children. Bloody hell. But you guys have great pubs and bands... so keep pushing hard the young ones. warchildPost reserves the right to be contradictory, and have no warranty about your opinion about this, so deal with it.

In the United States the celebrate predates mother's and father's day... but there is so much states there, I don't freak know what the hell is going on there. If I had a child there, this kid would suffer from an absence of mind father. I would call myself british, and run on the streets, naked.

Anyway. Have everyone a HAPPY brazilian children's day! Yay!

ginger tits with a shovel in the wind with a shinning white navel
oooops! wrong picture!!!.... my bad. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

[遊助]『VIVA!Nossa Nossa』Michel Teló Cover ... Q?????

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Yup, dear fellow brazilians...you read it right - if there is a brazilian reading this (lately the blog got a totally massive french invasion, accueillir camarades. Freaking Michel Teló mentioned at warchildPost. But why would I put a name of guy with nothing notable in the fucking universe besides move a horde of brazilians human cows like the pied piper of Hamelin? Cause it looks like he can move something in the other point of the world: Japan.

Yeah, nobody is safe! Close your doors, take your cloths off, do the hokey pokey... that is what it is all about.

No Japan. Why? You are pretty ok with what you already got. Why you can't just stay with your health incest matters? Anime girls with panties stamped at cushions? Freaking weird octopus fetish? College girls fetish culture? It is ok to have all this. We will love you anyway. BUT whyyyyyy doing a version of Michel Teló? whyyyyyy*rolling in the deep with adele, on the floor, crying, naked*yyyyyyyy???

(遊助)『VIVA!Nossa Nossa』[2012年10月31日売却][... por makino-tsukushi

No! Who does version stuff of wrong music is Latino. OMG. Another lame mention in the same post? I will stop here before something really bad happens to this blog.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

[Peta] Pokémon Black & Blue: gotta free 'em all

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pikachu tepig and others covering the parody peta game

And Peta strikes back the gaming community! After developing the Super Meat Boy parody, they now uses Pokemon as they "target". Peta's Pokémon Black & Blue: gotta free 'em all. Remember that they also publish Super Tanooki Skin 2D: Mario Kills Tanooki (protesting agains't Mario Tanooki Cloth ) and another one that is a protest against McDonalds using Mario -Nintendo again- as reference: Super Chick Sister). Uh, and I almost forget the Peta's unauthorized version of Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals.

Apparently Peta loves/hates Nintendo so much that can't lose 'em of sight. And this Pokemon game get the gameplay references pretty well crafted. The attack effects and consequences, it is all there. Wrap trapping enemy. Take down hitting with recoil. Peta is pretty nerd I must say. Nerd and angry.

There is also custom moves like: protest and group hug. Attacks that get not so good effects at all. Just strategic "enemy status down" features that every old player must know that at lower levels is a pretty fool nuisance - mainly cause you won't be able to heal, so you cannot afford a wrong strategy.

The plot is about a protesting Pikachu that breaks free and starts his quest agains't trainer oppression  You have to fight trainers and release their pokémons that, eventually, will join your party. As about all RPG, I skip the blabber. So...yeah, don't know any individual plots. Sue me. Pretty sad the Tepig with ears cut btw. :~~~

In your path you will find Joy nurse and other fellow NPC pocket monsters that will give you bonus gifts: a sad video, wallpaper and a trading card game. I don't give attention to the gifts, I must confess. Don't know exactly what is the TCG stuff at all. I just endure till the end. I will not embed the game in the blog cause, as featuring in all Peta games, the sound starts playing automatically. So...it is a burden.
About the soundtrack: pretty generic. The battle theme is pretty good. Sure, it is a rip off from the original, so...

If you want to play, please click the link right here.

In my humble opinion, Peta is not focusing on the games itself - not 100%, maybe 40%... mmm. But using its reference as a real world statement. Every kind of information and "makes you think about something" stuff is pretty valid in warchildPost beliefs - despite the annoying ich in thoughts about using something indie like Super Meat Boy to do a protest... Or maybe I'm dead wrong and Peta is just a scum losing focus of real world problems. -anyways- Life is just once. Let's try to take the best of everything - not like pirates or vikings... I mean: conceptually.  ¬¬

Hey, wait!! What about trademark and copyrights?
A: Don't know folks.
I don't have a clue why games like Streets of Rage remake goes down and this damn protest flash parodies are on.

If you are lazy to play every game cited above - cause you have played your whole childhood or are tired about Peta attacking the game world - you can check the videos below.
It was really a hell of a time passing through all the 5 seconds skip ads and the "hello everybody" or super techno/rock intro of nerds super "funny", "headed" and always opinionated about everything in 99% of videos. So difficult to find a -CLEAN, with the soundtrack on and with no SPEAKING MOTHERFUCKER- gameplay video. So please, enjoy!

Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals

Super Tanooki 2D

Super Chick Sisters

Pokémon Black & Blue

[Gangnam-Zelda] Ganon Style

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Zelda characters Parody, link and fellows, as Psy's Gangnam Style video clip

[Rings] Sonic: my precious

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Parody of Lord of Rings Golum with Sonic

Monday, October 08, 2012

[Eva Air] Hello Kitty Air Plane

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the plane taking flght

Have you ever thought about flying with Hello Kitty? So...if go to Taiwan you can have a chance at Eva Air. They launch 3 planes with Hello Kitty Theme. Even the food and interior design, are HK related. It is called the Eva Kitty. Click here to see the link and smile with a super happy song that will made your day brightly pink. Yeah. What the hell warchildPost?

global jet schedule

Lovely stewardess air-hostess bringing you food

interior design

plane models hello kitty pink stuff

check in kitty cabinet?

happy chinese kid at eva air logo

hello kitty plane art, mexico?

hello kitty plane art

hello kitty tickets

hello kitty drink food art

Hello Kitty food

plane on air flight