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Monday, November 30, 2009

Assassins Creed Lineage [complete]

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Akira Yamaoka leaves Konami?

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Whadda hell??
This can't be true. Thsi guy is the soul of silent hill. =/

I read it at Nobuoo. But it is still a rumour. Lets hope this ends to be a fake. =´


King of Fighters Trailer

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The Wolfman

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Prince of Persia Movie.

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No news, just some posters about the Ubisoft's Prince of Persia movie.

Now I'm thinking about the Walt Disney logo on it... I've my problems with Walt Disney ¬¬
I think that will be a 'polite' -normal romance- movie.

Want it

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Take Back the Horns!!

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"Now, the normal people are sort of cherry-picking what they like about our music form, what they like about our image, and leaving the rest of it behind. It's not just the horns!" - Dee Snider


Monday, November 02, 2009

Augmented Reality: Ghostwire DSi

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Meet Liberty City

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Día de muertos

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Teaser: Castlevania the concert

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Breaking Point

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Castlevania; Lord of Shadows

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The main character, Gabriel, have something annoying him. And this is weakening his faith somehow. Also I cannot see anything about the dracula. Just some lonely castle with some dark forces on it. And also cannot see undeads. Just golem, wolfs and well...bats. But bats can be anywhere. Maybe Gabriel will be dracula. xD

I see the clip one time and very fast, need to sleep and work tomorrow...yup, Saturday.. I know. ¬¬
Work selling games. To win money, to study and do games. Life _o_ who needs it?

I could understand something about a mask, and Gabriel wondering if it can bring the dead back. Bram Stocker Dracula's was pissed about his beloved. Many things connecting.

Maybe Gabriel use the mask and some Dracula type of Vilan appears saying "I'm your god now" Maybe the dark side of Gabriel mind or something trivial like that. Dunno...

Lets wait and see.

Sorry 'bout my english. But now I'm a worker without time to read my blog texts again. =´(

Friday, July 31, 2009

Skeletons in the closet

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Bodom is about to release a new album with only cover songs.
Some covers are very old, but there is some fresh new things.

01. Lookin' Out My Back Door [Creedence Clearwater Revival cover]
02. Hell Is For Children [Pat Benatar cover]
03. Somebody Put Something In My Drink [Ramones cover]
04. Mass Hypnosis [Sepultura cover]
05. Don't Stop At The Top [Scorpions cover]
06. Silent Scream [Slayer cover]
07. She Is Beautiful [Andrew W.K. cover]
08. Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In) [Kenny Rogers cover]
09. Bed Of Nails [Alice Cooper cover]
10. Hellion [W.A.S.P. cover]
11. Aces High [Iron Maiden cover]
12. Rebel Yell [Billy Idol cover]
13. No Commands [Stone cover]
14. Antisocial [Trust/Anthrax cover]
15. Talk Dirty To Me [Poison cover]
16. War Inside My Head [Suicidal Tendencies cover]
17. Ooops!… I Did It Again [Britney Spears cover]

Release dates:

21 Sep; UK
22 Sep; N. America
23 Sep; Europe

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Real Charlie Brown

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Monday, July 06, 2009

If browsers were women

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Click on the image to full view

Click on the image to full view


Newest Monster Hunter 3 tri- trailer

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Michael Jackson into games

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"What about those video games?''

"I love X-Man. Pinball. Jurassic Park. The martial arts ones - Mortal Kombat.''

"I played some of the video games at Neverland,'' I said. "There was an amazing one called Beast Buster.''

"Oh, yeah, that's great. I pick each game. That one's maybe too violent, though. I usually take some with me on tour.''

"How do you manage that? The video game machines are pretty big, aren't they?''

"Oh, we travel with two cargo planes.''


You can see an online guide for Michael Jackson Arcade Collection [Julien'sAuction]

He seens to like Sega hardware very much, in his collection you can find: Jambo Safari, Mortal Kombat, Tekken 2, Guitar Freaks, Galaxy Force II, Super Street Fighter II and two versions of Crazy Taxi, and so many others...[Kotaku]

Meet his Arcade collection with a 360 degree tour via[pinsane]

Sunday, July 05, 2009


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Now you can twit while you play World of Warcraft ;D

* Send/receive Tweets in-game (Immediate sending reloads your UI)
* Queue Tweets to send when it's more convenient for you
* Upload in-game screenshots using TwitPic
* AutoTweet when you log in, enter an instance or get an achievement
* Extensible so that AddOn authors can register messages or events to AutoTweet


Download Tweetcraft via [codeplex]

Donkey Kong and Mario in Post-it Stop-Motion

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via [Agog]

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Hot Fox Zombie

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Nice... Blessed are the dead ;)

From the movie: Jennifer's Body
Girl: Megan Fox - she likes do sex -very much-, so do I... kisscallme.
Production: Fox Atomic
Release date: 18 SEP USA

Weekend Music Tip; Alice in Chains

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Alice in Chains is back. As I told in many "Wazzup World" topics.
They record a new album entitled Black Gives Way Blues, and also put a new song in their site - I like it, it pretty dense and heavy. Need to hear more of it.
The name is 'Looking in a View'.

Don´t miss it. [AliceinChains]

You can also see some pieces of their incoming clip for the same song in this video ;)

Comics Tribute: Michael Jackson, King of Pop

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Comic book details:
Writed by: Wey-Yuih Loh
Art by: Giovanni Timpano
Published by: Bluewater Productions
Launch date: Till October



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It looks pretty awesome.

Danilo Pasquali [nsfw]

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Danilo Pasquali Erotic Pics nsfw
Danilo Pasquali Erotic Pics nsfw
Danilo Pasquali Erotic Pics nsfw pig blowjob
Danilo Pasquali Erotic Pics nsfw naked outside
Danilo Pasquali Erotic Pics nsfw fetish
Danilo Pasquali Erotic Pics nsfw cover
Danilo Pasquali Erotic Pics nsfw masked tits
'Extreme' photographer from Milan.
[danilopasquali.com] [mi-undressed]


Poster that responds to people looking at it.

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It happens when nobody is watching.

Advertising Agency: JUNG von MATT Hamburg, GERMANY
Creative Credits
Executive Creative Director: Wolfgang Schneider/Mathias Stiller
Creative Director: David Mously/Jan Harbeck
Copywriter: Nicolas Linde
Account Supervisor: Frank Lotze/Ilan Schaefer/Ina Neumann/Melanie Ebensperger/Simone Buchcik
Art Buyer: Marjorie Jorrot
Art Director: Duc Nguyen
Photographer: Dirk Heinrich


Thursday, July 02, 2009

Atari's Cartridges art and general game Art

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Batman in: Crime and Punishment

Originally uploaded by 9 0 0 0

A Clockwork Orange

Originally uploaded by 9 0 0 0

This dude has a huge crazy gallery about games and some art with movie and book influence for Atari's Cartridge. Pretty cool.
via [dinosonic]

Noboru Igushi's RoboGeisha Trailler

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Hehehe. Wooo Geisha War Begins \o/
Its is an action gore movie, but I will put the tag Horror. O.o


Lego and classic games

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Marvel VS Capcom 2

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Beatles Rockband cinematic intro

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Michael Jackson; last rehearsal images

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via [UOL]

Death to all but Metal

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Steel Panther
Death to all but Metal

C-c-come on!

Fuck the Goo Goo Dolls, they can suck my balls
They look like the dogs that hang out at the mall

Eminem can suck it, so can Dr. Dre
They can suck each other just because they're gay
They can suck a dick, they can lick a sack
Everybody shout, "Heavy metal's back!"

Death to all but metal
Death to all but metal
Death to all but metal

Death to Papa Roach, Blink 182
All those fucking pussies sounds like doggy-doo
Wearing baggy pants, spiking up their hair
They're not worth the crust on my underwear

Where is Def Leppard? Where is Mötley Crüe?
Why do all my lyrics sound like Dr. Seuss?

Death to all but metal
Death to all but metal
Death to all but metal

Kills those fucking fuckheads who programme MTV
They can suck my ass with all the record companies

Death to Britney Spears, kill the little slut
Kill Madonna too and then fuck her in the butt
Fuck Mariah Carey, death to Sheryl Crowe
They can kiss each other on the camel toe
50 Cent's a fag, so is Kanye West
Shooting hot sperm on each others' chest

Death to all but metal
Death to all but metal
Death to all but metal

Seventies porn [funny & safe]

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Jesus says: I like women [nsfw]

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via[toninho tumblr]

FPS disease; GENIAL

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Games in Real life

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King of fighters

Street Fighter car bonus stage

Michael Jackson Moonwalker OST16 Bit Download

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Do you remember this game? Check it out the Ad in this video.

Download the full Moonwalker genesis game OST.

Warcraft rebel stupid kiddo remix

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The original wasn't real, for sure. It was stupid also. But this remix, pretty make me laugh. Japaneses... making the world better, even if it is fake. xD

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Confederations Cup #Chupa USA x Brazil

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Brazil, amazing at Confederations Cup finals.
Show to americans the Yellow shirt strength. ;D

Friday, June 26, 2009

1958 – 2009 † RIP Michael Joseph Jackson

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Michael Jackson
Master of pop music

Resident Evil Claymation

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Whazzup World?

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Hey! Starting this section with some stuff that grabbed my attention this time. Isn't very much cause I forget many things, and delete many others from my feeds. And also... I'm with my foot injured. So... no mood to post =[

But this image [up] make me smile.

CLAMP is designing the Tekken 6 characters outfits. Yeah, the japanese manga creators girls (Sakura Card Captor, Xxx Holic...).

Top 10 Game Developers Hero List (And some reference)

1. Shigeru Miyamoto
2. John Carmack (Doom)
3. Will Wright (Sims)
4. Dave Jones (GTA)

5. Sid Meier (Civilisation)
6. Peter Molyneux (Fable)
7. David Braben (Roller Coaster Tycoon)
8. Masaya Matsuura (PaRappa the Rapper)
9. Michael Morhaime (World of Warcraft)
10. Jonathan Blow (XBLA Service)

Sonic made 18 years old. \o/

Konami do some bikinis girls for Metal Gear Online:

A cool image of Goro stop motion from MK 1 movie. x)

Read some rumor about Christian Bale do some Metal Gear movie? Wtf??

Also, I read something about Angelina Jolie pissed about Megan Fox being her Lara Croft replacement. First off, this might be fake. Angelina has to many kids and a marriage -that might be passing through a rough time...- to stay pissed about Tomb Raider stuff... And also, Megan Fox is sooooo fucking hot godammit. Ok... I'm back on track.

The Antichrist movie - the one who shocked Cannes- will now appear on game world. The game name? Eden.

Alice in chains have a name for their new album - after 14 years; Black gives way to blues.

Jeff Hardy wins the Heavyweight championship and lost it to Mr. Money in the bank CM Punk. By the way...this is the only way CM Punk could win something.

The Brazil National team beats South Africa by 1 x 0 in a hard damn game. And gonna face USA at finals, cause USA beat the crap out of Spain. Yeah! Whadda hell? But, waddahell is this image... "This is not São Paulo" ???? What? The city? The team? Wtf???

And to close with golden key: an amazing The Godfather's Don Corleone Toy.

Super Keyboard Cat at Mario

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1st day work, FAIL

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I have my first day of work! =D
When I was coming home, I stepped in some hole and make a mess in my foot.

15 days with foot UP recovering. FAIL! ¬¬

Monday, June 08, 2009

E3 Not giving a fuck

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During the Sony press conference, Polyphony Digital's Kazunori Yamauchi took the stage to talk Gran Turismo PSP. Since Yamauchi was giving his presentation in Japanese, there was a translator in tow.

Though, this translator carried a pad of paper and pen — something none of the other translators did and something you rarely see at E3 press conferences. (Usually, pro translators are able to stand up there and regurgitate into English free of paper and pen!) And doing so made him seem somewhat out of place — like he was doing anything but translating! - [Kotaku]

[hatimaki] [neogaf]


Saturday, June 06, 2009

Google Tetris Logo

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It is a little hard to read Google in there, but keep appearing the tetris logo time to time in my page...so I've to post it: Google Tetris logo. ;)

Lionhead project Natal 'Milo' is fake? O.o

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According to this analysis, it is.

keep watching to the point (2:37) where she appears to make a rippled appear on the left-hand side of the screen. Real Clare's arms are almost crossed in front of her. 'Reflected' Clare's arms are spread out. Even more startling is the fact that the ripple begins before Clare begins her gesture.

Yeah...a little weird. It actually real that her reflected image act before her :O

I already sent the link via [twitter] to Lionhead And Peter Molyneux. Lets see what they say about...


Update: This video can be fake but, according to Kotaku, the project isn't fake.

Update2: More defending Milo: [Joystiq] [IGN] [Eurogamer] [Kotaku²]

Friday, June 05, 2009

New Character at Zelda is the Master Sword

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I dunno, but the dudes from continue.com.br have some good points.

Notice that Link do not have a sword. And the head of the other character looks like the Sword Razor.
Also, they said about some interview-That I couldn't found- where a dude in the 4chan argue about some points he though the new Zelda will have:
  • A main gameplay will be items turning into real character.
  • Link have control of both versions of items: Item only or Character version.
  • Master Sword character can do things and access places link can't (obvious isn't?)
  • There will be quests about character/item related the same way as Bomber’s Notebook in Majora’s Mask.
And they also said that Miyamoto himself said to notice that link is without a sword.

Ok, let's wait to see.

E3 Bayonetta Model

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Marry me. (=

The link got a little problem when was embedded, but you can still see it [here]

New The Warchild Post tags

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Technology, Ad and Old.

Trying to be more specific. ;D

And don't forget the Horror tag.
The E3 is over, now my posts will reduce a lot... I post more than the years before.

And just to advise: I got a JOB! And is game related. ;D
See yah dudes.

Pelé playing Atari

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with a spanish dub O.o

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Iphone with 3D chip to be released [Rumor]

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Next week at Apple's annual World Wide Developers Conference the company will be unveiling its new iPhone, a device that will sport a built-in 3D graphics chip, operate on a new, higher-speed network and hit mid-July, sources tell Kotaku.

E3 Metal Gear Arcade first Image [Konami]

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Looks pretty cool uh? But it is japanese till now.... Check it bigger and some more info @[Kotaku]