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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tarantino's way of filming

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

8BITS - Must see

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Amazing video. Nostalgic sounds and effects with a 720HD visual. This is what you got.

8BITS_hd720 from 8BCREW on Vimeo.

Disney'46 The Story of Menstruation

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A reader made a comment on a 2 years ago post. When I see it I was like "Woahhh! Look at this". So I will repost it. This one deserves it.

Disney'46 The Story of Menstruation 

Super Fucking Mario

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Click on the image to read

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Resident Yakuza Evil of the End

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What a fucking twisted city. Yakuza 5? No way, this must be a spin off. For sure. But play with Majima would be fuckling great. He is more twisted than Tokyo with all this zombies and monster shit.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Will Dante shine in the sun?

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Dante from Devil may cry is a guy with white hair. Now Ninja Theory, the same crafting Enslaved, is developing the Devil May Cry Reboot or just DMC. And surprise.

Dante has black hair, smoke like a lifeless junk boy and it looks quite a young rebel dude. See the image below.
People on internet, all of them, have a hater in their hearts. So a picture like this one below...

If you don't get it: The face is the guy from Twilight. (Now read the title, yay!) ¬¬
...ins't a surprise. But c'mon, the trailer is pretty cool. Check it out. o/

Shadows of the Damned - A Mikami, Suda and Yamaoka game

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Everybody knows that I'm a huge Akira Yamaoka fan... wait, what? You guys doesn't knew that? C'mon are you really following this blog? Akira is the 3th artist in my Last.fm list. And now he, Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil series and Vanquish) and Suda 51 (a crazy happy guy who did Killer 7 and No More Heroes) are together to create Shadows of the Damned.

The music is kinda of the mix of Silent Hill tracks meet Contra tracks - (Both by Yamaoka). The main character is totally Suda, and the shooter view it is a Mikami signature.

Fucking amazing. Need to play it. My life is worthless now. haha

No more resident hill \o/

"Halo: Reach" hands-on

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I've played it today at work.Hope I can play it more this week. Talk more about it later.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Life isn't beautiful - #001

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The scene that make me think about all this stuff.

After lunch. It was a "instant Ramen" - Miojo ;)

Dinner of sometime ago. Chicken. You can't stay hungry looking this photo

The chicken with rice and fries. Served in hell.

My homemade Pastel. The burned one was the best.

With this I start the "Life isn't beautiful" series. =}

Life isn't beautiful

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At least this is what somebody want to tell us. What are these social media and tv programs all about?

You see people posting awesome plates of foods and stuff. Some wonderful places that they are right now. And what about you? You are with pajamas stuck in a sofa. Great.

You see people taking pictures of the food they made, but when you made yours it almost a picture of a piece of junk. So what? It is the machine? A fucking iPhone make it better? I highly doubt that an iPhone can make your Ramem in your old dish looks anything better.

Stop dreaming folks. Life sucks.

You can watch TV and see people living in Caribbean, Haiti and place like that. Like the Gene Simmons reality show. You can't really think life is that, you know. I don't even imagine why the hell to show this kind of thing to normal people at TV. It is a life we never gonna live. And don't come with that Secret stuff about think positively. Fuck off. I was fucking positive when I was young and now I'm fucked up.

The only real thing is fake persons, hided reasons and crimes rising in the fucking city. Walking in dirty streets, seeing ugly people and when you think: "why the hell I'm still alive?" the only good reason is: "cause my fathers would be sad otherwise". Woah, sounds an awesome life. uh?

For now on I will post photos from an OK phone. Come the fuck on, Nokia 5530 isn't so bad mobile. But by it lens you can feel what a real life is. The life money can't buy, cause it is the way it fucking is. And I'm not complaining or saying my life is bad or stuff. I'm just saying it is pretty boring, ugly and meaningless. =)

I will post it after the break.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fake Nintendo 3DS sells... but who is buying?

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If somebody still have some doubt about the 3DS at a brazilian site. Well, first you are stupid. Second you have lucky to do not have enough money to do something even more stupid.

Now lets check the photo the way UFO pictures are treated and lets fucking kill any stupid idea of somebody of IGN - aham, okay! ¬¬ - receive 20 unities to sell here, in -do not laugh - Brazil. - you can laugh now.

First the original.

Woah! They are still prototyping it, and it has already all manuals and package done? Hm... And this box looks sooo like a DS Lite. I can practically see the word LITE at that paper behind the cyan folder.
And where the fuck is the headphone entrance?  Look the original one and think about it:

Now see it closed. The link between upper and lower parts in 3Ds are squared (picture down here) while the Nintendo DS Lite is cylindric - like in the picture up there. So are the limits of the device.

Now lets check the pixels of the image. Burning and lightning it.

The lighter one you can see on both device illustrated and real one some odd ghost square. You can notice in the box some darker area creating a perfect square on the "camera". In the real device you can notice the space outside the "camera" too much 'pixelated' than the other parts of the device. What it means? In picture this mean only one thing: that object wasn't really there. It was attached.  In the darker photo you can perceive at the box in the white area behind the logo a very 'pixelated' area. This is the same thing. Manipulated photo.

So if your curiosity is still itching you, go ahead buy it. =D
And when you receive your piece of brick via mail, shove it up your ass - but before, try to attach your stupidity on it. Have a nice day. =}

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Joker and Lex

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