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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Zelda Japanese Commercial - and dance ;)

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Now if you are an 'Geek Addicted' to Zelda, you can spend some time [here] learning the dance steps. Just follow the pictures ;D

From: [Hadouken]

[Games] Funny Activity Book for Kids

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Grand Theft Auto IV

Resident Evil

Call of Duty

Click on images for the respective links.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Top 10 Porn Stars Who Twitter

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Have you ever imagined to see something like this at your twitter:

“just finished a shoot…man I’m tired!”

Yup, pretty normal uh?
Now, if I tell you this post is from porn star Sasha Grey?

So, check it out 10 porn starts who twitter @ COED Magazine

Pretty cool twitters... heh ya know.

From [COED Magazine]

Sony X Box 360

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From: [I could be killing ;) ]

Nossa que desgraça!

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Putz é muita bizarrice, mas não acaba ae não...tem todo um canal no youtube e não se trata de videos que escaparam ou coisa parecida. O cara coloca de livre e espontânea vontade, com todo orgulho da terra.

Rolou até uma entrevista no [Sedentário & Hiperativo].
E pra fechar com chave de ouro - ou pelo menos até onde meu vão conhecimento chegou - tem o blog pessoal do garot'o'.

O nome do peça: Lidio Mateus ...
Cada coisa. ¬¬

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mulheres preferem internet do que sexo

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De acordo com a pesquisa, praticamente metade das mulheres, 46%, e 30% dos homens preferem ficar sem sexo por duas semanas, do que ficar sem o acesso à internet durante o mesmo período. Para mulheres entre 18 e 34 anos, o percentual foi de 49%, enquanto para as mulheres entre 35 e 44 anos, foi de 52%. Para homens entre 18 e 34 anos, o percentual foi de 39%.

Clique [aqui] para ler a máteria inteira...

Don Corleone Toy

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Cadbury Eyebrows

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Whazzup World?

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Reading a lot of feeds and working with lot of projects...now I can finally give my 2 cents about something that capture my attention last days.
I made my curriculum to send exclusively to Ubisoft Brazil. It was a pretty cool one, not the classic skill-on-paper. It was something very expensive to do... anyway. I got NO answer. Like everything in my life. Maybe this is the story of my life, ya know? Running after the wind? Any answer given, never? tisc...
A cool dude say to me that, actually right now, they (Ubisoft) Don't need any Game Designer. But, well... to send an e-mail saying this cost anything, uh?
And in my way of thinking, Ubisoft do not came to Brazil just to create a single crew of developers. They came trying to find something different, and train it. And they will never find something different if they don't try many times. So, I will made another project with my last coins, and go at their doors to show it. Knock, knock

Recently I watch the movie Old Boy. I really like it. But if you don't have patience to watch movies that reveal whadda hell is going on just at the ending, don't watch it. xD
You stay lost all the time, creating some parallel plot and desires for the main character. But the movie starts to destruct your thoughts and break your expectation all the time. You gonna feel like "damn you man" but c'mon dudes, stay in his skin... damn! you have to watch this movie. xD

Samuel L. Jackson is one of my favourite actors. I read that he will not be Nick Fury no more. And probably cause negotiations with Marvel broke down. Money talks...
Anyway, I really don't like him as Nick Fury... c'mon...nick is a 'white' dude =/
Nothing against 'Black' dudes... it is just that every place I read or play a game with Nick Fury, he was a 'white' dude. Is the same thing as putting a bald wolverine. (and sorry about blacks' and whites'... I really don't know about mention skins colours in another language. In Portuguese is 'Negro', cause 'Preto'(Black) is colour.)

Jackie Chan as Mr. Myagi on the new Karate Kid... Well, I can't see Jackie as a wise old nihon dude.


Jeff Hardy is the new WWE champion. But I can't see a fight were he put his title on the line to defend it. C'mon WWE stop this 'Dark cloud' phase... Christian Cage gonna appears so? TNA to WWE? A month with dark cloud phase until Mr. Christian appears to be with Edge and stole the Jeff tittle in a dirty way? Pff... Matt Hardy lost his ECW tittle already. Maybe Tommy Dreamer get its from Jack Swagger, and Matt get its from Tommy. And I want that this HBK employer moment get an end soon. My heros in WWE are living sad moments.

Big Brother 9 starts passing on Brazilians TVs... BBB, I just have two words for ya. Fuck You.
If you came to this blog by searching for Big Brother Brasil at google, fuck you too. (=
big boring bullshit

Arrested Development

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É uma das séries de humor que mais curti, senão a que mais curto ao todo.
A edição e os personagens são perfeitos demais. Conforme você vai assistindo vai pegando o jeito dos personagens, a partir dai você já está na mão do seriado. É chorar de rir.
Pena que a Fox não deu lá muita moral e acabou na terceira temporada.
E tem também um possível filme a caminho, mas a Fox não parece muito empolgada pra fazer não...

Achei na net um link pra baixar todas as temporadas completas. Nada tenho a ver com o link, simplesmente está na net. (=

Clique na imagem e divirta-se

Mr. Bean Toy.

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OMG! It's him! O.o

1/6 - 30 cm toy

Price: $ 150

Gallery at [Omelete]

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

And Jeff does it.

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I burned my tongue. Hell yeah, it was amazing. Jeff does it, he is the new WWE Champion.
There is some rumors about Christian Cage coming to WWE and bring some risk to the new WWE champion. But I bet my coins on the enigmatic charisma dude.

And about Kizarny... well, c'mon WWE... that finisher wasn't good enought, even to beat MVP in this loss'o'meter streak. This was the most 'meh' lost of MVP.

Best Art Vinyl 2008

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Check it out the FULL list [here]