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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Amazing North American TV Commercials

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WWE RAW vs Smackdown - Full Version. Amazing! xD

Samsung Mobile with Ozzy \m/ Funny! xD

Mafia and RPG together? Sopranos and Warcraft Together? How? Watch it!

Ozzy and Warcraft again! But now together xD

Monday, November 24, 2008

El Robot

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This is what I was talking about. The university conclusion work of my friend-brother, Antonio Vicentini. =D

It is an amazing animation, with a great soundtrack. Check it out.

El Robot Short Film.

It's beautiful. x)


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I am sweating my brains off making my curriculum. I'm also helping a brother to make some lines at his university conclusion work. His work is pretty amazing, and I've sure you all that appears here searching for the tag Design will be all exited when see it.

I will say nothing more about it. But soon I gonna post here the animation. Dooh! I say something more about it.

Friday, November 21, 2008

New Wearable Feedbags Let Americans Eat More, Move Less

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ozzy; make yourself heard

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How to take care of a Baby

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After Guitar Hero, please welcome the Biker Hero !

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An Enterprise you should love.

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Do you have heard about an enterprise that you could love without knowing their works?
Well, lemme say about an enterprise that respect their customers, always want to launch a real amazing final product and take care about all details of the process of development. Woah! Pretty cool uh? It looks like some lines from college texts of how ideal enterprise should be, and every class mate shake the head saying yes to this lines and when goes out to the real world get a job and works with bad mood till the lunch time... and when they think "Why the hell my enterprise don't go forward?"
They do not remember what you have to got to be on top. HARD WORK - and love... peace! sorry I felt that I should say this also... What? ¬¬'

This enterprise I'm talking about really matters about the universe they create, the product they are launching and the public they are targeting is Blizzard! Woahhh, yeah! You have to love this enterprise without knowing their work BUT c'monnnn...who don't know a work of Blizzard?
Diablo say anything for ya? C'mon...are you kidding? What about..well.. let me see... World of Warcraft? ahhhhh If you already don't know what I'm talking about you might be this damn bad mood worker - the college classmate saying yes with the head...well anyway.
You have to look for good things for your life, and Blizzard do this damn good things.
Their slogan should be: "We do good things, you just have to get it". And with the time might be just "We do it, you got it" hah xD - or change the "get/got" for "play"... I'm just saying (this reminds me hurricane helms ¬¬)

Anyway... why the hell I'm talking so much about Blizzard?
Cos' Kotaku made a brillant post about Echoes of War. I'm Talking about the band crew of Blizzard. Like Konami Kukeiha Club for Konami - Konami you are still in the top of my heart, but Blizzard has some huge credits also xD

Eminence's relationship with Blizzard is evidenced by how closely the two groups – Australian musicians and American developers – worked together on this, by far their "biggest" project to date. The attention to detail would put most actual games to shame. “We have flown to Blizzard to speak with all the composers there on arrangement approach”, Yura says, “and Russell Brower flew to Sydney to oversee the recordings. Even the titles were made in conjunction with the Blizzard historian from their Creative Development team”. - Kotaku piece

Check this image. Amazing crew.

Check about Echoes of War, the Soundtrack team of Blizzard at [Kotaku]

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Wrestler .:. Poster

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Weekend Music Tip; Wisache

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I'm late again for a "weekend music tip", but I'm pretty sad about doing a "Late Music Tip" AGAIN. x)
Soooo anyway! (...) Weekend Music Tip on Monday. \o/ Almost a Monday Night Tip. ¬¬

This is Wisache! A brazilian hard rock band. But it is hard rock the way hard rock has to be.

You look the band members, you say: "This is a hard rock band"
You hear the band music, you say: "This is a hard rock band"
You see their myspace, you say: "This is a hard rock band"
You read this post, you say: "Goddamm, I'm pretty repetitive! but hey, we are talking about a hard rock band! Fuck this post and let's rock!!!11"

So put you headphones on and have fun with Wisache

warchild tip: Hear "Roll Distant", please.
warchild joke: See the photo? The left guitarplaya? He looks like a Woompa Loompa in the photo. xD

Wanna play this weekend?

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Well... the week end and I'm a little late. But hey! Here it i; Estamos Pensando [We Are Thinking]

A brazilian flashgame that is simple, fast and SAD as hell. xD The plot is real simple and this kind of thing happens frequently... somehow. The soundtrack is pretty cool also.
You play with arrow keys. Have Fun.

It was submitted to the brazilian symposium SBGames 2008's independent game festival, which gave it some pretty good initial reviews. SBGames 2008 will run from november 10 to november 12.

Click on the image or [here] for the game.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Late Music Tip; Guns, Sepultura and Roses

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Two great bands of this world release new albums. The Brazilian trash metal band Sepultura with A-Lex - first album without absolute any Cavalera Brothers. The drummer Igor Cavalera was the last one of CB to leave the band after talking again - after years - with his Max Cavalera. Everybody was thinking about a classic reunion of Sepultura but Andreas Kisser took on the bark and release this new album. I don't listen it yet, but I will.

01. A-Lex I
02. Moloko Mesto
03. Filthy Rot

04. We've Lost You
05. What I do!
06. A-Lex II
07. The Treatment
08. Metamorphosis
09. Sadistic Values
10. Forceful Behavior
11. Conform
12. A-Lex III
13. The Experiment
14. Strike
15. Enough Said
16. Ludwig Van
17. A-Lex IV
18. Paradox

Wow! After years of fake covers, fake mp3s and fake rumours... Chinese Democracy see the day of light! Finally. I remember what Zakk Wylde said - and this will illustrate well the dimension of time - in 1995 Zakk was called by Axl Rose to make some rehearsal with then, but when lawyers and business man appears the partnership do not continue, but till this Zakk launches about 12 albums (Ozzy and his own projects), and nothing of Chinese Democracy life signal. xD

The critics said that GnR do not sounds like before, but uses some Nu-metal, electronic influence. Some of this resources is pretty cool when used wisely.

Like Sepultura A-Lex album, I still haven't listening to Chinese Democracy. But when talking about Sepultura and Guns'n'Roses any album of them is a must listen.

  1. Chinese Democracy
  2. Scraped
  3. Shackler's Revenge
  4. Street of Dreams
  5. If The World
  6. Better
  7. This I Love
  8. There Was a Time
  9. Riad N' the Bedovins
  10. Sorry
  11. I.R.S.
  12. Catcher
  13. Madagascar
  14. Prostitute

What's up world?

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I lose pretty much hot news in web, My google reader save something, but the time sequence of importance got lost. The cause is my Nintendo DS. Yes dudes, I spent hours playing this little thing - I'm talking about the DS perverts!.
I also stay one day without taking a bath, can you believe it? Ok, but whadda hell have you with this?

Nothing! But now I'll make quick notes about what I see, read and listen since last month and make my face get some reactions. - Not following any time sequence.

Cool things, smile at my face

# The son of Will Smith will make a remake of Karate Kid.

# Obama president and the amazing speech of McCain after he loses. North Americans, congrats for having such good commandants to choose.

# Jackson 5 is back \o/

# Castlevania Order of Ecclesia is pretty awesome.

# Clint Eastwood as Mark Twain in his new movie. I really like Mark Twain, and after I see a 1986 - somehow - horror adventure claymotion about MT, I'm really interested seeing Clint, Mr Clint, making a movie about him. x)

# The KFC Guitar Hero fully loaded box meal . While I was watching the WWE commercial, I see it and... dude! That's a lot of food.

* 1 Snacker (mini sandwich)
* 1 piece chicken (leg or thigh, Original Recipe or Extra Crispy)
* 2 Crispy Strips
* 2 sides
* 1 biscuit
* 32-ounce drink in flimsy "collector" cup
* $5 off coupon for GHWT at Best Buy
*1210 calories and 59 grams of fat \o/


Bad Things
, eyes half closed and biting my lips =/

# Mel Gibson isn't interested in make a sequence of Lethal Weapon

# Dragon Ball movie as whole. Piccolo white? ¬¬

# I really don't like the Street Fighter HD art. Udon Crew is pretty good but the art of fighters look likes some "fan net manga". =/

# Jackson 5 is back without Michael Jackson =/ - Hey what's up with the baguette? ¬¬

# -Some- Japaneses making a movement to their government legalize wedding with manga characters. C'mon you crazy dudes! A "wank" for it isn't bizarre enough? What? You want to marry the character to have legal rights with your paper bride? This actually may sound like madness, but I BET that in future, enterprises hungry for money gonna make something to fill this maniac needing.

# Batista losing the Heavyweight championship to Chris Jericho with so little time with it. =/

Well that's it, I do not post links cause some articles I read at brazilian blogs, some anothers I see at television. So you have to believe in me to read it. xD
I made this post fast, cause I was about to see Supernatural, Dean was at hell the last time I saw. Now SBT (the brazilian channel) starts to pass episode 001 AGAIN. Damn!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

TecToy new console news.

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Reading news at some forums and sites I read about Zeebo (ex-Genie), the new tectoy console. That will be launched 12/10/2009.


“chipset” MSM7201A
WCDMA (UMTS) R6 850/1900/2100 MHz
HSDPA (High-Speed Downlink Packet Access) 7.2Mbps

HSUPA (High-Speed Uplink Packet Access) 5.76Mbps
GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Processor ARM 11 400MHz
Processor ARM9 274MHz
graphic support 2D e 3D
Video Codecs MPEG4, H263 e H264
Audio MP3, AAC, AAC+, WMA

The console can
- Run high quality 2D and 3D games
- Read MP3 audio
- Run video and images (JPG)
- Shows 1.6 mi. polygons per second"

Reading some users chat at forums they say that Zeebo might be like Playstation or maybe like Dreamcast. Tectoy wants to compete with Playstation 2 (that will be produced in Manaus soon). And the president director of TecToy said that is almost a playstation 2. And their target are mid classes childrens 10-13 years / 6-9 years as secondary. TecToy presents the console with the game Quake, and also said "Quake might be old for us, but for mid classes is something new". - Hey, wait! So... the mid classes do not play piracy games? Do you really think mid classes will abandon their Paraguay's Playstation 2 or 3 to play an "almost" playstation 2 cause they are out of game world? I bet some nine years children can beat my ass in Metal Gear Online.¬¬

The games will be available for download and be stored in the 1GB console memory and also will have for download a MegaDrive (genesis) and MasterSystem emulation library.

There is about 12 enterprises behind the development of this console. But the North American Qualcomm is the principal. Qualcomm possess 43% of TecToy in the USA and will chage the name to Zeebo.Inc. - Sounds like a black metal band. BeelZeebo Inc. \m/

In forums there is the information that Ubisoft, EA and Gameloft are the developers in the list to create games for it. But at the newspaper Folha site said that EA, Namco, Capcom, Sega, Activision and ID are the developers working with Zeebo. Games like "Crash Bandicoot", "Resident Evil", "Street Fighter", "Ridge Racer", "Tekken", "Virtua Tennis", "Double Dragon" and "Sonic".
Lets hope that some of this developers read the Warchild curriculum uh? Lets make something new. Call me for work dudes! C'mon ¬¬

Some guys really don't believe that TecToy could launch some good console after many years living in the shadow of MD and MS. But speaking by myself - sure, duh! - I really hope that it might be such good thing for the Tupiniquim territory \o/ - Sure. I choose to live for games, I have to hope the things get better or I'll be unemployed "forevah"!

Now see what is cool about Zeebo, and why the little warchild here thinks that is a good business:

- Have FREE wireless connection with ZeeboNet 3G, where you can download some games - this part I think isn't free uh?
- The games will cost about R$ 10, 00 to R$ 30, 00 (about US$ 4,67 to US$ 14) - I said it! Mm...but it's a pretty good price x)
- The console will cost R$ 599, 00 (US$ 279, 00) - ouch! the price of my DS!
- Games in Portuguese - Shame on you warchild and your English blog.
- It has usb compatibility and SD cards.
- The console have 1 GB memory - mmm, ok it's few.
- The console will have already 6 games on its memory. ("FIFA", "Super Action Hero", "Treino Cerebral", "Prey Evil", "Quake" e "Need for Speed: Carbon";)
- The games can be bought with credits, like mobile games. Credit cards same as mobile.
- Its a damn good step for a market evolution. - C'mon guys, who wants to live in a nule zone like Brazil? Play Xbox live with North American address? ¬¬
- Controller something like a Wii-Remote. (Accelerometer)

Now... the bad things; (With mine ignorant* consumer mind)
*ignorant in the meaning of do not know the reality behind this thoughts.

- In my evil brain I always ask: "why government put a tax on consoles and games about competition with national products, if we do not have national products?" - MD and MS??? c'mon! Now with a national product this tax have meaning to exist, so... fresh new games launched all over the world will still be expensive.
- Download games from 3G... oh dear, please don't tell me that Zeebo will be a huge mobile phone without the phone ability. - make games like nDS and I shut my mouth, i mean it.


Oh that's enough! I will not be thinking bad things nor good things. I will get tapped on my face till some email popup at my window calling me for work! xD - Well man, after you show how damn much strange you are, and mostly important mr warchild, that you talk with yourself in second person... who in good conscious could call you to work with them?

Final Thoughts: Good! Will be something like a DS, with a price of a DS at MercadoLivre.com. With some old games and maybe some good thing can come of this. I hope good future for it. Fuerza TecToy!

Check it out the official site [Zeebo]
Fonts: [Folha] [UOL]
Gallery: [UOL]