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Friday, June 27, 2008

Minha tartaruga

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Chama Pitt! xD
Olha o tamanha das unhas! =D

Thursday, June 26, 2008

WWE Draft 2008 Overall Results

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RAW: Draft Lottery 2008

1° Rey Mysterio drafted to RAW [ex-Smackdown]
2° Jeff Hardy drafted to Smackdown [ex-RAW]

3° CM Punk drafted to RAW [ex-ECW]
4° Matt Hardy
drafted to ECW [ex-Smackdown]
5° Jim Ross
drafted to Smackdown [ex-RAW]
6° Michael Cole
drafted to RAW [ex-Smackdown]
7° Batista drafted to RAW [ex-Smackdown]
8° Umaga
drafted to Smackdown [ex-RAW]
9° Kane
drafted to RAW [ex-ECW]
10° Mr Kennedy drafted to Smackdown [ex-RAW]
11° Triple H
drafted to Smackdown [ex-RAW]

[Triple H, Matt Hardy, Rey Mysterio]

Draft 2008 Supplemental

1ª: Mark Henry drafted to ECW (ex-Smackdown)
2ª: Jamie Noble
drafted to Raw (ex-Smackdown)
3ª: Trevor Murdoch
drafted to Smackdown (ex-Raw)
4ª: Big Daddy V
drafted to Smackdown (ex-ECW)
5ª: Deuce
drafted to Raw (ex-Smackdown)
6ª: D. H. Smith
drafted to Smackdown! (ex-Raw)
7ª: Hornswoggle
drafted to ECW (ex-Smackdown)
8ª: Super Crazy drafted to ECW (ex-Raw)
9ª: Chuck Palumbo
drafted to Raw (ex-Smackdown)
10ª : Brian Kendrick drafted to Smackdown (ex-Raw)
11ª: Matt Striker
drafted to Raw (ex-ECW)
12ª: Maria
drafted to Smackdown! (ex-Raw)

13ª: Shelton Benjamin drafted to Smackdown! (ex-ECW)
14ª: Fit Finlay
drafted to ECW (ex-Smackdown)
15ª: Carlito
drafted to Smackdown! (ex-Raw)
16ª: Layla drafted to Raw (ex-ECW)

17ª: Kofi Kingston drafted to Raw (ex-ECW)

Draft Lottery 2008 overall;

Coming in:
at Raw: 11 fighters
at Smackdown!: 12 fighters
at ECW: 5 fighters

Get out:
from Raw: 11 fighters
from Smackdown!:10 fighters
from ECW: 7 fighters

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Exorcist Action Figure

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Pretty classic uh? Imagine this on your desk? Sweet. xD

[Via Boing Boing]

Check it out the original scene.

A Poodle saves a family from a Pitbull.

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An eight year poodle called Beethoven saved a family of a pitbull attack. When the pitbull enters the residence of the family, Beethoven attack it. For sure, the pitbull has advantage in this fight and bite Beethoven in the neck. This give time enough for the poodle owner to grab a broom and attack the pitbull. The family called the firemans and the municipal guard, when the guard arrived for the family rescue, the pitbull attack again. The pitbull was shot three times.

What a hero story han?

Portuguese reference;

Um poodle de 8 anos chamado Beethoven salvou uma família de ser atacada por um pitbull, na última segunda-feira (23), em Campinas (SP). Beethoven avançou no cachorro que entrou de surpresa na casa do funcionário público Paulo de Sá, quando cerca de 20 pessoas da família estavam reunidas, prontas, para ir a um enterro. [UOL]


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Pretty impressive han? I see this via Boing Boing
The problem for a guy to have this kind of thing on tooths is the need to explain to every people;

- no no, this isn't dental problems. It is tatoos dudes. see ghere izhti zagthoos zonly *speaking while smile to show the art in his mouth*

Click on the image to go for the link. (=

Monday, June 23, 2008

Late Music Tip; Scanners

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I've listened to a music in a Brazilian ad of Renault Megane. I read somewhere that the group was Scanners. A band from UK. I don't have listened very well the band yet, so i don't know exactly the name of the song. But what i listen till now i really like it.
So this is the music tip for this week. *Or at least the past week*
Click at the image to go @scanners myspace.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Arnold going mad

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I think that Japaneses dudes stay all time inventing technology and cool equipments just to stay away from television. Japanese childrens do not turn on tv cause the fear of it.

And here is the proof;

Bizarre Ads

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DAMN! the first video is funny, but the second is scary! x)

Hey ÕN ÕN!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday Night Fun but No Weekend Music Tip

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Hora de fazer algo útil né? Mesmo gripado, vou reunir meus últimos restinhos de força para ir no Arraial do Rock já já, às 22h. Sem music tip hoje.

Clique na imagem para animar o restinho do seu sábado. ;)

BLOG: Novo layout / New Layout

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Gostei muito do novo layout do blog. x)
E pra ficar todo mundo sorridente, e este não ser apenas um post de "olá novo layout", vou postar essa imagem foda. Que já está no meu album virtual; WeHeartIt
Clique na imagem pra ampliar. (=

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Reformulating TWP

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I will make some changes here... i will make a mix blog with portuguese and english posts. But it will have links to the tags, like

Portuguese Posts
English Posts
Game Posts
Design Posts

I will organize it better. Need some time cause right now i have so many freelancer jobs to finish.

Anyway, just to keep on touch.