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Friday, February 27, 2009

Sopranos Uncensored (=

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I do not follow the DC comics Final Crisis series... but hey. Do I see a kind of Obama Kent?
An entire country see the president all day at newspaper, blogs, TV, buzz media but when he works as superman nobody recognize him? C'mon American dudes! A journal reporter is ok to pass by... but the president of the United States?

If I see Lula - Brazilian president - with a red cape for sure I would recognize him... and laugh, sure. xD

Whazzup Warchild?

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@ Carnival: Nothing many things to say about it. Just hang out with friends, drink some beers. Some different beers like Bauhaus and Dos Équis. And hangover all mornings. Pretty usual.

I'm going to move to São Paulo capital. Right now I live in Franca - SP. But I will start a class of Digital Cinema at Melies. And I've to transfer my Dramatic Art classes too... can't forget about that. duup!
And since Ubisoft Brasil don't have any work for this game designer, dramatic student and future director here... I'm searching ANY jobs that can help me pay my studies.

Shows! Yay! 05/04/09 I'm going to see Opeth! And at 07/04/09 I'm gonna see KISS! Hell yeah! Happy like hell xD

Whazzup World?

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Well, many things happening. Probably cause I forget to read my feeds. Duuph!

Ok, fast notes.

Square Enix will buy Eidos?
Wow. Final Fantasy, Dragonquest and Tomb Raider in the same house? This will be awesome. xD
But now what? Square Enix Eidos? Squareidos Enix?
In my time it was just Square Soft xD

Dreamworks going to Disney.

Sony PSP 2?
I was about to economize a little to buy me a PSP, but I read somewhere that Sony wil launch PSP2 soon. And Sony is cool as hell and made future consoles that can read old games - in this case, PSP games. So, I'll wait a little. ;)

Vega with dark hair at Chun Li movie.
Why?! Why?! Is it a blond hair a hard thing to notice, uh? Or at least light brown.
Movies and games are always enemies.

Mickey Rourke (The Wrestler) doesn't get the Oscar, doesn't want to make Iron Man 2 due to some information about his cache, BUT, he will be at The Expendables. Damn! They will record it at Brazil. I want to be there, look at me! A real south American fighter uh? and what about a pro Latin Lover? Anything? C'mon ¬¬
And Van Damme is so worried about his character and all that mimimi. C'mon call ME instead! hah xD
Schwarzenegger will be there too. Humft. =/

Triple H and Randy Orton fight is pretty cool. WWE Draft is pretty obvious -somehow- now.
You can imagine if they put Triple H at ECW! heh, jk. Things like that never happens. But hey. That would be a surprise.
And Matt Hardy is pissing me off. C'mon dude. Broddahs. ¬¬

Getting a little pissed about all the buzz about Benjamin Button movie. C'mon dudes, I hate things "overbuzzed". Like Dan Brown, Harry Potter... just bores me. I don't see it yet. I was excited to see it, but now I'm a little "zzz".

Faith No More is back! But just at Europe. =( - So what I'm so happy about?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Good cop, bad cop.

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Do you liked Landlord?
So you gonna like this. ;)

Edited: Some people said that this player is a bit slower to load.
So here is the Youtube version of the very same video.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Funny Game 'Wallpapers'

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View more and in full resolution at [Pimp Production]
And some Killer wallpapers remake [deviantART]

Thursday, February 19, 2009


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For sure you have seen this loading 'shit' somewhere before? Any site that use flash or something like that? You stay impatience, kicking the PC table, go drink some water, just cause some are pretty boring. But hey! There is such gooood interesting and creative way to load sites.

Take a look at [PrettyLoaded]
They have very nice stuff there.

You gonna like it. ;D
You'll have some fun waiting for loadings gauges. ;)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Norwegian kid banned from PS3

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

TONIGHT come see the incredible Street Fight

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Meadow Soprano and the bridge

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Images of Week

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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Real Mario Kart (Remi Galliard)

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Great Party (Remi Galliard)

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Kangaroo (Reime Galliard)

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Amazing Football Remi Gaillard

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Best of: Elevator (Remi Gaillard)

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Best of: Ice Hockey (Remi Gaillard)

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The new cowboy: Humanboy

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Shop Dance ;)

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Remi Gaillard Funny Videos IV

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Hunting II









Remi Gaillard Funny Videos III

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the Auk



Friday 13th



Santa Claus

Remi Gaillard Funny Videos II

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Olympic gymnastic



Felix the cat

Sex Shop

Remi Gaillard Funny Videos

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Ice Hockey

Great Escape

The Rabbit




Fake soccer player

Reggae Elevator


People are Strange

Disco Elevator

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Mc Donalds Free Meal

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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Retarded News Coverage

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NBC should actually try some trustworthy fonts to start some news...
He is the TOP 10 at my Epic FAIL list.

PONZOR!!!!??? .... tisc tisc.

A news report by NBC Bay Area has caught the attention of the WoW community recently. They set out to show how many gamers are part of a "secret society, complete with their own language". To prove this, they interviewed a guy who claims to be "ranked in the top 10 out of 12 million people who play WoW" . Well, I didn't know WoW's subscriptions had gone up another 500 thousand people, grats Blizz? Also, when was this tournament that every WoW player took part in? Must've missed that.

Someone has been feeding their girlfriend a line of bullshit.
In order to show how hard it is for WoW players and non-WoW players to communicate, our intrepid reporter takes a seat and attempts to get help for...something, I don't know. She does so by typing,"I NEED HELP" in a trade channel window and hitting enter. Anyone new to WoW will tell you - this is exactly right. Her boyfriend, the professional, corrects her, explaining that "LFM 25 Naxx 2 more tanks 2 more DKs" means help.
Incidentally, what this means is that they are looking for more for 25-man Naxx - two more tanks required, and two more Death Knights. There is no way in hell anyone new to World of Warcraft would ever, ever need to type that.
For those of you curious, there is a special, secret way to ask for help in World of Warcraft. Go into a general chat channel, and type, "Excuse me, but I am new to the game and was wondering if anyone could help me sort a few things out?" This is called speaking like a human being. The proper response is to call said person a noob in as many ways possible while someone more courteous helps them out in a private message.