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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Open-Close Sign Board

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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Random Dev Notes: Reviews

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I've been thinking about reviews and some stuff that does not make sense. Up until now I've received 836 rating with reviews in one of my games. 4.07 stars. The majority were nice stuff with positive messages. Some others were feedback about some device/game issue. A lil plain hate. There were also some religious intolerance in stuff that is not even religious at all. I love all reviews. Read and reply all of them.

But there is this lil things that really annoys me:

A) Criticize a game for asking for "android/ios" login. Generally this devices came with in game achievements stuff. I put it because this add a lot more immersion and new challenges for the players. But I got some minor accusations of scam. Nonsense.

B) Criticize the game for lacking innovation. If you play a game that is a total rip off of something, I can understand the feeling. But when you see a project labeled as: "my first project". With some original gameplay, the question that remains is: it is an obligation to innovate? Creating something unique as a feeling is not enough? If a game delivers what it proposes, isn't that a fair play?

C) Criticize for the size of the game. Wait. This information is on the download page. I know that it sucks because of the device space, but hey! This seems like a device problem. The game, the proposal is there. And it might be heavy. It is like desiring to travel and criticize the place for being far from your house. What I as a player really dislike is to download a game, open it and it starts to download heavy content - and can not close until is done. This is a pain in the ass. But my game in question does not have this, and still got criticize.

D) Criticize for the download time. This can be an internet issue, not the game at all. Or maybe it is the C problem. But again. The info is in the download page.

Writing this just to release this "impotency" feeling after reading some of it. But I know that I did a little well tied project. And I am feeling well about it. Just random notes.

Thursday, November 03, 2016


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