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Saturday, May 30, 2009

E3: Squareenix's NIER

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E3: PSP Go

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Wow. It is so grea... ahem, small!

Look the new PSP model, the PSP Go!

Its 43% lighter than the PSP-3000 figure - lighter than iPhone and DSi also.

Keep in mind that these PSP Go figures aren't official, so things may be slightly off. Check it out more @ [Kotaku]

Friday, May 29, 2009

PS3 Slim

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Everybody is saying about a PS3 Slim is to come.
Now they are saying that is 100% Truth. And it was backed up by 2 senior UK industry figures.

Check it out @ [vg247]

Konami: Silent Hill Shatered Memories

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gallery @ [IGN]

Updates about Kojima's Next

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"S" (or number "5")
"@" (or a lowercase "e")
"O" (or number "0")

The following numbers have appeared:

"5" (or "S")
"0" (or letter "O")

from [kotaku]

And what the hell is that mask that appears at Kojima Logo? If you click you go to this page

Maybe its not Big Boss the other guy, maybe it is Liquid, cause he is his damn clone.
And this ninja looks so much like Raiden and a little with Gray Fox.
In internet you can find people saying about being: Little John (Raiden's Son) or Sunny (Olga Gurlukovich's daughter)

But I think is Gray Raiden (=

Take your own conclusions:
In the blog [girlsofwars] I read about a theory of something wrote in French at the hat of pseudo big boss.
“Militaire Sans Frontieres” that means “Soldiers Without Borders”.
Also they speak about a book of Special Air Service -SAS- soldiers called 'Soldiers without Borders'.
Liquid Snake lived in England and was from SAS. Remembering that Liquid Blond hair is painted. ;)

And with all that thunders and storm... for damn sure: It IS Raiden.

More speculation:
Read about Metal Gear Solid Existence Patent [here]

Bayonetta E3 2009 Sega Europe Trailer

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Walk-in fridge part II

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Whazzup Game World?

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Konami is my beloved enterprise. And they always say statement that make me proudly anxious. This time is about E3:

Konami's Press Conference will highlight games across all genres targeted towards players of all age groups and skill levels. Konami will feature groundbreaking announcements that you will truly not want to miss. -Konami

And Ubisoft has announced their release window till April 2010.

More about Konami: This time is Hideo Kojima dude being hype.
Now he make an interview with blanked words. It was posted at [Kotaku]:

When speaking with Famitsu Editor-in-Chief Hirokazu Hamamura, Kojima apparently revealed more than he originally intended about his new title. Hamamura asked Kojima if Famitsu could run the full interview. Kojima agreed as long as the mag censored the important stuff. And Famitsu did just that.

Below are excerpts we translated. Each "X" refers to a corresponding white circle Famitsu used to blot out important info. If you are planning on filling in the blanks, do keep in mind that they refer to a single Japanese character. - Kotaku

The interview:

Hamamura: Ah! I get it!!
Kojima: "XXXXX XXXXX XXX". Well, it's not "X", but a "X" kind of feeling. That's him. I can't say the title yet, but it's this kind of feeling. But it's the Metal Gear saga's tradition.
Hamamura: The time period is XXX?
Kojima: No, it's XXX. I'm saying everything, maybe XXXXX. I'm designing and directing all of this game.
Hamamura: Wha!
Kojima: I think the focus will be domestic, and we're launching it globally. For me, this is like "XXXX". I won't say "X", but a solid story has been created, and the MGS4 staff is making it.
Hamamura: Wow! That's great.

Kojima: This time, only the image of this guy will appear. Then lighting. Just this appearing, I wan everyone to guess. This is how XX's will be appearing.
Hamamura: This...is Big Boss?
Kojima: XX's way of appearing is slightly different.
Hamamura: Eh? Different...?

Kojima: The emblem on this guy's hat is important.
Hamamura: The emblem isn't a fox. There's like a world map thing drawn.
Kojima: It's not only an emblem, but for the game, it will be a new type of system.
Hamamura: Is it XX-XXXXXXXXXX?
Kojima: Yes. You'll while XXXXXXX. XXXX, etc. are a given, so they'll be included. Ooops, I've said more than I was planning to. (laughs)
Hamamura: Hahahahaha! Well XXXXXX, it's XXXXXXX? Also, where's the game going to be set?
Kojima: The place is XXXXXXX. XXXXXXXXX happened, and it's a XXXXX type of country. There isn't XXXXXXXX in the country, but they do have XX like things and XXXX. At that time, XXXXXX come to where the guy is.

Kojima: The theme is XX. XXXXX kinda thing or XXX theme, or XXXXXXXXXXXX, or why is there X, that's where we're drawing. Maybe everyone is probably thinking, "This sermon again!" Maybe this sermon will become a genre. (laughs)
Hamamura: Ahahahaha!
Kojima: This is quite a deep interview.
Hamamura: So true!

Inglourious Basterds; 3 trailers

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1960 Dark Knight

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Whazzup World?

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I'm late as hell at world news. But here we go somethings I read at Internet.

Robert Zemeckis is thinking about a new roger rabbit. Pretty cool uh?
Bruce Willis is working as hell at 3 new projects: Inventory, Red and Scarpa.
Deadpool gonna have a movie, YEAH!! xD
ToyStory 3 coming up...

Marilyn Manson and his new Album cover:

Resident Evil 5: Using a special glasses to play the game 3-D. - funny.
Castlevania (Konami) movie is dead. =(
The director of pokémon games are tired of RPG and want to put some action element at the games. Well, what about a REAL plot. And not this "hey, i have 3 poks choose one and your rival gonna choose an elemental better ;) " ¬¬ duh!

Brutal Legend, see the clip - A Heavy Metal game:

A trailer of a game based on the movie The Grudge: Ju On Game
Reminds me the DS game Dementium: The Ward.

About WWE; I stay without Internet for a long time. Now I starting to see it again. Jeff Hardy have to beat Edge ass. But WWE should take care about something: The fights are too much obvious somehow. IF isn't a tittle match, the face always gonna win to take opportunity to beat the heel for the tittle. But always some shit happens and the face lose at tittle match. ¬¬

Complete; Full Throttle

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Evaluation meeting

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[click on the image for larger size and more]

Machu Picchu Post

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After Washington Post and Warchild Post... we present you: Machu Picchu Post


Você faz xixi no banho?

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Game Stuff

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What about a site with shirts and stuff of metal gear series?
Pretty cool uh?
[Les Enfantes Terribles]

And a Grim Fandango's All-star shoes? [kyozokicks]


About Kojima's Next

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Just wondering...

PR and a big boss photo now... mmm

And some say that is a Raiden photo.

let's, an open field, Storm-Rain, woods...

Raiden is thunder in japanese.

Ok. Maybe it is Raiden and Big Boss

I read sometime ago about Kojima researching about first person shooter, this can explain an open field.
About the P... I will think about something...soon.

Need to rest now, my brain is weak today 2 days with interviews, questions and work for 'school'.

I can't believe I mark a wrong answer about KISS.
Damn me.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

More details about Varg Vikernes release (Burzum)

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Count Grishnackh is free, for sure. He also said that to the newspaper. He was arrested for the August 1993 murder of Mayhem guitarrist Øystein Aarseth (a.k.a. Euronymous).

After almost 16 years, he was realeased. He was sentenced to 21 years, but he have to be arrested 12. But he stayed so much more. He also tried to escape after this 12 years. And this make the things a little worse for him.
But now, he was set free.

"I am very happy that he has been so strong and that he held out," she said. "It will be good for the family that they can be together every day." - Varg's mother

He will have to report to authorities every two weeks, and then once a month.

"I'm ready for society — and I have been for many years, I have learned from my mistakes and become older. Now I just want to be together with my family. My mind has never been in prison; I think all the time about what I should do on the day that I am released." He added, "I have barely seen my son since he came into the world. Even though I hear his voice on the phone almost every day, it is very tough to not be present while he is growing up. I miss my family. And I look forward the day that I could work on my farm, create music, write books and be with the wife and kids around the clock — and live a normal life. I have received tremendous support from my family. It means a lot." - Varg Vikernes

Brazilian is the new Light Heavyweight Champion at UFC 98

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The brazilian Lyoto Machida beat Rashad Evans for the light heavyweight championship at UFC 98.


Supinfocon: Cafe Serre

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Kojima's new game

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Another internet rumour. Now in magazine ;D
Next Kojima game will be Lord of the Shadow... at least it is the silhouette at the magazine cover.
I don't think this one is true, anyway... the picture is the same for sure.

The latest issue of PSW - which went on sale this week - features a teaser for its next issue with the headline, "Hideo Kojima's Next Game". It continues: "Konami has been busy hinting at what the Metal Gear Solid 4 developer will do next. Well we know. And all will be revealed next issue!" - ComputerAndVideoGames



Saturday, May 23, 2009

Super Punch-Out Historical Video

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Varg Vikernes free. Yup, the Burzum Man.

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Burning churches, killing people, escaping prison, bombs in car... well a lot of story was told about this guy, many of them you can read by his own words. Now he is free. Gonna pass sometime with his family and with a son he don't see since was born. Now, is he ready to live within society? And society? Is ready to have him walking free buying some bread at Sunday Mornings?

I think that many others stories will appear soon.

Font [Dagbladet]

More about Varg Vikernes [1] [2]


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Yo. (=

I follow a girl at twitter, and she is really a talented person. I really like her illustrations and all.
After seeing her site, I click on a link for this enterprise. [Animassauro Creative Content]

Pretty cool video at index, so I think I can share it here ;)

Shadow of the Colossal Katamari

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[Chalk stop-motion] Autumn Story

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Amazing uh?
Chalkboard stop-motion animation. I'm already fan of Stop-motion things, and this one is absolutely amazing and with a nice soundtrack.

Music: Firekites’ album ‘The Bowery’ [Spunk]

[Heavy Backpack]

Las papas; Potato Portraits

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"(...)Potatoes grow, live, and then decay, mirroring the ephemeral existence and fragility of our own human nature."

Source: [Fabrik]

Complete art pieces @ [Ginou Choueiri]

Friday, May 22, 2009

SES E3 or something like that...

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If I ain't wrong... I can see 3 E 5 e 5 between the thunders..

reading inverse of it you have 5e5 E 3

Kojima and Konami playing with my curiosity.
KoKo dudes. =(

[raining countdown]

Uptade: Kotaku dudes says:

The new version of the teaser offers more than just the numeral "5" to fans, it also flashes with symbols that appear to be "@" or a lowercase "e," "E" and "3." 5@E3? What could it possibly mean? [Kotaku]

Kotaku, Kojima, Konami... now what? KoKoKo dudes?

Thinking of it... 5 in japanese is something like "Go"

Maybe it is, Go @(at) E3
or maybe @5E3, something at five o'clock. or maybe also Go@5E3 xD

Mmm.. this make sense. xD

Why so religious?

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

USB in everything

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Twitter Threadless

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I'm neither medium on twitter. =(

But you might be. And you can buy this at [threadless]

Unreal dance floor

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Super Mario Kills

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art by [Winona Nelson]

Mc Bess: The Dead Pirates - Wood [Dirty Melody Records]

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Tag at The Warchild Post

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And it is... the HORROR tag.
Soon enough I gonna post some things about horror movies, games and stuff. Check it out time to time... you gonna be horrified. =D

See ya. Mwooo ho ho ho

Silent Hill Cosplay

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I'm not a big fan o cosplay... neither a small fan.
But this ones are pretty cool.

[Click on the image for more of this Silent Hill set @judithstephens]

OMG! Space Invanders?!? Where's my shoes?

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Check this Space Invaders "version"... you trow balls at the airships on screen to destroy the aliens. Hah, this is cool x)

Another funny ad with Ozzy and mobiles

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sebastian Voodoo

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Amazing video that I saw at [Boing Boing]

Travels of Bad

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The Travels of bad is essentially a satire that looks critically at the influence that exotic cultures and their artefacts have had on the avant-garde system of European visual art from the end of the 19th century onwards.

The critique comes in the shape of mini-novella that is illustrated by a series of photographic works and accompanied by a pseudo rock-opera type symphonic drone thrash metal rock album. - Zander


Back on track

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Yup, here i am dudes.
War and the only one is back!

A little more pissed them before. I need to calm down.
Bah! I need two things: Sex and work.
Sincerely. No poetry today, sorry.

I'm with a cool notebook now, a fast internet and a bunch of time cause I'm unemployed.
Big enterprises came to our country and you think: "hey they will give a chance to the mortals here". And what they do? Get all the brazilian immortals. Ok, nice.

It is all by myself as always - But can't forget my good friend Antonio, who helps me a lot all the time - the only and rare goods things right now on my life.
Reroute to remain, I have to do something like the Johnny Walker commercial, something notable. To survive I got some advertising freelancers - yup, I cannot escape this advertising karma. And I'm doing this damn actor classes... the new teacher is such a pussy cry baby. You can do EVERYTHING he ask, and be such a good student. But if you don't have patience to listen theater bullshit from 7pm till 11pm you are no good for him. C'mon, the bus pass 10:30pm isn't such a big deal get out a lil early Mr. mimimi ¬¬

I need to calm down... i need some good news. I'm being sick.

Maybe this blog help me express myself. - wooo warcrychild ¬¬

Living in São Paulo yet... a bunch of defeat in my pocket, but a warchild have no rest.
Pff.... and fernando rios have no lucky at all.