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Friday, July 31, 2009

Skeletons in the closet

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Bodom is about to release a new album with only cover songs.
Some covers are very old, but there is some fresh new things.

01. Lookin' Out My Back Door [Creedence Clearwater Revival cover]
02. Hell Is For Children [Pat Benatar cover]
03. Somebody Put Something In My Drink [Ramones cover]
04. Mass Hypnosis [Sepultura cover]
05. Don't Stop At The Top [Scorpions cover]
06. Silent Scream [Slayer cover]
07. She Is Beautiful [Andrew W.K. cover]
08. Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In) [Kenny Rogers cover]
09. Bed Of Nails [Alice Cooper cover]
10. Hellion [W.A.S.P. cover]
11. Aces High [Iron Maiden cover]
12. Rebel Yell [Billy Idol cover]
13. No Commands [Stone cover]
14. Antisocial [Trust/Anthrax cover]
15. Talk Dirty To Me [Poison cover]
16. War Inside My Head [Suicidal Tendencies cover]
17. Ooops!… I Did It Again [Britney Spears cover]

Release dates:

21 Sep; UK
22 Sep; N. America
23 Sep; Europe

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Real Charlie Brown

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Monday, July 06, 2009

If browsers were women

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Click on the image to full view

Click on the image to full view


Newest Monster Hunter 3 tri- trailer

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Michael Jackson into games

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"What about those video games?''

"I love X-Man. Pinball. Jurassic Park. The martial arts ones - Mortal Kombat.''

"I played some of the video games at Neverland,'' I said. "There was an amazing one called Beast Buster.''

"Oh, yeah, that's great. I pick each game. That one's maybe too violent, though. I usually take some with me on tour.''

"How do you manage that? The video game machines are pretty big, aren't they?''

"Oh, we travel with two cargo planes.''


You can see an online guide for Michael Jackson Arcade Collection [Julien'sAuction]

He seens to like Sega hardware very much, in his collection you can find: Jambo Safari, Mortal Kombat, Tekken 2, Guitar Freaks, Galaxy Force II, Super Street Fighter II and two versions of Crazy Taxi, and so many others...[Kotaku]

Meet his Arcade collection with a 360 degree tour via[pinsane]

Sunday, July 05, 2009


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Now you can twit while you play World of Warcraft ;D

* Send/receive Tweets in-game (Immediate sending reloads your UI)
* Queue Tweets to send when it's more convenient for you
* Upload in-game screenshots using TwitPic
* AutoTweet when you log in, enter an instance or get an achievement
* Extensible so that AddOn authors can register messages or events to AutoTweet


Download Tweetcraft via [codeplex]

Donkey Kong and Mario in Post-it Stop-Motion

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via [Agog]

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Hot Fox Zombie

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Nice... Blessed are the dead ;)

From the movie: Jennifer's Body
Girl: Megan Fox - she likes do sex -very much-, so do I... kisscallme.
Production: Fox Atomic
Release date: 18 SEP USA

Weekend Music Tip; Alice in Chains

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Alice in Chains is back. As I told in many "Wazzup World" topics.
They record a new album entitled Black Gives Way Blues, and also put a new song in their site - I like it, it pretty dense and heavy. Need to hear more of it.
The name is 'Looking in a View'.

Don´t miss it. [AliceinChains]

You can also see some pieces of their incoming clip for the same song in this video ;)

Comics Tribute: Michael Jackson, King of Pop

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Comic book details:
Writed by: Wey-Yuih Loh
Art by: Giovanni Timpano
Published by: Bluewater Productions
Launch date: Till October



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It looks pretty awesome.

Danilo Pasquali [nsfw]

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Danilo Pasquali Erotic Pics nsfw
Danilo Pasquali Erotic Pics nsfw
Danilo Pasquali Erotic Pics nsfw pig blowjob
Danilo Pasquali Erotic Pics nsfw naked outside
Danilo Pasquali Erotic Pics nsfw fetish
Danilo Pasquali Erotic Pics nsfw cover
Danilo Pasquali Erotic Pics nsfw masked tits
'Extreme' photographer from Milan.
[danilopasquali.com] [mi-undressed]


Poster that responds to people looking at it.

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It happens when nobody is watching.

Advertising Agency: JUNG von MATT Hamburg, GERMANY
Creative Credits
Executive Creative Director: Wolfgang Schneider/Mathias Stiller
Creative Director: David Mously/Jan Harbeck
Copywriter: Nicolas Linde
Account Supervisor: Frank Lotze/Ilan Schaefer/Ina Neumann/Melanie Ebensperger/Simone Buchcik
Art Buyer: Marjorie Jorrot
Art Director: Duc Nguyen
Photographer: Dirk Heinrich


Thursday, July 02, 2009

Atari's Cartridges art and general game Art

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Batman in: Crime and Punishment

Originally uploaded by 9 0 0 0

A Clockwork Orange

Originally uploaded by 9 0 0 0

This dude has a huge crazy gallery about games and some art with movie and book influence for Atari's Cartridge. Pretty cool.
via [dinosonic]

Noboru Igushi's RoboGeisha Trailler

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Hehehe. Wooo Geisha War Begins \o/
Its is an action gore movie, but I will put the tag Horror. O.o


Lego and classic games

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Marvel VS Capcom 2

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