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Monday, January 31, 2011

Global Game Jam 2011 is over [Brazil]

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GGJ2011 is an event about a bunch of game developers smelling bad and with no time to sleep with the sole objective of craft a game within 40 hours or something like that. And Brazil has a lot of entries, but no one get my eyes as Planetary Plan C did. I also heard by Kotaku Brasil that "No More Coffee" is cool, but the game just doesn't work in my PC. So, I can't say anything ~ boo hoos. The other ones just don't make me feel like downloading. Sorry guys, I know... "We should stick together", "it was just 40 hours" bla bla bla, but no. I have to do my own game on my own. Yup: alone and with no money, so. No.

MiniBoss is the studio I told before when I used to have a work. So, now, my deep admiration may be questionable - or may be not because I'm not a questionable kind of guy. ANYWAY. They are back again (with some friends ~ like a dude from Sulistas) and in a few hours they do a GREAT game. Ok, there are still some issues, but issues that isn't worth of being mentioned cause, dudes: the game is absolute artistic - not like Talbot or Braid, but...

Let's think about sleeping shortly, getting ideas on the moment, eating thumbnails in breakfast and all your friends drinking outside on a pub while you are in a "GO GO GO"!!!!!!!!!

I take some screens of the game, and as you might notice I have died a bunch of times. @Ikolino my defeat is dedicated to you. hahaha

 The game

As you begin, the logo of miniBoss appears. And it is pretty cool, cause the colours changes each time you enters the game. Making you confused about your own memory. xD
You control a robot trying to save some fragments of existence of worlds about to explode. You have to run against time and jump up hazards. You'll find very funny fragments by the world, you can even find an Easter egg, Jules (from the Sulista's game Jule's Unboxing the world - see it on image 2). You may be pissed sometimes for deaths you don't even know why, but please guys, the game isn't 100% polished. The team has to focus on core mechanics to deliver the final prototype on time. So endure it.

You can access the Team Mini Boss Global Game Jam 2011 here.
And you can play Planetary Plan C in its final prototype version here.

Sorry about the other entries, I still haven't time to see it all. With time I can find more cool stuff from Brazilian dudes, or you guys can find me at twitter.

[Extended Intro] Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

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Holly SHIT! You gonna cry in the end. Amazing. 

Things that should be: Twitter

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Twitter is an awesome tool. I'm using it since September 2007. Since then a lot of improvements happened. But there is still a few little things that annoy me.

1- Timeline Mix
First it is on Timeline. If people check my profile will see a bunch of replies, RTs and will probably not notice my original tweets. Well, let's see how it works:

In my followers perspective: they will only see "original tweets" in their timeline when I post it - and not the replies I sent to people whom they don't follow. Which is pretty fair. But they can see all the replies if they want to access my profile.They're gonna see everything there ~ that is the problem.

In a person that doesn't follow me's perspective: When this guys access my profile, he will see a bunch of information (replies, RTs and some posts lost in the middle). They will think "this dude just chat a lot and doesn't post anything useful". Then he goes away and doesn't have the chance to really meet me and eventually follow me. :~

So, in the Timeline tab should be an option to show/hide Replies/Rts. You can see what the person posts, what this person thinks that is cool to RT and if that person replies to his followers in an organized way.

2- I was RTed?
You will know if you got a tweet RT if you just enter on the specific tab. And it is pretty boring to do all this stuff. A sense of usability would tell to put some sign on the tweet already.

3- Got new message
My friend just doesn't see that Dee Snider, frontman of the band Twisted Sister sent her a DM two months ago. Because you can't see when you get one. You have to go by yourself from time to time. And as human being you gonna forget it. When such thing happens, who's to blame? It would be pretty more useful to appear things like Message (1). Like Facebook does when you get some update.

Well. This is my opinion on things that could make Twitter even better. See ya guys. ;)

Fallout: Nuka Break [Fan Film]

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Well... now it is trending. "Indie Game Cinema". hahaha After Beyond Black Mesa, a Half-Life fan film, now it is the time for the RPG game Fallout: New Vegas to have a 16 minutes short fan film. Have fun.

Twenty things that happened on the Internet [Level Hard] #20things

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Can you figure it out? If you remember and miss the Virgin poster with bands, and the other one with movies, this one will blow your mind. This thing isn't so obvious like the other ones. You can see the Angry Birds and Android there, but that's not only this. It is a bunch of clues of the fact that happens. So do your best and try to figure it out the 20 things that happened on the internet.

Your mom gonna hate it [Dead Space 2] #mymomhatesdeadspace2

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"Juju's message to Mubarak"

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[Amazing] 10 genres of Metal in 3 minutes

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

English in 24 accents

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

[Artists] Liu Bolin: the invisible man

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Liu Bolin is a Chinese dude who paints himself and... well, see the images below.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Wii didn't start the fire - A Brief History of Video Games

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The last one wasn't that great. But this one wash the soul. Ok, I think it missed something like Alex Kidd, Sonic and Street Fighter... but they were humble enough to say "Brief" in the beginning.

Awesomest Action Movie Ever

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Do you remember God of Escape?

Shake Weight? I have another name for this

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Hey ladies. If you are out of money I have another thing you may use for your exercises. ;)

Update: heheh good old South Park on it

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ozzy Osbourne - Let It Die

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New video clip from the album Scream. It have some studio and live footage and a lot of cliché effects. It is not a good video. But still it is a good song. So yup: old and good MadMan still kicking.

Metallica - Death Magnetic...or should I say...

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Nikki Sims with metallica album, shirt with pink letters album as pussy

Edited: Occasionally people ask me the name of this girl. Guys... this is internet. I found this random at life. Sorry to break your hearts. But I do not know the name of the girl of metallica pussy magnetic photo. :p 

Updated: 07/03/2013
Internet is a small place, uh? Some readers just grab the name of the girl. She is Nikki Sims (NextDoor Nikki). Some softcore porn actress... or something like this. 
So you can all be happy here (NSFW). 
Hope you are all happy now. Or maybe even with more broken heart at all. 

You are welcome (but you should thanks the guy from the comments bellow. Yes, he is anonymous, but still have done your homework)
...or Sorry. _o_

Sincerely yours,

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Walking Dead "Comic" Opening

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My friend Anthony doesn't like "The Walking Dead" opening. Maybe he will like this one:

Tron Legacy 8 bits

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Looks like MegaMan uh?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ronaldinho Gaucho goal behind the goal

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Monday, January 24, 2011

History of Gaming

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It is interesting. But it is not good. MSX, ZX Spectrum, NES, Master System and PlayStation 2... and many others didn't make a presence here, unforgivable. (And they don't even mention the pocket ones. ¬¬

Sonic Depression

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Hey kids! Don't listen to this video final tip. Video is in enlgish with portuguese sub.

Sabotaging Badoo

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The Badoo CEO must burn in hell. He and everybody who thinks this stupid service is cool. C'mon guys! I'm in Facebook doing my things when I see "someone just answered a question about you; Find out:: what she said about you!"

First: Why the hell two ":" ??
Second: wait what? Your goddamn service got my contact from my friend list, POST something in my wall; something about ME and to find out I must allow your evil application to get your hands in all my facebook info? No way.

You can think. Well, it's done. Warchild beat the badoo evil force with willpower. And then, that striking beautiful girl appears. And it uses Badoo Evil application... it is super effective. And you accept the goddamn app. Badoo finally wins... hey wait!? "To find out the answer of a random stupid question you must first answer 30 question about your friends!" FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!
And it get worst. You can get things like "You think warchild is beautiful? - No" Forever Alone feelings!  The answers is about, Yes, No and Maybe. Just like that. This feelings make me do this strip below:


Yeah... I was lazy... it was so huge, I almost thought about writing a book. FOREVER AFFUU

This is so stupid. Can you imagine a pub that uses this kind of logic?

- Oh! You want a drink, fine... but first you must chat with 30 people. ¬¬
*after chatting like a bitch*
- So what do you want? 
- Heineken...do you have?
- Maybe...


Everybody in the world should do a great badoo sabotage. It is pretty simple. Just post the goddamn question and answer it in the comment.

Or even better. Someone do a damn application that allows you to post Badoo Question and answer - in the old way, ctrl+c and ctrl+v in a field and post it in the friend wall. Badoo Killer App. Anyway. Somebody should do anything!


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This is a Chilean movie about an earthquake that happens 27/ 02/2010 at exactly 03:34. This movie will be launched at the same date and hour of the fateful moment. The entire "03:34" film were recorded in just one month. Now what about a movie about the miner accident? Way to go Chile!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Beyond Black Mesa [Half-Life Fan Film]

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Mortal Kombat: Two girls and one ninja

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[PETA] Super Tofu Boy

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This is a parody of Super Meat Boy (Team Meat - PC, MAC, Xbox Live) done by PETA's Team Tofu. The soundtrack was composed by Tommy Tallarico.Click here to go the game - I would place the game in the blog, but the story music is annoying and starts automatic.

If you want to play the very first original version of 'Meat Boy' for free click [here].

The Team Meat also made a response for PETA adding Tofu Boy in the original game as a not so good playable character. I have nothing against PETA. And I pretty like the idea of a world with two points of views, and people who defends it. But I like meat. Leopards do so. We both are natural beings and we both have or ways of consciousness - if this is the great deal about being human at all. Check it out this old post - we eat meat, but we are not monsters at all. And Super Meat Boy is just a game. No animals were damaged on its production. If animals need protection in this world, parodying a game is useless effort. You are putting your energy and funds on wrong target dudes...

If you wan't to see everything about this Team Meat VS Team Tofu, check it out this video below.

 Tofu Boy acting (or trying) in Super Meat Boy.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Relationship Fallout

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Killer Barbies [Mariel Clayton]

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Got to: Killer Barbies II

[Old] Nintendo Shii

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It is not that new but I haven't post this yet.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Video Game characters acting in real life

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The Legend of Zelda

Double Dragon

Duck Hunt

Ecco the Dolphin


Mario Kart



Street Fighter II

NASA: Symphony of the Planets

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Have you ever wondered what sound could the universe do? Yup, without all the Star Wars explosion stuff...sure. And before you say "No air, no sound", know that sound can be recorded by a Voyager that get any vibration, electromagnetic effect, or anything between 20 to 20000 Hz.

The first video is a mix of many places and stuff, the second one is just from the ring of Uranus. Awesome stuff. You can download the last one - a whole CD from NASA - as FLAC file. Check it out [here]. The first one is called Symphonies of the Planets, but I too lazy to search it now. You know, I'm having fun with Uranus yet. =p

Monday, January 17, 2011

LEGO Angry Birds

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More 'Fan made' Sonic Stuff: Sonic 2 HD

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Sonic is proving to have a hardcore fan base. While SEGA put the hedgehog to role on shit games for a while - nowadays they are correcting this mistake btw - the fans study, grow up and start to do what they (SEGA) were supposed to... check it out in the video below.

Yoshi and Mario: It wasn't worth of...

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Japanese Street Dancer Woman

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If you think this lady is crazy or are under drugs... first shut the fuck up and look at her damn foots/legs. She is goddamn good. She know what she is doing. By the way, the music in the background is Tokyo Jihen - Shuraba / Koi wa Maboroshi (Get it Up for Love). It is a cover of Ned Doheny.

Mortal Kombat: Friendship Regretted!!!

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Game On Versus STD

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Stop Motion :: Lego Cl!ck

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mario and Miyamoto: A Sad Story

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Google Images Fashion Show

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Fashion Show with Google from Robbin Waldemar on Vimeo.

Paul McCartney Versus Justin Bieber

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Sasha Grey and Pac-Man

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Mondrian Pong

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Capcom X Twisted Pixel

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I'm here unemployed, with flu and lot of ideas locked inside my damn head and unable to work cause it is pretty hard to get a job in this motherfucker industry. Now, our beloved Capcom just copy the whole concept of Twisted Pixel's Splosion Man for Xbox 360 and did an iPhone game called MaXplosion.

Twisted Pixel told they putched Splosion Man to Capcom, but the enterprise turn the concept down. Yeah, I know this feeling...

Ok, it isn't a bright idea at all. It is practically the Sonic fire power in focus. The problem is this enterprises do not expend money inventing in new dudes, but do expend money copying things. But is pretty comprehensive coming from Capcom: lose the guy who creates Megaman and have Breath of Fire franchise frozen cause they do not have good material to work with it without damaging the trademark.

Maybe I'm a little sour right now for being ill and just right now my parents told me to give up games and find another job... While dudes are working in my place copying things, I have to choose another job. Good move, everyone, good move. Don't know what more I can say about it... my entire body is dead with flu right now. See by yourself.

Splosion Man

"Capycat" MaXplosion....

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

'God of War'? Pfff... Meet 'God of Escape' in Expert Mode

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The ABC of Heavy Metal

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Monday, January 10, 2011

The Marshawn Lynch invincibility

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Saturday, January 08, 2011

White Mages are Jerks

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Friday, January 07, 2011

Things that should be: internet automatic Play/Pause and Cell Phone that answer your call

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You are listening something on your player (Winamp, Windows Media Player, VLC or anything) then you receive from twitter or e-mail a link to youtube (or vimeo, c'mon goddamitt you understand the deal). So you have to move your mouse to the icon of your player, stop the music, go back to the browser and play it.

Woah, this is so 1998. Should be some application or stuff that automatic pauses the music/sound when you play the web video/music/sound and when it stops the music from your player starts again. Same thing as mobile telephones that plays MP3. You are listening to a music but when the cell rings, the music fades out to the ring tone; when you turn off the calling, the music starts again - just like that. A smart computer ;)

 Talking about smart, I ain't that much smart... I usually forget where the damn hell I put my mobile phone on. So every time I have been searching in the end of the worlds to find it, it was somewhere under a bunch of clothes. Would it be awesome if my cell answers my yells like:

 "bip bip bip"
"oh, there you are"

* you could also rename your phone like:

"bip bip bip"

So Nokia, Samsung, Apple, Motorola and stuff... free tip \o\
BTW: I was a Nokia fanboy...but nowadays I just want to shoot me in the fucking head. Need to buy an iPhone. But I'm a poor game designer... enough of mimimi.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Baboon versus Leopard versus Hyena [you will not believe in the conclusion]

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Meanwhile in Russia

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Oh, dear! Some tumblr collection [NSFW] [tmbo]

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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Do you know Planely?

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It is some kind of social media + flying. Usually you get a plane and meet your neighbour traveller at the time you are already sitting there... so, this media tries show people that are travelling in the plane you choose and somehow make you manage to plan to sit next or talk or whatever like that. I was wondering: imagine you online waiting to see who the fuck gonna fly with you / in the other side another person awaiting the same thing, in the end: nobody fly!

Anyway; there is some "ok" achievements there: discover some people staying in the same hotel as you so you can get the same cab. You can find a friend and take a coffee. They don't say but it is always there subliminal in anything you do in your life: SEX. You can spot a horny girl and give your best shot.

I don't give a flying fuck for it (I know, it was awesome... flying fuck, flying media...he he he...anyway). I usually get bus for what I need to do. The good thing would be a warning about some goddamn fat ass sitting by my side. Yes, I said fat ass, sue me.

And you gotta pray to all the plane travellers be on this Planely media. You go on this thing, see the people, manage your ass to sit next to a good looking girl or something like that... and when you go there for real the avatar was a smart shot from a tremendous fat girl that is almost sitting at your place. And you look at the end of the places you see a real horny girl that wasn't at Planely. And worst! The guy that was behind you in the line sit by her side.

Ok, this is too much unlucky. But it can happen... keep it in mind. =)

Planely from Planely on Vimeo.

Vikings: yesterday & nowadays

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So, some boy stole a Nintendo 3DS for real?

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And to prove it, he also made a video of the device. Big Deal. I saw on many sites things like "Leaked 3DS", "om nom nom 3DS"... Really, what this thing make to our life? We know how the visual is, the big thing at all will be the device in our own hands, not a goddamn bad video at Internet.

The only shocking thing about it is: if a single boy can stole it, what about some real deal spy from concurrency?

Monday, January 03, 2011

Meanwhile in Brazil

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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Don't ask. You say me...

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What time is it?

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