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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bomb discovered outside George Clooney mansion

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And there is just one person capable of such thing...

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Soilwork new album cover art

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Badass goal celebration

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Friday, April 23, 2010

[Soviet Cartoon] Будет ласковый дождь (based on Ray Bradbury)

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1980s Soviet cartoon based on US SciFi author: There Will Come Soft Rains - Ray Bradbury

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dark side of the moon... for Nes [music]

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Imagine if Pink Floyd's Dark side of the moon album was a soundtrack in chiptunes for NES (Nintendo Entertainment System)... click on the image for it. =)

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Apple Stuff

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

1962 – 2010 † RIP Peter Steele

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peter steele type o negative ton bass
Type O Negative's frontman
"Free at last" 

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

3D Masterpieces [Old Masters]

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How do you justify this behavior, Guile?

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PacMan the movie

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Freekscape [Brazilian PSN game]

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Yaaaaaahhh! When you think its over. When your mind is set with sadness and sorrow.
Brazil strike it again with a blast of hope.

Whadda hell Im talking about? Check this out:

This was developed by kidguru studios, a Brazilian developer.
Lately in Brazilian development market you can see lots of mobile, web and a huge rising of ds games. I must confess that I was studying like a motherfucker to do some ds games. Which I've learned it very well by the way - THATS NOT THE POINT!
You could also see some Xbox Live games but... well...just 'ok' games.
This one is kinda cool! All right, the enemys doesn't looks like smartass bad evil enemys dudes, but the gameplay seens pretty fine. This is a Playstation Network game (PSN), so you can play it in your Playstation 3 or on a PSP. This should be awesome at PSP. 15 areas, lot of puzzles, and a cool devil with his brand new trident.

The game was developed for 9 months, the plan was 6, but it is pretty hard for a Brazilian developer to get in touch with SCEA, cause they do not have deal to delivery license to latin america. So they got the license with SCEE. - But SCEA give support to the guys we must remember.

Well, troubles aside, the game is launched and you all can check it. ;D

Have fun.

Freakscape U$D 4,99 @PSN

Friday, April 09, 2010

Whazzup Konami?

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I am almost falling sleeping dead here. Today I had to wake up early, walk like a maniac for nothing! \o/
And now I have a dead day. BUT Konami always made me being UP.

Pro Evolution 2011 will present Copa Santander Libertadores da América. All players, teams and stuff.
Amazing Konami dudes, I sent a letter to you guys explaining many aspects of latin soccer in 2007.
But the letter came back. hah. ¬¬ And also said about creating the Eternal Dream mode where you can play with Corinthians trying their first Libertadores. (=

I read something about a new silent hill...but nothing concrete about.
Just a guy with the regular aspect of James. And a female voice calling him for Silent Hill.
Similar to SH2. Dunno. _o_
Anyway Akira Yamaoka isn't there any more. Why should I care? - Yeah I'm bad, and I have a real deja vu feeling right now.

Castlevania will be launched in 2011. I swear I read somewhere it will be launched in 2010. Anyway. Do what have to be done to this game kick some asses. Come on Hideo, Iga isnt in this project... you must put value on this brand. I know you are working a lot with MGS PeaceWalker... but well, Casltevania is my baby ok?

Talking about Metal Gear Peace Walker, here it is more details:
- the game is set at 1974 - after Snake Eater.
- gameplay similar to Portable OPs, you can recruit till 300 soldiers to your base.
- Maybe 6 Big Boss. =p
- Snake can fight some Monster Hunter(Capcom) huge monster. nice!
- Some music of Monster Hunter also will appear at MG soundtrack...
- And many allusions of Assassins Creed 2 will appear in the game.

You see... Konami is absolutely amazing. I will work with this guys soon - read it 2023! ;D

Dear Dad, [Pokémon Humour]

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artist [Maré Odomo]

Pixels invading world

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Indie Games Super Hero

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Beware giant developers... he gonna get you all!

Via [gamereporter]

New pokémon for DS

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http://www.pokemon.co.jp/bw/index.htmlThere is a brand new pokémon game incoming to nintendo Ds world.
Its is called Black/White, V generation. - Michael Jackson would say: "Its doesn't matter" - With some new pokémons as we can see below.

But my doubts is: 3 elemental pokemons to choose, and a boy dreaming to be a master pokemon trainer script again? Or we can choose the kind of trainer we want to follow?
The same way there is a guy at some pokecenter asking; "what kind of trainer do you like most"
And according your answer it will transform your appearance at wifi connection club, this could be something at the very beginning. If you choose to be a psychic trainer you can choose Psyduck/Abra/Drowzee (Just an example). - Put a basic attack to abra and it is all done.

They could also create some basic & rare pokemons. What is it?
When you are walking by the streets you see lots of pidgeons (pidgeys)...but suddenly appear a parrot! wooo! It isn't a rare thing like appearing an alien (mew). But still something cool and possible to happen.
And it can be a regular stats pokémon, just good looking one.

In the begining of pokémon games (except red/blue/yellow) is pretty boring the choices to make a group.
I remember when I was playing yellow and in my party I got nidorino, mankey, pikachu and fearow.
And there is yet to cacth: pidgey, caterpie, nidorina, weedle... There was plenty classes and styles of plausible creatures. I was playing Platinum and just appear a flurry dog all the damn time... fuck that thing, what the hell is that?

Please Nintendo make a GREAT game with many "fork" options in the beginning. Please.


Sunday, April 04, 2010

Wii 2? What the fuck? [Rumour]

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Maybe a mistake, but still strange.

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Mario versus Pacman

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Super Pixel Bros

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Thursday, April 01, 2010

6° Gameworld Award

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Hey, hey, my, my...
Yesterday I went to a nice place, with nice people with beer at the end.
You might presume that it was awesome. And hell yeah, it was fucking great.
Ya know, I do not have patience enough to stay playing games with happy people with mario hats and stuff.
But it is kinda cool to meet a lot of well-know figures of the game industries, as well with your boss while you are drinking some beer. huup! Enough said...

In the Nintendo stand you could meet with Charles Martinet, Mario's voice actor.
You could also play a lot of games in the distributors stands and participate a lot of contests to win prizes like Playstation 3, Wii, PSP and also the brand new Nintendo DSxl.
In the second day at the end of event, it was scheduled a closed event at the upper floor; The 2009 Gameworld Award.
There was a lot of prizes there, but my 'lucky' number was #001. The number 001 has a probability -100 of being called. So you might imagine, 'I got no shit', and I might say 'Holy crap!'. I got the number #001 cause I was the first dude to stay at the door of the event - I said it before, no patience to play with happy people down there.I want to meet people.
Oh! And also a guy win a trip to E3 2010, can you fuck believe? 'Holy crap, again'.

Anyway I will post some winners of the night here:

Public choice:
Best Game award

 Playstation 2: Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 
 DS: Zelda Spirit Track 
 PSP: Final Fantasy: Dissidi 
 PC: Call of duty modern warfare 2 
 Xbox360: Assassins Creed 2 
 Playstation 3: Call of duty modern warfare 2 
 Wii: New super mario bros (Charles Martinet was on the stage to take the award, cool)
 Game of Year: Call of duty modern warfare 2

Expert Juri:
The Best...

 E-commerce: DatiShop
 Shopping experience: UZ Games
 Showcase: Only Games
 Graphic Chip: Nvidia
 Mobile for games: Sony Ericson F305
 Telecommunication Services: Oi
 Case Publisher mobile: Asphalt 4 Elite Racing - Gameloft (there was a French dude to get the award)
 Power supply: Cooler Master
 Advertising: Street Fighter IV; Synergex
 Distributor: NC Games
 Brazilian MMO distributor: GameMaxx
 Producer and developer: Nintendo (in the stage was an American director that I do not recognize)

Somethings I agreed, but the best Nintendo Ds game was Castlevania for damnnn sure.

After that in the floor below started some kind of fraternization with free beer. =)
I get a cold one when I meet with my 'boss' there, uuups! hehehe But this guy is pretty cool, and I was very happy to saw him there. Also I meet lot of guys from game magazines I read since I was kiddo. I have the opportunity to show them my work. Also I meet some EA mobile dudes, and this was the highlight of the night. I should thanks the MTV's Flávia Gasi for this. ;D

It was a cool night. Many important people here recognizing the market and many people foreign recognizing the country and respecting our opinion about their work. I hope this kind of events happen more and more. And also I expect a mature public next time.

See yah!