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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Castlevania; Lord of Shadows

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The main character, Gabriel, have something annoying him. And this is weakening his faith somehow. Also I cannot see anything about the dracula. Just some lonely castle with some dark forces on it. And also cannot see undeads. Just golem, wolfs and well...bats. But bats can be anywhere. Maybe Gabriel will be dracula. xD

I see the clip one time and very fast, need to sleep and work tomorrow...yup, Saturday.. I know. ¬¬
Work selling games. To win money, to study and do games. Life _o_ who needs it?

I could understand something about a mask, and Gabriel wondering if it can bring the dead back. Bram Stocker Dracula's was pissed about his beloved. Many things connecting.

Maybe Gabriel use the mask and some Dracula type of Vilan appears saying "I'm your god now" Maybe the dark side of Gabriel mind or something trivial like that. Dunno...

Lets wait and see.

Sorry 'bout my english. But now I'm a worker without time to read my blog texts again. =´(