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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Top 10 Bedtime Activity

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Looks like making sex isnt the priority than playing games. X)

Top 10 in mins per week:

1 Sleep (3,150)
2 Talking (193)
3 TV (132)
4 Net surfing (122)
5 Reading (114)
6 Listening to music (105)
7 Using phone (81)
8 Work (77)
9 Computer games (57)
10 Sex (35)

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Friday, March 07, 2008

Top 50 Developers

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It was based on reputation and sales data, through anonymous surveys and assessments of sales charts in the US, the UK, and Japan, the number of games released each year, and the average metacritic rating.

1. Nintendo Kyoto (Brain Age, Wii Play)
2. Infinity Ward (Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare)
3. Blizzard Entertainment (World Of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade)
4. Electronic Arts Canada (FIFA Soccer 08, NBA Street: Homecourt)
5. Valve (Portal, Team Fortress 2)
6. Konami Japan Studio (Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer, Dance Dance Revolution Universe)
7. Insomniac Games (Ratchet & Clank Future)
8. Capcom Osaka Studio (Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, Monster Hunter Freedom)
9. Electronic Arts Tiburon (Madden NFL 08, NASCAR 08)
10. BioWare Edmonton (Mass Effect, Jade Empire: Special Edition)
11. Bungie Studios (Halo 3)
12. Ubisoft Montreal (Assassin's Creed, Naruto: Rise Of A Ninja)
13. 2K Boston [& Australia] (BioShock)
14. Harmonix (Rock Band)
15. Bandai Namco Tokyo (Ace Combat 6: Fires Of Liberation, Beautiful Katamari)
16. Square Enix Tokyo (Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, Front Mission DS)
17. Game Freak (Pokemon Diamond/Pearl)
18. Epic Games (Unreal Tournament 3, Gears Of War PC)
19. Hudson Soft (Mario Party 8, Mario Party DS)
20. Neversoft (Guitar Hero III, Tony Hawk's Proving Ground)

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

2007 Game Rating Chart

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Games and violence: Rockstar.. pff.

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When i was kid i see for the first time the GTA in a Pc, it was really cool, you know... it was a different game play and all, but I wasn't a huge fan of GTA series.
So resuming a lot: I grew up. (=
With a dream to be a game designer. And what do I see now? A huge enterprise called Rockstar that learns how to make money in games. Extreme violence and polemical topics.
I am on the side of the free creative rights. BUT! I think that exists a thing called responsability, and well lets see what does that means.
Everybody knows that this games are rated, but everybody knows that young dudes dont give a fuck for this "rated thing". The parents nowadays aren't what we could call "exemplar". And some kids are ruling their homes, and another ones fucking shoting schools (Cause it's so easy, just got a gun a bang, right GTA? Right REAL MOTHERFUCKING LIFE?) (See, i am not blaming games for the violence, i am blaming the real life, game is just a "photography" of it). A child dont have a full comprehesion of what it is right and what is wrong, and even if the child have a few of knowlodgment about it, this kid will not be a very cool dude to take a chat if it spends all minutes in their damn life in front a game, siting in a "killing sofa" eating like hell. But then came the game Bully... ho ho ho. ¬¬

But ok, this is a parent problem and not an enterprise problem. The developer just got a theme and make a game of it, very keen. What is game, an art? an ideology? just fun? Yeah, just FUN.
We have to have the mind on it, we are here to have fun. I have this on mind, you have this on mind... but, do your neighbor have this on mind? As guns are sold for protection, does everybody thinks this way? So why do you have a gun? To shot first? Why you gonna have fun with some Abusive violent game? Anyway, its your life, you use and amuse it the way you think it is right, and if exists dumb people in the world, isnt your, mine or the developer fault. I accepted that. Really. So, the problem isnt sell games Rated. But you would have to show a medical therm allowing you to play it. Hah, just kidding.
But now lets fucking think like school. Your friend make some shit, and the teacher ask, who make this? And everybody remains quietly cause they don't want their friend fucked up. So, the upset teacher make everybody stay in classroom on the break cause of it.
Lets come back to games.
Angry parents meet more angry parents with some angry teachers and lawyers some night, burn some torchs, call an intolerant judge, and this judge make a motherfucker law banning violent games. And when judges mean violent, even the sentence "i hate you" is very violent for them.

So, when i mean responsibility i mean, if you make a very violent and polemical game for money, you can cause troubles to dudes that makes serious games like Metal Gear Series.
I would hate if I see games like MG banned cause an extreme thing done by some hated teachers and parents. SO! Lets start to think about, making game, making money, making future people and everything else. Something can be fun, but can cause trouble for everybody.
And only gamers will defend the games, NOBODY will EVER consider if them selfs are the guilty, or if the system, the life or even hoolywood. Always will be games. And for them don't exist category of games, "games are games and fuck you not my son".

Sorry for the violent words (=
But the next game for Rockstar could be PlaneShock [Elabore an terrorist attack].

This is just my opinion and i can and may be wrong in somethings, if you think anything about it, let me know, comment it.

Voice Acting in games; Condemned 2

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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Comic Strip: Games and Violence

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Click on it

Meet The World Free!

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Want to meet every place on the fucking Earth? But don't have a single bucks in your pocket?
Don't worry see it by photos! (=

Click here and Woophy! (=

Just point the finger(mouse) where you wanna see and Woophy!! it will appear a gallery of photos in a menu.
Pretty cool, and Free hah, better than stay in google images trying to think the name of a place to see some random images.

Weekend Music Tip; Alter Bridge

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Yo dudes.

Want a cool band for this weekend?
So try Alter Bridge

They made the song called Metalingus, yeah, the music theme for the entrance of Edge, the WWE fighter!

"You think you know me?"

I recommend the album One Day Remains (2004)

Have a nice Weekend o/

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Children of Bodom Blooddrunk

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A friend of mine send me this link of the new Children of Bodom Album - Blooddrunk

I was surprised cause they even launched it yet. But it is on net.

Click in the single cover to download the album. (the password is www.metalwar.org )

And remember!! If you want to have the mp3 on your PC, buy the album! (Like i gonna do when launched.)

The Warchild note for this album is 8.3! Yay! And the single cover is better than the album cover.

01. Hellhounds On My Trail
02. Blooddrunk
03. LoBodomy
04. One Day You Will Cry
05. Smile Pretty For The Devil
06. Tie My Rope
07. Done With Everything, Die For Nothing
08. Banned From Heaven
09. Roadkill Morning


Something Wild
Cover Art: 8.0
Music: 6.7

Cover Art: 6.0
Music: 7.3

Follow the Reaper
Cover Art: 6.5
Music: 7.5

HateCrew Deathroll
Cover Art: 10
Music: 9.3

Are you dead Yet
Cover Art: 3.4
Music: 7.4

Cover Art: 5.0
Music: 8.3